This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2007: Goodbye, Lloyd Carr

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 13th, 2017 at 10:48 PM


October 2007

November 1 - Thursday

A pretty boring recruiting post. Given the coming coaching situation, it’s not surprising that there aren’t any recruits on the board right now who would end up in the class.

UFR: Defense vs. Minnesota. The use of a “5-3-1-7 tech split” and the 3-3-5 seem inadvisable given how poorly they have defended the run. Good days from both Johnson and Taylor with +7 each.

A long copy paste from The Victors message board regarding stadium finances.

November 2 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Clarifies the OMD. Hart and Henne are both doubtful for MSU on Saturday. Also, apparently there was a Russian company on the field during the last game to measure decibels.

Preview: Michigan State.  

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart plays.


  • Henne... doesn't.


  • Prediction One (With Henne, Hart): 35-10, Michigan.

  • Prediction Two (Without Henne, Hart): 21-13, Michigan.

  • Prediction Three(With Hart, Without Henne): 28-13, Michigan

November 3 - Saturday

Michigan State open thread.

Michigan beat Michigan State 28-24. WH highlights part 1 and part 2.

November 4 - Sunday

A schadenfreude Notre Dame post Brian copy/pasted.

November 5 - Monday

Michigan State torrent.

Unverified Voracity Shows You How to Win including pictures of a giant “Bow Down Sparty” sign that was hung in Spartan Stadium at the end of the game.

Michigan State game column.

Caulcrick forgot one thing: Chad Henne is a robot.

On the last two drives he was 12-14 for 129 yards, flinging wide open outs, finding Mathews on a critical third and long, and looping perfect touchdown passes to Greg Mathews and Mario Manningham. He was ruthless, precise, and busy calculating digits of pi deep into the millions. He has a heart of nails and lungs made from old tires; his hair consists of pipe cleaners cropped short and his bones are discarded pipes. You have to whack him in just the right spot at just the right time to get his late-model Soviet guidance chip to seat itself in his shoddy southeast Asian motherboard.

New Shirts!

November 6 - Tuesday

The old Blogspot site seems to disappear here. This next post just redirects to a Youtube video? Anyway, back to the modern site...

Spartans, Your Profession is “Loser”. This post looks about as as you would expect ten years later.

Blogpoll Ballot Week Ten.

Unverified Voracity Isn’t Missing Anything. Should Hart and Henne be held out against Wisconsin in order to be ready for OSU? Probably not, but they might be out anyway.

November 7 - Wednesday

Revised Blogpoll Ballot.

Blogpoll Week 10.

UFR: Defense vs. MSU. A good day from Terrance Taylor and Shawn Crable, but overall things were a little scarier than one would hope.

November 8 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity Wants Blood, Penalties. Things are humming along on the coaching front.

Astute (== not in coma) readers may have noticed a long hiatus in the "Profiles In Heroism" series; this is mostly because further explorations of the coaching pool seem utterly pointless given the sustained buzz about Miles to Michigan. Thus weekly evaluations of LSU.

UFR: Offense vs. MSU.


Robot Henne, Mike Hart's one good leg, and Mario. And Long, always Long.


Evil Henne, Mike Hart's one bad leg, and Mario. And OH MY GOD CARSON BUTLER BLOCK SOMEBODY. Seriously, I would not be surprised to see a lot of Criswell coming up. We don't really need a dynamic receiver at TE. We do need someone who can block.

November 9 - Friday

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Wisconsin with Bruce Ciskie. UW has a lot of injuries, most notably RB P.J. Hill. And their safeties are supposed to be terrible.

Preview: Wisconsin.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Michigan racks up five sacks.

  • Hart gets 15 carries.

  • Michigan, 28-20.

Unverified Voracity A Snake A Snake. The Sparty statue got spray painted.

I love "unknown assailant," like Sparty is going to need counseling about this or something.

November 10 - Saturday

Wisconsin beat Michigan 37-21. Highlights.

Wisconsin open thread.

November 12 - Monday

Wisconsin game column. So Henne and Hart were mostly kept out of the game.

