Jay Harbaugh hire in review

Jay Harbaugh hire in review

Submitted by Wee-Bey Brice on January 10th, 2017 at 9:05 PM

Updating #Michigan coaching profiles and found this gem in the Getty archives lol @JayHarbaugh @CoachJim4UM pic.twitter.com/B5e3UyVNkO

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) January 11, 2017

I saw this tweet and realized both people in this picture are Michigan coaches. It reminded me of the day we hired Jay Harbaugh and all the skepticism from our fans and downright disrespect from rival fans. Many thought he was under qualified and hired based on nepotism.

After 2 years, how do you feel about this hire in hindsight? I initially thought he wouldn't get a fair shake as a TE coach on our staff because even if the position group plays well, he wouldn't get the credit for it and that has pretty much held true.

How do you guys feel about him today?

Identity Problems

Identity Problems

Submitted by 2PointConversion on July 25th, 2009 at 2:56 AM

I've been a Michigan football fan all my life.  I attended my first game at the age of 8, celebrated in the stands after AC pulled out a victory over Indiana in '79, remember when the Rose Bowl MVP went to the entire O line, and still haven't gotten over the loss to the unmentionables in 2006. But I've had my greatest doubts (in the same sense as in the movie with Meryl Streep) as a fan in the past year. And it's not because of the losing. It's an identity crisis. 

Until Lloyd Carr retired in 2008, Michigan football had been led by exactly three head coaches in my lifetime. And I'm no spring chicken. These three coaches were undeniably related - not by blood, but by football family. Gary Moeller had spent more than a decade under Bo, and likewise, Lloyd Carr spent more than a decade under Bo and then Mo. It was like nepotism, at its best. When coaches changed, it was seemless - there was no "clearing house", no radical change in style, no player exodus, and certainly no head coach who had to read a book to find out what Michigan football is all about! 

When Carr retired, I had my heart set on Les Miles as his successor. Why? Because Les Miles was a Michigan man as I understood it - he'd played for Bo and coached under Bo and Mo. But, Rich Rodriguez was hired, and brought Morgantown to Ann Arbor. For the first time ever, I recognized almost none of the coaches (thank goodness for Fred Jackson...), had to come to grips with a complete change in style (there was no "spread" in those three dusty yards), and watched players who really shouldn't have, leave before their eligibility was expired. Understanding the significance of the Rose Bowl or the Brown jug etc. doesn't and can't come from reading - as RichRod and his staff reportedly did. I suppose Rodriguez understands the urgency of beating the round, hard-headed rival.  At least, I assume so since coaches have been fired over that game.

Last year, Michigan fielded a team I could hardly recognize. It was so undisciplined - even the Pop Warner ball handling basics seemed to be forgotten. Is this a Rodriguez coaching staff characteristic or just a symptom of a really bad year? I guess the helmets are still the winged helmets, the fight song is still the best in the Nation, and the stadium is still the Big House, but when will the real identity be back? Or maybe it is, and I'm still waiting for the ghost of Bo.