So where will we be ranked?

So where will we be ranked?

Submitted by 1464 on October 7th, 2018 at 12:11 AM

It feels like we will probably be 12.  Jump Kentucky, Auburn, and Stanford.  We really should jump Washington as well, they struggled against a winless team and our loss is better, especially now that Auburn lost another.  I also think our loss is better than LSU and Oklahoma, but we don't have any quality wins.  I can't imagine Texas leaps us, especially since we now have a common opponent.

So I'm thinking 11 or 12.  Beat Wisconsin next week and we're most likely in the top 10.  Sound about right?


Per Under Armour All-Americans, Michigan Fans Annoying and Supportive

Per Under Armour All-Americans, Michigan Fans Annoying and Supportive

Submitted by Steves_Wolverines on December 27th, 2016 at 8:32 PM

Per Jeremy Crabtree at ESPN Recruiting Nation, Under Armour All-Americans were asked three questions regarding team fan bases and how they impacted their recruiting. 

Here are the three questions and results:

1. Have fans on social media influenced your recruiting process?

74/90 All-Americans said No. 

2. Which fan base did the best job of recruiting you on social media?

Georgia - 9
Michigan - 7
Penn State - 6
Alabama, LSU, and Oklahoma - 5

3. Which fan base was the most annoying on social media?

Tennessee - 9
Texas - 8
Alabama - 6
Michigan - 5
Florida, Miami (YTM), Nebraska, and Texas A&M - 4

I don't know how to embed his tweets, but I'll try in the comments below. 

Morale of the story; Don't tweet at recruits or their parents and coaches, and don't be a jerk on social media if you can't follow rule #1. But please, follow rule #1. 

Thanks and Go Blue!

SB Nation composite CFB rankings - Week 10

SB Nation composite CFB rankings - Week 10

Submitted by The Mad Hatter on November 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 PM

SB Nation has a top 25 composite ranking that uses the AP Poll, Coaches Poll, S&P+, Massey, and witchcraft.

OSU, Clemson, Baylor, and LSU are the top 4 (same as last week).  MSU is at 8 (+3) and we've fallen one spot to #13.

OT: Vote Conor's for Fave Irish Pub in Michigan

OT: Vote Conor's for Fave Irish Pub in Michigan

Submitted by maiznblue on March 13th, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Feel free to vote for your favorite pub, but here is my plug for Conor's...

I have no association with Conor's other than the fact it's a great place in Ann Arbor. Also, very authentic and not just a crappy bar that brands itself Irish. It was designed and BUILT in Ireland and imported. Plus, there's good food and good spirits.

Here's more about it:

Link to vote for best Irish pub:

OT: random espn polls and statless (baseless) musings on college-vs.-pro-sports-fandom

OT: random espn polls and statless (baseless) musings on college-vs.-pro-sports-fandom

Submitted by taistreetsmyhero on July 27th, 2013 at 12:05 AM

This post is going to be as random as you like, so enjoy. While perusing under the NBA mainpage on this enjoyable Friday night, I happened upon a random Sports Nation poll. It poses the question:  Who will be the bigger weapon for Team USA in the 2016 Olympics? Anthony Davis or Kyrie Irving? I clicked on Kyrie Irving, and surprisingly or unsurprisingly, Kyrie Irving was winning 77% to 23% on 26,865 national votes.

Next, I clicked on View Map, because that's how I do. The map, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, showed all states siding with Kyrie Irving--BUT ONE--which sided with Anthony Davis.

Now, my task for you is this:  without looking at this poll--or after looking at this poll, I don't necessarily care--guess which state picked Anthony Davis and write why you guessed it.

Michigan ranked 24th in final AP poll

Michigan ranked 24th in final AP poll

Submitted by bo_lives on January 8th, 2013 at 3:50 AM

Bama a unanimous no. 1 of course; Oregon moves up to 2nd with Ohio 3rd and ND falling to fourth. Good to see ND fall multiple places after that lambasting. I think we can all agree an Alabama vs. Oregon title game would have been much more interesting than the one we got... oh well.

Michigan is the only team with 5 losses to make the final poll. Glad to get some respect seeing as we had a mighty tough schedule and 4/5 of our losses were quite close. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and we were 0-5 against ranked opponents. Definitely proud of our team, and a lot of it was just balls not bouncing our way, but this season was clearly a letdown. Here's hoping Gardner & co. can make a statement in 2013, and most importantly beat Ohio. As always, Go Blue!

A Board Divided

A Board Divided

Submitted by 1464 on June 25th, 2012 at 9:06 PM

So, we are in the cold doldrums of another long summer, so I figured I would spark some conversation by seeing what side of the fence everybody is on.  I'll post few debatable topics just to see where the battle lines are drawn...


1. LBJ, NBA MVP and Champion - happy for him or hope his house gets hit by a tank?

2. OSU - Win every game but one, only beat the SEC, or secede from the Union to form a province of Bolivia?

3. Navarre - If we find the Weinke loophole, would you take four more years at his average productivity?

4. Ditka or God, who would win in a fight?

5. Mascot - Giant blue weasel, life sized garden gnome from Brian's post, or does it not matter as long as they hurry the hell up...

6. Now that RDT has been outed, who is the next alter ego to slip up?

7. Ale or lager?