Moving Picture Pages: Getting Denard The Edge

Moving Picture Pages: Getting Denard The Edge

Submitted by Chris of Dange… on October 13th, 2011 at 8:57 PM

Previously on Michael Schofield, This Is Your Life Game:
Denard Tacopants INT (PP -, MPP -
Fourth and Fun (PP -, MPP -

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One thing that confused me about The Michael Schofield Experience Trilogy was that the Picture Pages appeared in a different order than the plays occurred.  Although this is the third (Moving) Picture Pages, it's the first play of the three.  I think it would have told a better story if this had been the first PP (hero doing his job), Tacopants had been the second (villain adjusts, hero fails to notice, Bad Things Happen), and Fourth and Fun had been the finale (hero adjusts and saves the drive).  But this ain't Hollywood - this is FOOTBAWWWWWW.

Setup: It's Michigan's second drive.  They are facing second and twelve from the Northwestern 44 after a holding call on Hopkins and an eight-yard throwback screen to Gallon.  Michigan comes out in a 2TE 2WR shotgun; NU counters with a 4-3 under and the Sam lined up outside of the TE.

Wha'hoppon: The call is a play-action rollout.  Schofield pulls with an assignment to seal off the EMLOS.  The Sam steps up into the outside gap as Denard pulls the ball out.  Schofield adjusts by deepening his pull, allowing him to make contact with his downfield shoulder and get around for the seal.  With the corner secured, Denard scoots outside for an easy eight yards.

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Moving Picture Pages - Fourth and Fun

Moving Picture Pages - Fourth and Fun

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(Previously on The Michael Schofield Trilogy -,

Here's Part II of the trilogy.  This time Schofield sees the blitzer and saves the day, which I wasn't expecting to see until the third movie.  The second movie is where it looks like the bad guy is going to win, isn't it?

Setup: Michigan has the ball fourth-and-one at their own 42 shortly after stopping Northwestern on their own fourth-and-one attempt.  Michigan lines up in the shotgun with a slot and WR left and two TEs right.  Smith is the RB.  Northwestern plays 4-3 even with a linebacker (loosely) over the slot receiver, the CB on the line against the two TEs, and one safety rolled into the box.

Wha'hoppon: Schofield pulls on the QB Power to the right.  The two TEs double the playside DE, and the RT and RG double the playside DT.  The SLB comes hard for the gap between them, but this time Schofield sees him and stands him up so he can't blow up the play.  Smith kicks out the CB, and the safety can't come up in time as Denard easily converts the fourth down.  Michigan would go on to score a TD on this drive.

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Moving Picture Pages - Denard Tacopants INT

Moving Picture Pages - Denard Tacopants INT

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I've got three of these to get through by tomorrow night so I won't have time for the extra analysis/summary that I need to make this a diary. 

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