OT: What is the highest moment of your fandom?

OT: What is the highest moment of your fandom?

Submitted by sarto1g on August 2nd, 2017 at 11:11 AM

We've got some time to kill before season previews start....

Good Friday, March 2013.  Drinking Bud heavies with my mom at a townie bar in the middle of nowhere.  Trey Burke hits the shot and Michigan subsequently beats Kansas in OT. A flurry of text messages and phone calls that dont say anything but AHHHHH.  

So, what is your happiest sports moment? 


Michigan offseason recap thus far

Michigan offseason recap thus far

Submitted by Mr. Elbel on June 6th, 2016 at 3:45 PM


YouTube user Gamecox68 has put out a few great videos like this. One was posted here back in January of last season's highlights. They also posted a fantastic recap of Harbaugh's hire and what followed.

This video is from the Citrus Bowl on and is mostly media spots, the recruiting cycle, the camps fiasco, spring practice (including at IMG), firing over bows on twitter, Ford Field, the Spring game, and some other random stuff. It was posted last week, so it doesn't include the camps that have already taken place. Great (long! like 2 hours long) recap of the offseason thus far. Watch the other videos as you have time as well, as they're all great.

Go Blue!

So... What are you doing this weekend

So... What are you doing this weekend

Submitted by dRich on July 2nd, 2015 at 6:51 AM
I will not lable this OT... As Independence is never off topic!!!! Murica! So I ask you, how are you spending this lovely weekend as we celebrate our severance from the King? I will be in Oscoda, on the mouth of the Au Sable river. Probably will anchor the father inlaws boat out in on Lake Huron and sleep off shore. I'll be Doing some fishing, jet skiing , wake boarding, spending time with the inlaws, BBQ'n and teaching my 19 week old Rottweiler Hendrix how to swim and what it's like to be a lake dog! What are your plans? Be safe, don't lose any fingers with the fireworks, enjoy your time with family, wether across Michigan is looking beautiful this weekend. And as always, God Bless America and the Univeristy of Michigan. GO red, white and most importantly BLUE! Sorry for the format. iPhone post. :/

OT - Motorhead Monday

OT - Motorhead Monday

Submitted by JeepinBen on April 6th, 2015 at 3:24 PM

Been meaning to do this for a while since we've entered the offseason. While there will be plenty of HARBAUGH!, recruting info (RIP Ace's fingers) and spring game chatter for a while yet, we're now waiting on the Utah game before any of the big 3 sports are playing again. As such, I know we've got quite a few car nerds on the site and I figured a car chat on mondays would be a good way to kick off the week. So in my best Linda Richmond voice I'll give ya a topic -

What's the car that you'd most want to own that you've seen in person? Why?

I've got a couple more questions in mind for future weeks - if you have good ones go ahead and ask em, or tweet me and I'll try to make them a future thread.

Offseason OT Friday Posbang

Offseason OT Friday Posbang

Submitted by JeepinBen on April 4th, 2014 at 9:57 AM

Are we there yet? are we there after the spring game? Is it officially Offseason Rules on the MGoBoard?

It's Friday, it's finally spring (rain isn't snow at least), the spring game is tomorrow, the weekend is upon us, Oberon is available... Happy Weekend and conversations about C-Rex and Canine Glands (stories of offseasons past for you noobs)

OT: Offseason Time Sinks

OT: Offseason Time Sinks

Submitted by JeepinBen on January 7th, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Well, it's happened. There's no more college football until August. Sure, there's the NFL playoffs, draft, etc. but there's only a few games at a time now. There's basketball and hockey both collegiate and pro, but besides watching my teams I don't get into the national broadcasts like I do for football.

The question is: what are you spending your time on  moving forward? Fixing up that old muscle car? Going to BBB & Home Depot for nice little Saturdays? Exercising per your new years resolution? New season of the Bachelor? What do you do with your newfound free time?


Offseason snowflakes

Offseason snowflakes

Submitted by 1464 on August 29th, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Every offseason is born with a terminal diagnosis - 8 months to live.  It's been a long and painful fight, but now this offseason is in its last throes of existence, I'd be interested to recap all the stories and non-stories of the year.  A last chance to air your grievances, provide your insight, get in your digs, or press your tongue to your cheek.  Tonight the offseason officially comes to a close, with the Michigan season close on its heals. 

As we look back at the long winter, we must also prepare for the next cold spell.  So what 2014 offseason ESPN regurgitations are you sick of before they even start?  More Johnny drama?  Countless speculations on the playoff selection process?  The SEC's 8th MNC?


Topics to opine from this offseason:


- The Frank and Devin bandwagon.

- Lewan's return.

- Meyer practicing santeria to possess Hernandez' body and hate murder people.

- Kids signing things, possibly for money.

- Offensive Weapon.

- All of the recruits.

