Michigan and future NFL Olinemen

Michigan and future NFL Olinemen

Submitted by UofM Die Hard … on October 7th, 2015 at 12:37 PM

Don't get a lot of Michigan football news on sports radio here in Seattle but heard something today that I thought I would share with all you hooligans.


They were talking about how the NFL Oline play has been putrid this year and that youngmen coming in have no idea how to play Oline  because of all the spread in college.  A listener asked if they think it will get fixed and the first answer was that they are skeptical but Michigan is going to start pumping out quality NFL Oline prospects.  They said...paraphrasing....ya we dont like Harbaugh here in Seattle but we cant ignore what he is doing there with his Oline play , he is going to get top recruits who want to learn how to play oline the right way. 


Nice little recruiting plug for west coast prospects. Felt like a kid on Christmas eve when I heard "Michigan" come out of their mouths. 

My question, what other college teams could start to right the ship of NFL oline play?  Stanford, USC...was struggling to come up with many. 


Bash away :)