MBB: Michigan Is Becoming An NBA Factory

MBB: Michigan Is Becoming An NBA Factory

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Title Says It All - well except that Beilein is King of the World.  Saving that for another thread.

Campus Insiders' Jordan Cornette and Ray Crawford recap the Wolverines selected in the NBA Draft including why Nik Stauskas will star in Sacramento and Mitch McGary will bring the Thunder in Oklahoma City.


Go Blue!!!

In case you needed more of a reason to hate the NCAA...

In case you needed more of a reason to hate the NCAA...

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Saw this on my timeline this morning:


Stauskas: he and Steph Curry had shooting match set up for his Mississauga backyard for last year, TSN would televise. NCAA rules nixed it.

— Mark Snyder (@Mark__Snyder) May 16, 2014

Fuck the NCAA.

Nik Stauskas - Tremendous!

Nik Stauskas - Tremendous!

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And it's not just me saying it. 


Boy was shooting at a TREMENDOUS clip!


They have a thing they say at Michigan when someone's having a great game shooting the ball. Whoever's doing it, they say, "is shooting at a tremendous clip.


OK, it's not everyone at Michigan who says it. It's 6-foot-6 freshman Nik Stauskas. For whatever reason, he fell in love with that saying this season. He said it a little bit. Then he said it a lot. Too much? "Maybe," said senior guard Josh Bartelstein, smiling and teasing.


The only reason I know about Stauskas and his kooky saying is that when the media walked into the Michigan locker room on Sunday after the Wolverines had blown out Florida 79-59 for the South Regional championship, teammates and coaches were yelling at Stauskas, "You were shooting at a tremendous clip!"

Ok, so it's a Gregg Doyel article, but worth a read.  Another Doyel article worth a read (I know, twice in one post???):


I didn't see the press conference or read the transcript, but Donovan seems to give little praise to Michigan, and maybe didn't take this team seriously.  The day before the game, Doyel asked Young and Yeguete about McGary and they dismissed his ability.  Boynton after the game didn't even know Stauskas' name! 

And in the "did he really say that?" file: 

"Listen," Donovan said. "Stauskas, if he goes 0 for 6 ... [it's] a different game."

Stauskas wins his third Big Ten Freshman of the Week award.

Stauskas wins his third Big Ten Freshman of the Week award.

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Nik Stauskas picks up his third freshman of the week award:

Nik Stauskas earns his third Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors after scoring 19 points and shooting 62.5% from beyond the arc against CMU

The guy is talented.