Let's Celebrate Non-Revenue Sports

Let's Celebrate Non-Revenue Sports

Submitted by MGoBender on October 19th, 2014 at 11:13 AM

In the discussions surrounding Brandon I feel that Olympic (aka non-revenue) sports have come under fire.  The strawman argument that gets portrayed is that without Brandon’s brilliant money gathering methods, all those Olympic sports wouldn’t have their wonderful facilities.  But further, the tone is more “they don’t deserve those facilities because they don’t make any money.”  That pisses me off, for many reasons, which I haven’t bothered to list out.  Until this came across my Twitter feed:

Out here early helping clean up the grounds at Scarlett Middle School. Great start this Sunday. #LetsGoDo #GoBlue pic.twitter.com/n6VPhp0VEX

— Michigan Wrestling (@umichwrestling) October 19, 2014

The University of Michigan is a public university.  The open market system is not necessarily supposed to me the one and only ruler of all things at the University.  Some things are expected to lose money and that’s okay because we all recognize the greater good they provide.  Non-profit sports provide a greater good.

  • They allow hundreds of student-athletes to attend amazing universities on partial or, in some cases, full, scholarships.
  • They help create various kinds of diversity (racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, hometown etc) among the campus community.
  • They give young kids, girls in particular, a group of role models that don’t exist in the professional sports world.
  • Each sport, in its own right, is a great sport.  Each sport has wonderful tradition and people who care about it greatly, even if not every sport is “made for TV.”
  • Sports are fun.  All types of sports are fun.  It is fun to go to soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, field hockey games and take in high-level competitions. 
  • If I ever have a daughter that loves Field Hockey, I will be eternally grateful for the University of Michigan and the ability to take her to games and let her dream of playing at that high level.


Back to the money, though.  The football team makes almost all the money made by individual teams, true.  It also spends the most.  Did you know football has 85 full ride athletes, but baseball has just 11.7 full ride scholarships that need to be split up among its 34 players?  Field hockey gets 12. 

While field-hockey and softball may have some of the best facilities in the Midwest, let’s not forget that football’s facilities are world-class.  They are not ignored.

Finally, let’s not forget that Michigan has ALWAYS been devoted to non-revenue sports.  In fact, Michigan’s performance in non-revenue sports has declined since Dave Brandon took over.  I believe Brian noted that before Brandon’s tenure we were in the top 10 of the director’s cup for a decade straight.

Let's stop acting like all these other Michigan teams are lesser because they don't make the money that football does.  For many reasons, football evolved into what it is today.  It's popularity is great, it's a sport I love, but I can't say that it is a better sport than any other sport.  Athletic competition is something we love because it represents the human competitive spirit, sportsmanship, dedication, work ethic, respect and teamwork.  All of Michigan's teams do that, and many do it at an elite level.  Nobody that calls themselves a Michigan fan should discount their importance.


.@WolverineRose, @KayyGoode and @lexidann talk to kids at Bishop Elementary about blocking out bullying!! pic.twitter.com/HdV7oc38bk

— Michigan Volleyball (@umichvball) October 14, 2014

EDIT: Okay, this was meant to be a fun, postitive thread that has clearly spiraled out of control, so I'm changing the title to what I meant the OP to convey.  Are a ton of people attacking non-revenue sports?  No.  But there seems to be a general dismissive attitude towards them right now and that is understandable given the football price gouging that Brandon has going on.  I don't know the numbers well enough to say what percent of your $500 PSD goes towards the new Field Hockey facility.  I'd love to know those numbers.  But I don't know those numbers and the bigger point is that nobody does, so instead of getting upset that field hockey has a great facility, let's be happy for field hockey while still demanding fiscal responsibility from the athletic department - especially in athletic administration personel and salaries.

Sorry to stir the pot so much.

B1G Revenue vs. Football Sucess

B1G Revenue vs. Football Sucess

Submitted by MFanNE on October 5th, 2013 at 8:32 AM

Interesting take on the increases in revenue in the B1G vs on-field success in football.  


  • The ADs in the B1G to include Smith and Brandon also are pointing towards recruiting geography, focus and schemes as a key difference.
  • Size of staffs (Alabama significantly higher in non-coaching positions)
  • SEC is 4th in funding behind B1G #1, PAC12, ACC
  • Focus on funding non-revenue sports - B1G funds on average 4 more non-revenue sports than SEC and 6 more than Big12.

Women's Tennis Wins Again

Women's Tennis Wins Again

Submitted by South Bend Wolverine on February 19th, 2011 at 12:04 AM

The U of M women's tennis team continued it's winning ways Friday with a 4-1 decision over #13 Georgia Tech.  UM advances to 6-0 on the season, with 4 of those wins coming against ranked opposition.  Saturday brings a major test for the #8 Wolverines, as they face off against top-ranked Stanford.  Michigan's women's tennis team has been making it's name known on the national stage the last few years, and this is just the kind of stage we need to really demand people's attention!  Let's go Blue!

OTish - Michigan Athletics Google Calender

OTish - Michigan Athletics Google Calender

Submitted by TomW09 on July 23rd, 2009 at 11:27 AM

I've put together a Google Calender of the Fall Michigan athletic events in all sports. I figured I would share it.

Right now, it just has all the home events (exception: Football has their entire schedule on there). Sports included are: Football, Women's Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball. Some men's soccer are there; they haven't released their schedule but other teams do have Michigan scheduled, so that's where those are from. I update this calender throughout the year, so once basketball, hockey, swimming, tennis, etc release their calenders, I'll update them.

The reason for only home games is that I try to attend as many as possible and including all games makes it a little cluttered... but I'm willing to add away games if enough people are interested.