Poole hit miracle shot even though poked in eye

Poole hit miracle shot even though poked in eye

Submitted by StephenRKass on March 20th, 2018 at 6:07 PM

There is a very nice fluff, puff piece on Jordan Poole over at the Freep.

LINK:  Jordan Poole hit shot with 1 good eye

"I got poked in the (right) eye before the end of the last game,” he said. “It was watering a little bit.”

This was the first time I heard about this. And here's my favorite quote, definitely true:

The Wolverines needed that last second shot, because they haven't played well in this tournament. “It just shows how talented we are as a team,” Poole said. “Our defense has picked up. As soon as our offense starts to click again and we are able to get the defense and offensive side going, it’s going to be a huge problem for the opposing team.”

The article ends with a nice piece of true fluff, with a detail about one of Poole's classes at Michigan on Monday.

Poole spent Sunday preparing a project for a Greek class and he gave the presentation on Monday. “In the presentation, it had to be 10-minutes long,” Poole said. “I went over just a little bit. The teacher goes, ‘it’s not every day we can beat the buzzer.’” True enough. It’s even harder to beat the buzzer with only one good eye.

Countess, Bryant and Ringer at Outback Bowl.

Countess, Bryant and Ringer at Outback Bowl.

Submitted by Mich1993 on January 11th, 2013 at 7:10 PM

I was at the Outback Bowl, and I saw Countess, Bryant and Ringer.  They were all walking around the field with their position groups with the same jersey as everyone else but with different pants.  They all appeared to be walking around fine with no indication of an injury. 

It doesn't mean much, but I was glad to see them moving around on the field with the team.

I'm also curious.  I didn't notice the other two players who were out all year, Wormley and Poole, but I wasn't looking too closely.  Did anyone else notice if Wormley and Poole were on the field?