Could either have played? Absolutely. If Wisconsin was Ohio State they both would have, but it was not and they did not. You can debate the wisdom of this move, but not the result: the Wisconsin game was a glorified exhibition to Michigan. Both lines took their cues from the stars on the sidelines and took the game off. So did Ryan Mallett's brain. The kick coverage team, way ahead of the curve, continued its season-long vacation. In ways literal and metaphorical, Michigan did not show up.

Brian has sources that say Carr’s retiring is official and will be announced after the OSU game.

November 13 - Tuesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11.

Mailbag. How to honor Lloyd at the stadium? Does Mallett not play well with his teammates?

Brian is under some fire for posting that Carr will be retiring. It looks like it was specifically from Rivals. However, others like the Ann Arbor News are citing the post without attribution.

Unverified Voracity Gears Up with lots of info on the upcoming OSU game.

November 14 - Wednesday

Blogpoll Ballot Week 11 Updated.

UFR: Offense vs. Wisconsin. This was the worst game by a QB in UFR history, but hey! DeBord called a good game.

Blogpoll Week 11.

Apparently there was a Bow Down Sparty shirt.

Unverified Voracity Ministers Information that everything is just fine at LSU, Miles is happy and will never be going anywhere...probably.

November 15 - Thursday

UFR: Defense vs. Wisconsin. A rough day. The only bright spot was Terrance Taylor with a +8. On the opposite side, Obi Ezeh came in with a -7.

Ohio State: Where Even Smart People are Dumb. An OSU economic professor tries to debunk common college football statements.

Picture Pages: Reach Blocking Fails.

Vicious Electronic Questioning: Ohio St. with Tom Orr.

November 16 - Friday

Unverified Voracity Directs Traffic. The timing of Carr’s retirement might give a hint about who the next coach will be (say, if there’s a candidate who is in the midst of a national championship run).

Preview: Ohio St.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • I've already provided plenty of predictions specific enough to look dumb later.

  • So leave me be.

  • Ohio State, 27-20.

Empire of the Fallen.

I am done thinking. Michigan is listless in the last days of a dying empire, but Mike Hart will run out of the tunnel and I will believe until I can't or I don't have to anymore. Go Blue.

Minivoracity with a couple links on the legacy of the senior class. Also, reports are that Hart is pessimistic about playing, but Brian is confident that Hart wouldn’t miss this game.

November 17 - Saturday

Ohio St. beat Michigan 14-3. Highlights.

Ohio St. Open Thread.

November 19 - Monday

Lloyd’s retirement is official. Players were told on Sunday afternoon.

Link to the retirement press.

Ohio St. Game Column.

Carr was stubborn, arrogant, and loyal to a fault. There is no Carr coaching tree because the program is inbred.

He was a tireless advocate for his players and his program. Last November I sat in Michigan Stadium and listened to him eulogize Bo and wanted no one else to coach Michigan.

There is an obvious split here. The first section is about Carr the coach; the second about Carr the man. I'll miss him sometimes, but mostly on Monday, not Saturday.

Unverified Voracity is Buried in the Backfield, nevermind that’s Chad Henne who is buried as the entire OL wiffs. Also, lots of talk about Miles and how the timing is going to work. His hiring very much seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

November 20 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Disassembles and parses Carr’s retirement presser. Also some Bill Martin shots at Harbaugh. Currently it seems like Michigan might be asking Miles to commit to coming after the SEC championship game.

Links to the eulogy of Bo that Lloyd gave last year.

Mailbag covering Bill Cowher and when should Lloyd have retired.

Blogpoll Ballot Week 12.

November 21 - Wednesday

New favorite internet rumor...Kirk Ferentz! Brian evaluates and rejects.

Unverified Voracity Builds a Culture of Stupids. The coordinators are going to be interviewed and DeBord is defending his record at CMU.

Maybe this would be slightly plausible if Debord had been forced out at CMU, but he did not. He packed up his 12-34 record and quit, quit like a little girl whose piano lessons are too hard.

Blogpoll Week 12.

LSU seems to have conceded losing Miles. Their AD said that in the event that Miles leaves, they would like him to coach through the national championship game.

Another post on mainstream media vs. blogs and how badly the former handles rumors.

