Getting Offense NFL Pipeline on Par with Defense

Getting Offense NFL Pipeline on Par with Defense

Submitted by uofmfan_13 on December 30th, 2018 at 2:01 PM

The macro-level key now 4 years in for Jim Harbaugh going forward is to recruit and then develop guys much better on offense to match the ongoing NFL player development and replacement level on defense.

Top recruits pay attention to program results and draft picks/NFL careers. Not single game results. Recruiting a young man passionate about the game of football yet staring at a 3-4 year slog of school/"school" and constant practice begins with showing them how you got similar young men into immediate future wealth and NFL opportunity.

Nice article on Camp Sanderson and Beilein's player development

Nice article on Camp Sanderson and Beilein's player development

Submitted by StephenRKass on March 21st, 2017 at 11:22 AM

There's a nice article by Sndyer at the Freep about the benefits of Camp Sanderson and Beilein's skill development. 

LINK:  Michigan's Jon Sanderson, Beilein development, boosts NBA interest

For mgo-obsessives, there isn't a whole lot of new information. From my perspective, the interesting observation is that the NBA is taking notice. Partially because of Michigan, a number of players have stuck with the NBA. Here are a few quotes for those of you who refuse a Freep link:

Michigan has become deeply respected in the NBA conversations. Before Beilein arrived at Michigan in 2007, he had no NBA pedigree. His players were talented and he won NCAA tournament games but they never panned out at the next level. That’s rapidly changing and Beilein’s decade longevity at U-M plays a role.
“It’s clear when you watch Michigan play they have a culture and a system similar to all the great teams in the NBA,” an NBA assistant coach told the Free Press. The coach did not want his name used because he is not authorized to speak publicly about prospects and schools. “Similar to all the great teams in the NBA. You look at the Spurs, you look at the Warriors, they have a culture and a system that they stick to. For Michigan, you see how it goes both on and off the court.”
Michigan had five players from the 2013 runner-up team picked in the first round of the 2013, 2014 and 2016 drafts.

Here's more:

“Look at the guys they have in the NBA now, it says something,” the coach said. “Nik Stauskas, everyone’s shocked when he goes and dunks on a guy. I’m like, he did that in college and he’s doing that in the NBA. Tim Hardaway (Jr.) is such a smooth, explosive athlete. Glenn Robinson (III) winning the dunk contest, he’s found his niche in the NBA. All three of those guys, going to back to the mental makeup, their first years in the NBA were rocky. They all got traded, they all got cut and now because they got the mental and physical to keep on going, they’ve turned themselves into nice NBA players.”
It goes back to Beilein players’ defining traits — shooting and passing — and Sanderson building basketball strength and flexibility.

The great thing about this is how it "might" affect recruiting. Beilein needs to continue to get players he believes will fit. He can develop them mentally and with shooting ability. Sanderson can mold them physically, gaining muscle and hops and speed. The big thing is for HS and AAU coaches, along with the players and their families, to understand the benefit. If they believe that they will have a better chance of getting to the NBA by going to Michigan, it may open some doors. If a player believes he is ready for professional ranks and doesn't want coaches to get in the way, well, he might be a better fit elsewhere. But an intelligent player who wants to use a year or two to develop strength, improve shooting skills, and learn a system . . . well, some of them might consider going to Michigan.



Regarding Recent Commits

Regarding Recent Commits

Submitted by UNAWAREWOLF on June 19th, 2015 at 1:19 AM

Let me apologize in advance.  I know a good amount of us are fed up with the recruit rankings talk, but I've been thinking of it in a way I haven't really seen discussed.  

Some Things We Know:

-Harbaugh likes tough "chip on the shoulder types"

-He is also fairly accomplished at developing unheralded players into players to be proud of.

-Players pay attention to their recruiting rankings.  An actual number representation of your perceived value.



Do you think recruiting a handful of decent upside, low star guys is being looked at as a "Win Win" for Harbaugh and Co.?  You get guys willing to commit to a demanding team of coaches, and not drag the recruiting process along.  These guys also come into it knowing they have to earn spots against players they are already being told are better. Before they even start they know they have a little more to prove.  And a handful could eventually turn into All-Conference type players under this coaching staff. 


