A Board Divided

A Board Divided

Submitted by 1464 on June 25th, 2012 at 9:06 PM

So, we are in the cold doldrums of another long summer, so I figured I would spark some conversation by seeing what side of the fence everybody is on.  I'll post few debatable topics just to see where the battle lines are drawn...


1. LBJ, NBA MVP and Champion - happy for him or hope his house gets hit by a tank?

2. OSU - Win every game but one, only beat the SEC, or secede from the Union to form a province of Bolivia?

3. Navarre - If we find the Weinke loophole, would you take four more years at his average productivity?

4. Ditka or God, who would win in a fight?

5. Mascot - Giant blue weasel, life sized garden gnome from Brian's post, or does it not matter as long as they hurry the hell up...

6. Now that RDT has been outed, who is the next alter ego to slip up?

7. Ale or lager?