November 25 - Sunday

Brian confidently says that Ferentz has been offered. Also, Lloyd has contacted the GVSU AD about Brian Kelly. Also, Notre Dame has contacted GVSU about Brian Kelly.

November 26 - Monday

Now it sounds like Ferentz has accepted.

Game column for two ‘M’ hockey victories from the weekend.

And...maybe Brian was too hasty about Ferentz.

November 27 - Tuesday

But on the other hand, flight tracker has a flight from Willow Run to Cedar Rapids.

Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Stuff including hockey recruiting and why the band was quieter this year.

No one was aboard the plane yesterday; just a coincidence.

Ferentz’s weekly press conference has been canceled which may or may not be legit. Also, Fred Jackson is a candidate for the Duke head coaching job. So obligatory joke goes: Fred Jackson is Mike Krzyzewski

 November 28 - Wednesday

Blogpoll will be delayed.

Ferentz is out, so back to Miles.

We'll see; he has support from a lot of important people but obviously not the most important one who's not Bill Martin: Lloyd Carr. The Ferentz thing is a solid indicator of that. (And, yes, there was most definitely a Ferentz thing getting pushed very hard by Carr and others -- this is "Ferentz is no longer a candidate," not "was never.")

November 29 - Thursday

Michigan has requested permission to speak to Miles.

A significant number of people have sent in the same story: there is an old guard at Michigan strongly opposed to Miles' candidacy, while younger folk, big money donors, and those not as closely connected to the current regime support it. I get stuff from people on side A skeptical about Miles' chances; I get stuff from people on side B saying it's done. Like, done-done-done and going to be announced Monday. I lean towards the latter, and expect Miles will be the guy in a few days.

Blogpoll Week 13.

Unverified Voracity Has Permission. Michigan can talk to Miles after the SEC championship game. However, all the details could be worked out before that with intermediaries.

November 30 - Friday

Miles has told his players that he is leaving for Michigan. Brian puts it happening at 90%.

Coaching search recap.

It seems that Bo was always fond of Les, recalling Miles visiting him after his open heart surgery in his book. If Moeller had coached another 5-10 years, Miles would have been the successor (either directly promoted as a UofM assistant or from Oklahoma State/Dallas Cowboys) with Bo's public blessing. If we're talking anywhere between 2000-2005, Lloyd probably would have been too old at that point to start a head coaching tenure. Lloyd actually interviewed for the Wisconsin job after the '89 season, but the job went to Barry Alvarez.

The upshot: given everything out there at the moment, I would be very surprised if it was anyone other than Miles; the aggressive timeline is a bit shakier given what looks like real resistance to the idea from some camps in the athletic department.

IMO: Miles expects an offer and will take it if he gets one; he told the team as much. Pro-Miles people in the AD expect to offer him Sunday after the SECCG and announce early in the week; Anti-Miles people in the AD are hoping to delay, interview some other guys, and possibly find someone else.

