An unstated assumption re: expansion - what good is the money?

An unstated assumption re: expansion - what good is the money?

Submitted by STW P. Brabbs on November 20th, 2012 at 1:47 PM

There have been many, many posts concerning the financial wisdom, or lack thereof, in adding Maryland and Rutgers to the conference.  There have also been many posts concerning the moves from the standpoint of, you know, being a fan (spoiler: this is unequivocally bad, unless you are a big lacrosse fan.) 

But regardless of who is right or wrong in their largely ass- or thin air-derived predicitions concerning TV rights and media markets, there's one question that's not been discussed much: Why should we, as Michigan fans, care about the added revenue?  Does it really make a lot of people feel better to know that our conference's revenues are big, throbbing revenues that make other conference revenues feel insecure?  

Can someone explain to me the precise mechanism through which having some kind of edge in terms of revenue with relation to other conferences improves the fortunes of the conference as a whole?  Has the BTN largesse made a significant impact on the quality of the texisting eams in the conference? 

The Michigan athletic department doesn't need any more revenue than it already has.  We are, eventually, going to run out of new facilities to build, as Brian has pointed out.  What then, will we do with the hypothetical money that expansion is supposed to add?  

Again, why should we care, at all, about the financial implications?