Parsing recruits' quotes on how many DT's we're taking

Parsing recruits' quotes on how many DT's we're taking

Submitted by Michael Scarn on July 29th, 2011 at 9:56 PM

I've been wondering this for a while now.  I decided to look up the quotes we've all been so nervous about. Pipkens says:


They're only taking one nose guard and I can be that nose guard and come in and play for four years.

O'Brien says:


They told me that there's basically only a couple defensive tackles with offers and they will probably only take one interior guy.

The prospect of only taking one DT this year is scary given the lack of depth and graduating talent. However, If you parse these quotes, it seems perfectly possible that they're simply referring to two different positions, the 3-tech and a nose.  Obviously the "one interior guy" from O'Brien is what's most scary about the quote, but being preceded directly by a reference to tackles (as opposed to Pipkens' use of nose guard), maybe we shouldn't be so worried.  Regardless, maybe O'Brien misspoke, or mistook what the staff told them.  Also, Pipkens is nose-sized and O'Brien fits better at DT.  I'm hopeful and somewhat confident we'll end up with two "interior guys".

Yes, it's an old article referenced above, but I still love this quote from Pipkens:


One (factor will be) the business administration program," explained Pipkins. "I know Michigan and Michigan State are up there in that particular subject.
All due respect to MSU, but Ross is a little more "up there".