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2006: Death and Loss

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2006: Death and Loss

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 8th, 2016 at 12:22 PM
Michigan is 9-0, but is coming off a less than spectacular 17-3 win over Northwestern on October 28.  
November 1 - Wednesday
Maxwell poll week 9. Brian’s top 5: Troy Smith, Lamarr Woodley, Reggie Nelson, Marshawn Lynch, and Calvin Johnson.
UFR: Defense vs. Northwestern. They gave up some chunks of yards early, but settled down. Five turnovers helped as well. Woodley had a +12. Chris Graham was on the other end with a -2.
November 2 - Thursday
UFR: Offense vs. Northwestern. The struggles seemed to come from execution errors as much as DeBord. Greg Mathews played well; Justin Boren not so much.
Unverified Voracity Doesn’t Mention the War because some people think the proposed designs for the stadium renovations look too much like Nazi Germany.
Kirk Herbstreit called Steve Breaston worthless, but not in a bad way.
November 3 - Friday
Defense recruiting update. Martez Wilson is the top candidate to join on the DL, and Ron Johnson is still an essential pick up at CB.
Senior day haikus. A few highlights:
#19, S Willis Barringer
What's wrong with your hand?
I mean, I'm seriously:
It's always broken.
#26, RB Alijah Bradley
You're really, really
really, really, really, real-
-ly, really quite short.
#38, ST BJ Opong-Owusu
Hey, did you know this?
BJ Opong-Owusu
An entire line
#50, DE Jeremy Van Alstyne
You've got Barringer's
Hands in your knees, so it's hard
to play much football
#61, LS Turner Booth
You're the long snapper
I've never thought about you
Therefore: good job, Booth
Ball State preview. There is no preview.
November 4 - Saturday
Michigan beat Ball State 34-26. With the loss, this Brady Hoke coached team fell to 3-7. Highlights, box score, and Michigan Replay.
Ball State open thread. Open thread moderators might be coming.
November 6 - Monday
Don’t Covet Your Neighbor’s Unverified Voracity because there are rumors that MSU will go after Ron English as their next head coach.
November 7 - Tuesday
3. Did your team play any Division I-AA opponents this year? If so, do you think it benefited your team at all? If you were a coach or an NCAA official, what policy would you have toward scheduling D-IAAs?
Michigan's never scheduled a I-AA team and likely never will,
Unverified Voracity Must Die. Hockey gets a commit from D Kevin Quick.
Brian’s Maxwell Pundit Poll Ballot. Calvin, Woodley, Troy Smith, Marshawn Lynch, and Reggie Nelson.  
November 8 - Wednesday
Bret Bielema intentionally had his team offsides on a kickoff, and apparently, the CFB world was losing its mind. The video is broken though, so it’s unclear what the issue was exactly.
November 9 - Thursday
Unverified Voracity Hateses Comcast, Yes. UFRs are delayed because of Comcast. Also, this was the last line in the post, but Bruce Feldman mentions Jim Harbaugh as a candidate for the Iowa State job.
Basketball preview. The team is probably worse than the previous year after losing Daniel Horton and Graham Brown. There is some hope, but Jerrett Smith as PG is greatly concerning.
November 10 - Friday
Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:
  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually. (Take four.)
  • Henne has fewer than 20 attempts.
  • 30-13, Michigan. (Indiana cover! Look at the respect!)
Unverified Voracity Hearts Tom Brady. Brady’s history is being written at the expense of the ‘M’ football program.
November 11 - Saturday
Michigan beat Indiana 34-3. MGoBlue recap and highlights.  
November 13 - Monday
And so. Here we are, on the cusp of the biggest football-related event in any of our lives. Good is 11-0. Evil is 11-0. Good is #2. Evil is #1. I am a wordy, analogy-laden person and words and analogies fail. This is like what? Nothing. This can be described how? With some gaping, useless jaw-movements sans audio and a defeated shrug.
Blogpoll Ballot Week 12.
UFR: Defense vs. Indiana. Prescott Burgess being out was the biggest concern. David Harris had a +8, but Chris Graham and Willis Barringer each had -1. Against OSU…
  • Expect a lot of 3-3-5 against the Buckeye spread, a lot of instances where six guys threaten at the line and then random players back off at the snap, including Jamison and Woodley.
