Michigan Hockey 17-18, Game #5: Penn State 5, Michigan 4 (OT)

Michigan Hockey 17-18, Game #5: Penn State 5, Michigan 4 (OT)

Submitted by NastyIsland on October 28th, 2017 at 1:24 AM

Jack was nimble and was quick, just could not jump over the final…candlestick? (James Coller)





Possession %

First Period

22 7 48%

Second Period

16 6 43%

Third Period

25 11 45%


0 0 0% (unlikely)


63 24 45%

Analysis: So, watching this…it felt a lot worse. This is results-based charting, however, and this is a very big improvement. I tweeted than Michigan had games of 49 and 39 in Happy Valley last year. Getting 63 attempts with almost 40% of those coming from the House is good, especially against a puck-dominant team. I think Michigan can do fine with numbers like this (the possession isn’t great, though). Penn State has a leaky defense and an inconsistent goalie. Michigan definitely took advantage of both of those things and scored enough to give them a good enough chance to win this game. Marody had a nice snipe, Dancs took his chance well, and others had great opportunities to score. Peyton Jones played well in net for Penn State at times, and at others he was awful. All in all, if you gave me these numbers before the game, I would have taken them happily.

[After THE JUMP: defense, special teams, and odd-man rushes]

Today's offense and defense, with some context

Today's offense and defense, with some context

Submitted by bronxblue on November 6th, 2010 at 11:56 PM

So the numbers put up today by Illinois and Michigan were unbelievable, but I thought it would be interesting to consider them with a bit of context.  So consider this:

Today's combined score of 132 is

  • More than the total number of points given up by the 1997 team (114).
  • Only 33 points less than the total given up by last year's NC winner Alabama, and that was over 14 games (165).

The 67 points given up the Illini is:

  • More than the combined points they have given up in Big 10 play (62) if you exclude OSU.  
  • Represents the most points scored by UM this season, and makes UM the only team in the country to score 61+ against two FBS teams this season.  

The 257 net rushing yards by UM is

  • 5 yards less than Illinois gave up the past two weeks combined (to Purdue and Indiana).
  • More than doubled the average rushing yards given up by the Illini this season (117.5 yds/gm).
  • A little less than half the total rushing yards given up by the Boise St. this year, the #2 rush defense in the country.

The 419 passing yards by UM is

  • 2.2 times the number of average passing yards given up the Illini this season (184 yds/gm).
  • 259 yds less than the total number of passing yds by Georgia Tech this season.
  • This might be a little convoluted, but if 419 yds is considered in terms of miles, the distance between Ann Arbor to Urbana (~347 miles) is less.

The combined 49 2nd-quarter points is

  • Equal to or greater than the final scores for 7 games this week featuring at least 1 ranked team.
  • More than the combined scores for every Big 10 game this weekend, save for the 56 put up by PSU-NW.

The 561 total yards given up by UM is:

  • About 2.5 times more than the average total yardage given up the 1997 team (223 yds/gm).
  • But, only .5 yds/play more than the defense usually gives up per game (6.07), and factoring out the OT scoring was just about equal per play for the season.


  • UM's 3rd-quarter shutout of Illinois was only the 2nd time during league play the defense had accomplished the feat (the other time was the 1st quarter against MSU).
  • Illinois was credited with only one sack on the day, which is below the average for Illinois (1.88/gm) and only raised UM's total for the year to 4.  Think about that for a second and then think about 2008.

So yeah, not all great news, but I am still constantly amazed by what this offense is able to do against legitimately good defenses.