- Conversation on the body composition of other men, with creepy undertones.

- When will "The Hit" no longer by the hit?

- Umm... Miley Cyrus?



Breaking Down Ondre Pipkins' Technique From 5-second "Michigan Drill" Practice Video

Breaking Down Ondre Pipkins' Technique From 5-second "Michigan Drill" Practice Video

Submitted by Michael Scarn on March 29th, 2013 at 2:39 AM

[Ed-S: BumP!]

Yes, I have an addiction.  Yes, it's March.  Some choose to build tiny wooden ships in bottles, I intricately break down defensive lineman technique from spring practice videos frame by frame.

Here's the set-up, Pipkins vs. early enrollee Kyle Bosch and a running back who I don't even bother identifying because Pipkins plays this so well that it doesn't matter what the running back does.  Besides, his job is to just pick a side and hit it hard.  

Here, Pipkins has a pretty good stance, wide base, on the balls of his feet, athletic posture and good knee bend.  Low for a big man - that small human he shed this offseason seems to have helped with that some.  

Right after the snap, Pipkins has fired of his left foot and is already bringing his hands, preparing to make contact with Bosch.  At first glance he appears to come out a little high, but as we'll see, his hands, strength and quick feet help him overcome that.  The ideal first step (my understanding) is to be quick, low to the ground, forceful and almost a jab - generate force but reset to be able to drive off again.  

As he makes contact with Bosch, Pipkins has already driven off his right foot as well, generating more power and force into Bosch.  His hands have shot inside very quickly and, as we'll see, will allow him to control Bosch.  

Here, Pipkins has reset both feet and will again drive through them to push Bosch back.  They're pretty much at the line of scrimmage - Bosch has not fired off the ball nor has he moved his feet, except laterally.  I think he should be drive blocking here, but I could be mistaken.  Maybe his job is just to seal off Pipkins.  Regardless, the young buck won't win this battle.  Bosch has his hands in pretty poor position, as Pipkins has him basically by the collar and Bosch would need to hold to really have his left hand be any use to him at this point.  

This time as Pipkins generates more power into Bosch with his legs, he clearly has leverage.  Just compare the angles of their bodies to the ground - Pipkins is firing out and up, Bosch is sitting back down onto his heels.  His feet are again driving for power, and as we'll see in a second, he's about to explode upward with his feet and hips, while also extending his arms and pressing Bosch away from him.  

He's pushing off the ground hard enough that both feet are (minorly) airborn.  His hands are extended, they're even with his eyes.  Ideally they will end up above his eyes when he extends, but this a strong punch he delivers.  Keep in mind this has all happened in a few split seconds as we are just now seeing the ballcarrier enter the frame.

Here, Pipkins has his left arm free with his right fully controlling Bosch, further pushing him back on his heels.  The running back has already decided to go left, so that's where Pipkins will meet him with great haste.  

Contact is made with the ballcarrier at about the line of scrimmage, as Bosch is finally leaving his heels.  He's also managed to grab a little cloth with his lefth and, proving that Pipkins hands were far better on this occasion.  I'll give him credit for trying to finish the block and driving through Pipkins, but it's already over.  

Tackle made - 1 yard gain.  

Here's the video of the whole thing, starts at about 2:28.


If you start a second before you can see how much taller Devin is than Gallon which is both awesome and depressing at the same time.  Let me know if you see any mistakes or glaring oversights or crap I just made up.

OT - Friday what's goin on open thread

OT - Friday what's goin on open thread

Submitted by JeepinBen on May 25th, 2012 at 9:24 AM

Evidently I'm bored this morning before Profit so he should consider his thunder stolen like Seattle


What's everyone doing on this day before a long weekend? It's gorgeous here in Chicago, 70-80 and sunny. Staying at the desk is going to be rough today, as is the 9 miles I've got to do between tonight and tomorrow to train for a half marathon. Anyone have fun vacation plans? Or have today off so the rest of us can live vicariously though you?

EDIT: and thank you to nmumike for the reminder about how this isn't just a long weekend, Memorial Day is important in and of its self. Take some time to remember/thank those who are serving and have served.

[EDIT:  Negged to Bolivian for stealing my thunder.  Points will return in 10 minutes.]


OT: Tigers looking to Nab Brad Penny

OT: Tigers looking to Nab Brad Penny

Submitted by jhackney on December 22nd, 2010 at 1:05 PM

Tigers have signed Victor Martinez and Joaquin Benoit and re-signed Magglio Ordonez, Brandon Inge and Jhonny Peralta. Not much more pocket room in Illitch's pockets to sign a "big name"? Maybe this is the reason they are not pursuing Carl Pavano? I don't know about you Tiger fans out there, but I was hoping for a bit more in way of signings for them. If given a grade, I would give them a C. What say you?

Sources: Tigers looking at Penny, other veteran starters