November 14 - Tuesday
As much as DeBord grinds my gears, one thing Michigan has always done is pull out the stops for OSU. I expect a fairly even run-pass balance unless our relative proficiency at one blows the other away. No more of this 80% rushes on first down.
A university email about how to stay safe at the game in Columbus.
Here is an excerpt from a book called Fever Pitch. It’s very relatable in the emotion and disappointment of sports fandom.
Unverified Voracity Thinks We Can Run. Tidbits about OSU injuries, but this is by far the most relevant news ten years later (re: Harbaugh to ISU):
This would be outstanding for Michigan. If Harbaugh succeeds at ISU he'll rocket towards the top of appealing head coach candidates when Carr retires.
November 15 - Wednesday
Unverified Voracity Beholds the Horrors of Bruthulu with lots of opinions on the upcoming game.
Things to learn from OSU vs. Texas (sorry, I confess to not reading all of this).
November 16 - Thursday
Brian gives several theories and axioms about the two teams. I don’t think ‘M’ football has this philosophy anymore:
Michigan's gameplans to date do not have relevance. Michigan is not going to run on 80% of its first downs, nor is it going to close up shop with a two-touchdown lead. I've tried to note the divergent philosophies Michigan employs against teams they respect and teams they think they can roll over. The comparative scores of, say, the Minnesota games (28-14 Michigan versus 44-0 Ohio State) are more a function of philosophy than ability.
Unverified Voracity AAAAAH. The ‘M’ and OSU library systems sent hate mail.
November 17- Friday
Vicious Electronic Questioning with Michigan Monday writer Tom Orr.  
This is what I think the game comes down to: who completes more bombs? Both teams have lived on the long ball this year. Both have receivers who can get open and quarterbacks who excel at the deep ball. Michigan has a tiny advantage here with Trent and Hall, both guys who can run stride-for-stride with anyone, and a defensive line that's more likely to prevent Smith from launching his deep balls. But the margin is razor thin.
Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:
  • Secret weapon TYLER ECKER.
  • I don't get the crap kicked out of me.
  • 20-17, Michigan.
Abbreviated UV with lots of links to game takes.
November 18 - Saturday
At some point, as David Harris reclines -- head against a wall, fixing his bayonet, passing the time -- the faint ratatat of drums will filter through the concrete, beating out a march. Harris will rise from his seat, take up his helmet, and stride forward. The future holds its breath for three hours.
Michigan lost to Ohio State 42-39. Box score and full game.  
November 20 - Monday
This blog has warped itself into something of a -- yuck -- personal diary of a sports fan almost against my will. I've tried to chronicle the emotions of a Michigan fan in this space, but I'm clean out. Anyone who needs to tell me some bad news, ("Brian, we've never met but this is definitely your baby") this is your opportunity. Lo, I am spent.
November 21 - Tuesday
A reporter lost his AP voting privileges because he didn’t pay attention to who was winning and losing.
November 22 - Wednesday
Recording of Lloyd’s remarks about Bo. The clip no longer works.
Jon Chait post on the field conditions during the game.
Thanksgiving break is upon us.  
November 27 - Monday
A look at the resumes of the candidates to play OSU in the championship game.
Brian does an all-Big Ten team (1st and 2nd teams - including Notre Dame). Here is the offense.
November 28 - Tuesday
Liveblog for the basketball game against NC State. It starts well, but ends terribly.
November 29 - Wednesday
Brian works through the “Billingsley Formula” for CFB polling. Specifically pointing out its kludge factors.
Unverified Voracity is Fresh and New. It’s rumored that the Rose Bowl will pick LSU. Also this:
Ferentz. Oft-rumored as a potential Carr replacement, the bloom has come off the rose a bit with these last couple disappointing years in Iowa City.
How are you feeling ten years later Iowa fans?
November 30 - Thursday
UFR: Defense vs. OSU. Woodley was +6. Unfortunately, the secondary looked like this: Tent - 5, Munday -5, Hall -4, Sears -2, Adams 0, Harrison 0.

