I'm really getting sick of..

I'm really getting sick of..

Submitted by R_mahorn1974 on May 10th, 2009 at 5:11 PM

I'm really getting sick of everyone bitching at everyone about rediculous things. WHO GIVES A F***!!!. Just talk sports/Michigan!! If you don't like someones thread, DON'T REPLY TO IT. Seriously, this is so childish and stupid. Why does everyone try to act hard on the computer?

People correcting others grammar is funny to me. Remember beingg on AIM/AOL. Spelling u(you), wud(would), LOL(laugh out laid/ HAHA). Who cares if that mr. stevens or w/e is Mcfarlin, do you want a cookie for finding out? What if it isn't him? Lots of people are alike you know.

If people try and talk smack to me on this thread, jokes are on you. Meet me face to face and say it, or do you not go in public? Also, chances are I probably won't even read this thread again. I have a life...

Just letting 85% of you on here are childish, immature, etc. STOP JUDGING. Maybe its because talking shit on computer makes you feel good? Idon't know..... JUST STOP!!!!!!

PS. I thought Michigan fans were supposed to be classy? ACT THAT WAY. Support each other, were all wolverine fans.