Another shoe to drop in the shoe?

Another shoe to drop in the shoe?

Submitted by michelin on April 17th, 2012 at 7:24 PM

I have no idea about the veracity of this information.  But, given this qualification, it seems plausible enough to post.

April 13 tweet from:

"Didu kno Jim Tressel hired his brother Dic onto Ohio St. Staff as designated bagman for extra bennies for players? You will soon."

Some may question the sources of this information (and RT), but I I would not be surprised if it is true.  I remember when, during the MoC scandal, JT replaced an apparently less "trusted" staff member with his own brother.  I asked at the time, why he would do so. The question now seems rhetorical.

If the info in this tweet is true, and JT's brother is now found to be involved in the extra benefits,is this a repeat violation for Ohio (he's still on Meyer's staff, isn't he) ?

I wonder if the predicted revelation of JT's brothers' role has anything to do with new info from the ESPN-Ohio lawsuit.!/search/realtime/tressel%20brother

EDIT ADDITION BY OP:  quote from SI's Pulitzer prize winning, George Dohrmann:

"A year later, after he left the university, Clarett told ESPN that he wasn't forthcoming with the NCAA because it would have meant ratting on teammates and coaches. He alleged that Tressel had arranged cars for him to use and that the coach's older brother Dick, who was then the Buckeyes' director of football operations (he is now the team's running backs coach), arranged lucrative no-show jobs for players. (Jim and Dick Tressel have denied the allegations.) Clarett added that coaches connected him with boosters who gave him thousands of dollars.

The NCAA never sanctioned Ohio State for any of those allegations. Clarett didn't respond when investigators tried to contact him after the ESPN story, so they weren't able to proceed. Like the Youngstown State whistle-blower years earlier, Clarett was dismissed as disgruntled."…