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2005

This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2005

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on November 6th, 2015 at 10:26 PM

I thought it might be fun to go back and take a look at the blog's history. This probably should have been started a year ago because it looks like the blog began at the beginning of December, 2004. I would like to keep this up once a month, but this took awhile to put together, so we'll see. 

November 1 - Tuesday

The first post from this month was week 10 BlogPoll Ballot Box. I had forgotten about this feature of the blog. It seems to have disappeared; I’m not sure when.

Unverified Voracity with the boring title of “11/1”. I didn’t bother to look back to find out when UV started, but I noticed that earlier in the year Brian posted a lot, like several times a day with a link or an update to a story. Sometime in 2005 he must have had enough with that and decided to collect everything in one post. UV here complete with Uniformz concerns. Also, an addendum.

November 2 – Wednesday

Brian goes after Jason Witlock for comments on a 10-year extension for Charlie Weis. I think at this point we can agree that the contract was a terrible idea, racial issues aside.

BlogPoll Week 10 results and here.

Follow up to the Witlock stuff. I’m confused about the connections between Witlock and Elvis Grbac in 1992. Anyone know that story?

A brief Unverified Voracity.

November 3 – Thursday

More about the Witlock issue with an entire Unverified Voracity dedicated to it.

Northwestern game offensive UFR. Henne could only throw screens and Matt Lentz was not living up the hype of a three-year starter/5th year senior. Also, Mike Hart needed to come back from injury.

November 4 – Friday

An aptly named post, And Now Something Completely Different, wherein Brian talks about what CFB coaches he would like to drink with and…hooking up with Kirk Ferentz’ daughter.

In this UV, Brian talks about how ridiculous it is to say one conference is better than another, mainly because you can’t compare when there are so few non-conference games. He includes a quote about how the SEC is going to win lots of games, but not dominate national powers like Michigan. Ten years later it’s strange to think of anyone saying that. Also a reference to Harbaugh getting a DUI.

Northwestern game defensive UFR. The highlights were a +7 from Tim Jamison and a +6 from Shawn Crable.

Also: welcome to Michigan football, Shawn Crable. I don't know if he'll ever find a role against teams like Wisconsin, but he's been a really effective pass rusher.’

November 5 – Sunday

Early equivalent to a bye week open thread.

November 7 – Monday

Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot Box

Unverified Voracity with a link to a blog post that Brian spawned with a more in depth discussion of coaches’ daughters.

November 8 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Totally Bats Edition. Great quote:

Amaker's main problem seems to be that he's a really nice guy who often seems less like a coach and more like an interested observer on the receiving end of questionable advice re: turtlenecks and their relation to sportcoats.

Hockey commit Brian Lebler.

November 9 – Wednesday

Blogpoll stuff.

I must admit I’m not too up on ‘M’ hockey, either now or 10 years ago, but here’s an early season update.

November 10 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Penis==Ratings (!). Nice quote included from Jeremy Van Alstyne in reference to upcoming opponent Indiana:

"You know, they have some really good skill players,'' the redshirt junior said with a serious expression. "They're able to make big plays and stuff like that."

And who, exactly, are those skill players?

"I don't know," Van Alstyne said, admitting he hadn't watched much film yet.

I’m not sure I remember any off-topic front page posts, but here’s one about Sony and computer related issues. Has this had much effect on life as we know it in the last 10 years?

November 11 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Nirvana Topic which is primarily about game theory and attacking older ways of thinking about said theories, hence the nirvana topic.

Indiana preview.

Ah, Indiana, how I love you. Whereas other members of the Big Ten get uppity and attempt to win games, go to bowls, and even claim championships, you continue to send out crippled ferrets at defensive back.


The kittens are enjoying some much needed R&R and installing a new offensive package heavily featuring the black kitten who was an option quarterback in high school.

November 12 – Saturday

Indiana Open Thread

November 14 – Monday

The first Ohio State week for the blog, and Brian does a tale of the tape series. First up is a comparison of the states. Too good not to include here.





"The one with all the lakes?"

Reaction of Snobby Coastal People When Informed You Come From Said State

"Are you applying for asylum?"

Advantage: Michigan

Kwame Kilpatrick

Embarassing Current or Former Mayor

Jerry Springer

Advantage: Push

"If you seek a pleasant penninsula, look around you."

State Motto

"Probably not Indiana."

Advantage: Michigan

Magnificent fall foliage

Notable Local Features

Rock And Roll "Hall of Fame"

Advantage: Michigan

Upper Penninsula

Spoils From Battle Of Toledo


Advantage: Michigan

Blow by people going 90

Traffic Cops

Ticket Big Wheels for speeding

Advantage: Michigan


Linchpin of Local Economy

Consumed Souls

Advantage: Michigan

Relentless work ethic, afros.

NBA Teams Known For

Losing Lebron James to Free Agency... soon.

Advantage: Michigan


NFL Teams Known For

Moving out of the state like any logical person would; sucking.

Advantage: Push


NHL Teams Known For

Stupid Name

Advantage: Michigan


Unverified Voracity: Briefly and Moving on serves as the Indiana game column, including calming fears that Johnny Sears redshirt was not burned.

November 15 – Tuesday

Ballot Box Week 12

Brian relates a story from attending The Game in 2002 at the Horseshoe. Hard to believe this is true, but then again it isn’t.

