Potential MGoBlog HoF Inagural Candidates

Potential MGoBlog HoF Inagural Candidates

Submitted by MGoBender on February 29th, 2012 at 5:52 PM


I figured this would be the easiest way to compile a list of potential inagural class candidates.  The 190 comment thread would be a difficult place to keep track, so here we can be a little more organized.  Make suggestions and I'll add them to the lists.  Since this is just a way to keep track of potential candidates, feel free to throw out some "maybes."  Mods, feel free to edit the OP accordingly. 

This may also help keep that initial thread focused on the manner in which people are elected, etc.  Without further adieu...


Avant, Jason 2005
Branch, Allen 2006
Breaston, Steve 2006
Edwards, Braylon 2004
Graham, Brandon 2009
Harris, David 2007
Hart, Mike 2007
Hall, Leon 2006
Henne, Chad 2007
Long, Jake 2007
Martin, Mike 2011
Manningham, Mario 2007
Mesko, Zoltan 2009
Molk, David 2011
Van Bergen, Ryan 2011
Woodley, LaMarr 2006
Abram, Lester 2007
Brown, Graham 2006
Douglass, Stu 2012
Harris, Manny 2009
Horton, Daniel 2006
Morris, Darius 2011
Novak, Zack 2012
Petway, Brent 2007
Sims, DeShawn 2009
Ice Hockey
Caporusso, Louie 2011
Hagelin, Carl 2011
Hensick, TJ 2007
Hunwick, Shawn 2012
Johnson, Jack 2007
Kolarik, Chad 2008
Mitera, Mark 2007
Porter, Kevin 2008
Botterman, Kylee 2011
Cameron, Chris 2011
Evans, Bree 2012
Findlay, Samantha 2008
Luke, Steve 2009
Meram, Justin 2010
Nemitz, Nikki 2010
Paz, Juliana 2010
Putnam, Zach 2008
Ritter, Jennie 2006
Russell, Kellen 2011
Saad, Soony 2010
Saad, Hamoody 2010
Taylor, Jordan 2011
Vanderkay, Peter 2008
Yealy, Trevor 2012
Zimmerman, Lexi 2010
Edwards, Braylon Football
Avant, Jason Football
Branch, Allen Football
Breaston, Steve Football
Brown, Graham Basketball
Hall, Leon Football
Horton, Daniel Basketball
Ritter, Jennie Softball
Woodley, LaMarr Football
Abram, Lester Basketball
Harris, David Football
Hart, Mike Football
Henne, Chad Football
Hensick, TJ Hockey
Johnson, Jack Hockey
Long, Jake Football
Mitera, Mark Hockey
Petway, Brent Basketball
Findlay, Samantha Softball
Kolarik, Chad Hockey
Porter, Kevin Hockey
Putnam, Zach Baseball
Vanderkay, Peter Swimming
Graham, Brandon Football
Luke, Steven Wrestling
Mesko, Zoltan Football
Harris, Manny Basketball
Sims, DeShawn Basketball
Meram, Justin Soccer
Nemitz, Nikki Softball
Paz, Juliana Volleyball
Saad, Soony Soccer
Saad, Hamoody Soccer
Zimmerman, Lexi Volleyball
Botterman, Kylee Gymnastics
Cameron, Chris Gymnastics
Caporusso, Louie Hockey
Hagelin, Carl Hockey
Martin, Mike Football
Molk, David Football
Morris, Darius Basketball
Russell, Kellen Wrestling
Taylor, Jordan Softball
Van Bergen, Ryan Football
Douglass, Stu Basketball
Evans, Bree Softball
Novak, Zack Basketball
Yealy, Trevor Lacrosse









































BTN Video: Meet Lexi Zimmerman

BTN Video: Meet Lexi Zimmerman

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on November 26th, 2010 at 10:28 AM

Senior setter in the Big Ten spotlight:

Tomorrow is the last game of the season as Michigan takes on Northwestern in Evanston. Despite the hot start to begin the season, the last couple weeks of Big Ten play haven't been so kind to the ladies. They currently sit in 4th place in the Big Ten at 12-7 (23-8 overall). That's good enough for a #19 ranking in the coaches poll (before Wednesday's loss to State) and a #28 RPI (loss included).