Oddly enough, I also see this as being better motivation for the higher rated players.  A four or five star sees someone ranked lower outperform them, or win praise from coaches, maybe it serves as inspiration to prove themselves.  Think of the little things that motivate you.  It may be easier to be second on the depth chart when you lose out to a fellow four star recruit, than to someone with one or two D1 offers.


tl;dr - Does Harbaugh view these unheralded commits as a "win win?"  Could they help in development of higher rated teammates?


Sorry for being long-winded.  Long time reader, first time forum MGoBoard thread creator.

Player development under Hoke

Player development under Hoke

Submitted by sheepdog on October 1st, 2014 at 12:31 AM

First, I need to commend our young men that actually wear the uniforms.  They come to work every day and play their hearts with pride and they sacrifice their body every single day.  They don’t deserve their embattled, bewildered coach despite how likeable he is, and clown show that is the athletic department.  These young men come to be a part of the tradition, the prestige and historic allure that the program has built over time.  They come to because they are confident that the program and coaching staff has enough talent and resources to develop them enough to give them a shot.  Unfortunately, everyone has lost confidence fast that the current staff can develop raw potential into polished NFL-caliber players.  This is not at all an exhaustive list, but here are just a few notes on the underwhelming performance of players Hoke & staff have been charged with developing:

Denard Robinson – his best year was 2010, last year of rich rod.  He lived off the zone read, screens and slants.  Where he truly got dubbed ‘electrifying.’ Maybe its because defenses started keying in on him more, new system, etc. Borges ruined him, and it was Hoke’s fault for letting him.

Devin Gardner- 5* talent by all accounts coming out of HS.  Has spent most of his career under Hoke and has not progressed at all, even regressed at times.  Underutilized in his skill sets.  A leader on this football team, a shame Hoke won’t make him a captain his senior year.

Everyone on the O-line - name me one O-lineman that has really “gotten it” over the last few years? I even submit that Lewan’s ceiling could have been higher.  He made a mistake coming back, I thought that both before the season and after. Kalis, where art thou?

Jake Ryan – I won’t be too hard on Hoke because of the injury, but by many accounts of poster on this board and the UFRs, Jake is not exactly lighting it up at MLB. Coaching?

Countess – I guy we were all excited about when he was starting 5-6 game into his freshman year.  Has been getting beat consistently all year.  Again, injury caveat.

Frank Clark – love this guy.  But ever since the hype train left the station in camp last year, I haven’t seen too many ‘monster games’.

And what will come of Bolden, Peppers, Kalis, Wormley, Taco, or any of our monster O-line classes? Who else?

We’ve had a rough few days but it’s not the real reason Hoke needs to go.  Even if everything miraculously blows over, the results are in on a lot of these guys and if I am a recruit and his family and it comes down to who is going to get me the best shot at taking my game to the next level, I am going to that system, to that school, to that coach – which is exactly what we need to get back to.  We’ve been there before, we’ll get back there again, but not with this guy.  Even if Hoke miraculously beats MSU, let alone Rutgers, and keeps his job in 2014, will he ever be better than a 9-4 coach?  Let alone win 12,13,14 or 15 games?

Get busy livin, or get busy dyin.

Sparty player development (or talent scouting, or luck)

Sparty player development (or talent scouting, or luck)

Submitted by blueheron on June 11th, 2011 at 9:32 AM

Sparty player development (or talent scouting, or luck)

This morning the Rivals player countdown features a Sparty (Joel Foreman) wholly unfamiliar to me at #76:

Where was he in 2007?…

That's right, two stars. Not that I'm counting or anything, but that's at least the third such instance for Sparty from that era. The other two on my mind?

* Kirk Cousins:…
* Jerel Worthy:… (2008 class)

They were both three-star recruits, but they've been mentioned as future high NFL draft picks, for what that's worth. Note that Worthy had an offer from Nebraska, so he's wasn't as obscure as the other two.

Other three-star guys from the '07 class that prospered include Greg Jones (a recent NFL draftee) and Arizona transfer Nick Foles.

I realize that plenty of "threes" (e.g., David Harris and Mike Hart) at Michigan end up doing well, but it seems that Dantonio has been doing a good job with player development, talent scouting, or just being lucky. Thoughts?