Tale of the Tape: Coaches

Oh look, Alex Legion has committed. I’m guessing this isn’t the last we hear of the recruitment.

November 16 – Wednesday

Week 12 Blogpoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Kazakh Solidarity about rivalry week ramping up.

Brian does an interview with Tom Orr, author of Michigan Monday at the Ozone. Here is part 1.

November 17 – Thursday

An updated injury report, with the names of Hart, Manningham, Long, and Woodley appearing on this list, things were looking pretty bleak heading into the OSU game.

Part 2 of the interview with Tom Orr. How good is Troy Smith anyway?

Indiana gave offensive UFR. Brian is worrying about all the trickish plays used against Indiana and how that really does nothing to set them up for success against OSU.

Tale of the Tape: Alumni

November 18 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Game. Several notes about the next day’s game and thoughts on basketball team members from a recent open practice.

Ohio State preview.

Loss will cause me to... have nightmares where John Cooper and Lloyd Carr turn out to be my parents.

I assume this was a reciprocal interview that Brian did at the Ozone, but alas, the link is now dead.

November 19 – Saturday

Ohio State open thread.

November 21 – Monday

BlogPoll ballot box week 13.

Ohio State game column.

The entire year had led up to this futile point when the coaching staff consciously decided to use the same strategy that failed every time it was pressed into service to date, including the most recent Ohio State drive.

 I think that’s all that needs to be said about that…

Unverified Voracity: The Sudden Appeal of Basketball where Brian tries to forget The Game by talking about a basketball win over CMU, but football comes back in as he includes quotes from several other blogs about the loss.

Here is an offensive recruiting update. To me, the most interesting part of going back 10 years is to look at the names involved in recruiting back then. For instance, at this point ‘M’ was still pursuing Tim Tebow, though it looked likely that David Cone would be the only QB in the class. Also, Brian said that commit Greg Mathews speed “speed does seem almost caucasian in its paucity”. I think that was borne out.

November 22 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Be! Be! Excited (!) eeh, not excited for Eugene Germany getting arrested.

November 23 – Wednesday

BlogPoll items.

Hello Bryan Wright.

Basketball beats Boston U. but it doesn’t look great doing it.

I could see Amaker in a Care Bearsepisode as Friendly Mr. Coachy.

Here is the defensive half of the recruiting update. Lots of little nuggets here, such as will they land Jonas Mouton? When will Obi Ezeh commit?

Thanksgiving break

November 28 – Monday

Back from the break. The basketball team barely beating Butler was an ok thing, even before Butler became Butler.

BlogPoll Ballot Box.

November 29 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Dodging a Bulldog with speculation about ‘M’ playing South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, this is a better possibility than playing Georgia.

This is a follow up to an EDSBS post with 32 more reasons that ESPN/ABC/Disney is the devil.

November 30 – Wednesday

Here is a live blog of the ‘M’ vs. Miami (YTM) basketball game, not a live blog like we’re used to now, but it’s actually Brian’s running commentary throughout. Interesting reference to one of Miami’s players:

Miami's starting center just got his third foul on a Sims runout. His name is Jimmy Graham. Just sayin'. Miami's coach gives them a slap folowed by a "come on." Good advice.

BlogPoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Is Scoop Jackson the Girl I Dated in High School with more thoughts on ESPN.




Wallpaper Season - November Basketball Schedule

Wallpaper Season - November Basketball Schedule

Submitted by jonvalk on November 15th, 2013 at 1:25 AM

I'm tired, so you don't get much of an actual explanation on design reasons or any of that jazz.  I thought I'd just tone it down a bit since we're all a bit pissy about the football season, Hand, etc.  Not flashy, but effective.  PLEASE give me ideas you'd like in future wallpapers because I'm hoping for a more MGoBlog-centric development of these wallpapers for basketball season.  I'm open to pretty much anything aesthetically-speaking and would love a challenge.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the wallpaper.  Go Blue, beat Northwestern and Iowa State this weekend!

Desktop (16:9) -


Mobile-ish (ok, so it's just portrait orientation, I don't want to make tons of variations) -




- JonValk