Volleyball: 2010 Schedule Announced

Volleyball: 2010 Schedule Announced

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on April 22nd, 2010 at 8:13 PM

MGoBlue announced the release of the 2010 volleyball schedule today and while it's a bit disappointing compared to last season, this schedule may set up well for Michigan to make a run to return the the volleyball version of the Elite 8.

A look:




Toledo Invitational

8/27 Loyola (MD) Toledo, OH
8/28 Binghamton Toledo, OH
8/28 @Toledo Toledo, OH

Oregon State Invitational

9/3 UNLV Corvallis, OR
9/4 Florida Gulf Coast Corvallis, OR
9/4 Oregon State Corvallis, OR

Michigan/Adidas Invitational

9/10 Youngstown State Cliff Keen Arena
9/11 Chicago State Cliff Keen Arena
9/11 Miami (OH) Cliff Keen Arena

Arizona State Invitational

9/17 Utah Phoenix, AZ
9/18 @Arizona State Phoenix, AZ
9/18 Pacific Phoenix, AZ

Big Ten Season

9/24 Iowa Cliff Keen Arena
9/25 Minnesota Cliff Keen Arena
10/1 @Ohio State Columbus, OH
10/2 @Penn State State College, PA
10/8 Wisconsin Cliff Keen Arena
10/9 Illinois Cliff Keen Arena
10/13 Michigan State Cliff Keen Arena
10/15 Northwestern Cliff Keen Arena
10/22 @Indiana Bloomington, IN
10/23 @Purdue West Lafayette, IN
10/29 @Illinois Champaign, IL
10/30 @Wisconsin Madison, WI
11/5 Penn State Cliff Keen Arena
11/6 Ohio State Cliff Keen Arena
11/12 @Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
11/13 @Iowa Iowa City, IA
11/19 Purdue Cliff Keen Arena
11/20 Indiana Cliff Keen Arena
11/24 @Michigan State East Lansing, MI
11/27 @Northwestern Evanston, IL

Unfortunately, we weren't picked for the AVCA Invitational in Omaha, but we did pick up two quality tournaments in PAC-10 country.  Michigan will face only one tournament team from 2009 in the non-conference, that being Binghamton. So compared to last season's schedule is quite a bit weaker.

The Oregon State trip is a return for last year's game, a 0-3 Michigan loss in Ann Arbor, and should be the marquee game of the non-conference. OSU does lose their best player in Rachel Rourke, but they do return a lot of players that should see them competing for a slot in the top of the PAC-10.

alex hunt kill leader In conference season, Penn State and Ohio State remained paired on our schedule, with Michigan headed to State College and Columbus early in the season and getting the two at home early in the 2nd round of games. Michigan starts out the season with a home heavy schedule, which just means they have to end the season with a lot of tough road games.

Michigan should be poised for a very high winning percentage as it returns Lexi Zimmerman for her 4th year as well as junior defensive specialist/libero Sloan Donhoff, junior middle Karlee Bruck, leading kill returner, junior left side Alex Hunt (pictured right from MGoBlue), and junior middle Courtney Fletcher. Maybe this year will be the one where Penn State finally gets knocked off by Michigan.

Volleyball beats Stanford, To Elite 8

Volleyball beats Stanford, To Elite 8

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on December 12th, 2009 at 12:58 AM

The #13 seed Michigan defeated #4 seed Stanford tonight in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Volleyball tournament. Michigan won in 4 sets by scores 25-18, 23-25, 25-22, and 25-11. Michigan came out with their highest focus level all season and it showed.

In set one, Michigan's big players, Alex Hunt, Juliana Paz, Veronica Rood, and Lexi Zimmerman all came out on fire. Michigan registered only one hitting error with a hitting percentage of almost .535. Hitting percentages are like batting averages in baseball. A .333 percentage is very good. .535 is unreal. We did it.

