OT: Opinion Piece About why Kelly may Leave ND

OT: Opinion Piece About why Kelly may Leave ND

Submitted by MGlobules on January 10th, 2013 at 5:04 PM


Not a fan of Dennis Dodd, but in this piece he gets at the reason why Kelly might well leave--he was lucky as heck to go 12-0 this season and will have a hard time replicating the feat: 


"[D]on't interpret Kelly's interview with Philadelphia as a “money grab. . He is/was going to get paid," Dodd writes. The reason why Kelly moved fast: "The bar has been set for him and his program. There is no going back. . . Ten wins won't be acceptable, probably not after this season. . . at the moment, there is more certainty that Kelly can get himself to the next level (NFL) than he can keep Notre Dame at its current level."

Anyone disagree with this assessment? Seems about right to me. 

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