We had balance on offense. Hunt was surgical on the outside. She cut blocks right and left.  Paz was powerful, blowing through blocks for kills. Veronica Rood got the attention from Lexi that she should, providing a distraction for the Stanford blockers, opening up the outside. Lexi was perfect on the set, but she was also a force on the block. The first set was only close because Michigan was pushing hard on the serve, leading to 4 extra Stanford points.

In the second set, Michigan jumped out to an early lead of 5-2, but Stanford came back to tie the game at 8. Stanford got their block going, especially on Hunt, but Michigan managed to slowly cut the lead down and even tie the game at 23. Down 23-24, Michigan let a serve by that looked to be out. It was ruled to have landed on the line and Michigan lost the set. The call was close, and that play ended up being the difference.

Set three saw Michigan return to dominating. Michigan had two different 7 point leads in the set, mainly thanks to a couple of runs by Rood and Hunt. Stanford managed to bring the game back to a one point Michigan lead at 20-19, but when Rood rotated back into the front, it was set over. Michigan pulled away and won.

Set four was all Michigan. Stanford's wheels began to fall off as they had back to back serve receive errors against both Paz and Donhoff. They never really got "in system", meaning they never were able to get into a normal bump-set-spike rhythm. Michigan steam rolled over the Cardinal to open the set 16-3. From that point, Michigan traded off points to the final 25-11 score.


  • Lexi Zimmerman was great all night. Her sets were crisp and clean. Her blocks were timely and huge (I think she had more than the 2 assist listed in the gametracker). She did a great job of mixing the sets. She incorporated everyone in the game plan and didn't force too many 2's (quick hits by the setter instead of actually setting the ball to another player). Lexi has forced a lot of 2's lately, and today she definitely let Rood/Bower be the change of pace attacks.
  • Alex Hunt's hitting from the left side won the match for Michigan. In the first and third sets, she was splitting blocks, pinpointing her hits to go off the block, and just smashing the ball. Her 18 kills lead the team
  • Juliana Paz had a great night with 15 kills, 3 service aces, and a solo block. Despite these numbers, Paz really wasn't a huge part of the game. Her .250 hitting percentage was lowest of the major contributors, and might have overshadowed just how good she played. The two service errors also looked pretty bad, but those happen.
  • Veronica Rood needs to be cloned. With middle blockers, you almost always have two of them in your rotation at any time. This way, you have one in the front at all times (the other is usually subbed out by the libero). When Rood is in the game, Michigan can't be stopped offensively. Rood's blocking on the season isn't quite as impressive as most other middle blockers in the BigTen, but her offense is top of the line. Her quick hits (zero sets) and her slide/cutting hits when she moves to her right then hits are money every time.
  • Megan Bower, like Paz, had a quiet set of kills as well. Bower totaled 9 on 17 attempts for a .471, but her bigger contribution was a change of pace in set 3. After Stanford really started to key in on Hunt and Paz, and with Rood subbed out on the back row, Bower had a strong kill from the opposite side that helped get Rood back into the front row quicker. That was a big swing in the game.
  • Karlee Bruck really struggled in this game. She had 3 kills and 3 hitting errors in 15 attempts for a .000 percentage. She seemed a bit slow to the block (but registered 2 block assists) and was also off on her attacks. She did do really well on a couple of one-on-one plays at the net where the ball came down up for grabs.
  • Sloane Donhoff and Maggie Busch both played excellent defense today and contributed quite a bit at the line. Donhoff had 4 service aces (2 errors) and Busch had an ace (1 error) from the serving line.

With the win, Michigan advances to the Elite Eight and will play the Hawaii Wahine tomorrow night (11:30pm ET) in Palo Alto. Earlier today, the Wahine defeated an Illinois team that finished ahead of Michigan in the BigTen. Illinois looked flat, but Hawaii did what they were supposed to do and didn't make errors.

Hawaii appears to be a team very much like Michigan in that they are aggressive, focus on their serving game, and rely on a pair of hitters. This should be a really good, really tight game. Hawaii is a power program in the WAC, comparable to Boise State in football, but with a much longer track record of success in the NCAA tournament.

I'll update this with media information as I get it. I think the game will be streamed again, but I'm not sure.

Go Blue, Beat the Wahine.

I love that there was already a "Stanford Sucks" tag.

Paz, Zimmerman All-BigTen Volleyball, Hunt Honorable Mention

Paz, Zimmerman All-BigTen Volleyball, Hunt Honorable Mention

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on November 30th, 2009 at 10:31 PM

Juliana Paz and Lexi Zimmerman were announced to the All-BigTen Volleyball team tonight on the BTN Women's Sports Show (BigTen release). Zimmerman was one of 8 players unanimously selected to the team, which only means that some coach has a vendetta against Juliana not to vote her in. That coach will be smote with a blazing spike from Paz after she finishes hunting them down.

Alex Hunt also was announced as an Honorable Mention to the BigTen teams. Veronica Rood won the "Big Ten Sportsmanship Award" handed out to one player per team. She's awarded for being:

individuals who have distinguished themselves through sportsmanship and ethical behavior. In addition, the student-athletes must be in good academic standing and have demonstrated good citizenship outside of the sports-competition setting.

Congrats to all four of our players honored tonight, now go get ready to take on Niagara.

Beat the Purple Eagles.

Volleyball NCAA Ticketing Info

Volleyball NCAA Ticketing Info

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on November 30th, 2009 at 7:47 PM

Recent blogpost: NCAA Tourney Preview

I'm not one for rehashing press releases, but this information is timely and would be lost in a second on the board. Per mgoblue:

Positioned in the Stanford regional, the Wolverines (24-9 overall) will face Niagara in first-round action on Friday (Dec. 4) at 7:30 p.m.[…]

The U-M/NU winner will face the winner of the OU/UND match in second-round action Saturday (Dec. 5) at 7:30 p.m.


Volleyball season ticket holders can purchase tickets beginning Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 8:30 a.m. by calling the U-M Ticket Office. Tickets will be available to the public by phone, internet and in person at the U-M Ticket Office beginning Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 1 p.m. Seating is general admission. All tickets will be held at will call. Advanced sales are all-session tickets only. Single-Session tickets must be purchased at the door. Doors open one hour prior to the event.

Everyone (except children under two) must have a ticket. The first 500 U-M students with a valid Mcard will be admitted free and must pick up a ticket at the arena by 7:30 p.m. Faculty and staff are NOT admitted free with Mcards for postseason events.

All-Session tickets are priced at $10 for an adult, $6 for seniors and students, and $4 for children 3-12 (children two years and under free with paid adult). Single-Session tickets are $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and students, and $4 for children 3-12 (children two years and under free with paid adult).

Emphasis mine. There is a good chance that all the full session seats will sell out in the first few hours.

Notre Dame will play Ohio at 5:30pm on Friday, and their game should end before Michigan takes the court. I've got an email into the volleyball SID to ask about how many single session tickets will be reserved and if they (single session tickets for Michigan/Niagara) will be available an hour before the ND/Ohio game or an hour before our game, and I'll update here when I hear back.

As for you students, there's a good chance the 500 may go quickly. I suggest getting there a little early if you want to get in for free.

Volleyball Hosts State 6pm

Volleyball Hosts State 6pm

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on November 18th, 2009 at 2:21 PM

pazpass Game Set

  • MSU (17-11, 5-11, RPI: 33) @ #14 Michigan (22-7, 10-6, RPI: 13)
  • Wednesday November 18
  • 6pm
  • Cliff Keen Arena
  • TV: BigTenNetwork
  • Radio: MGoBlue

Michigan returns to the floor for it's second Wednesday night special of the season against Michigan State as the two teams set out to battle for the State Pride Flag. Michigan currently leads the race including a 3-0 win over MSU by scores 33-31, 25-22, and 26-24. That's really close for a 3-0 sweep, and by all indications, that'll probably be the case again tonight.

Momentum Coming In

Michigan enters this game on a 3 game winning streak, but all three of those wins came against the 3 of the bottom four teams in the BigTen. To make it sound worse, two of those games involved Michigan squeaking by in 5 sets. That's not the way a top 15 team should be winning.

The Spartans also have struggled of late, including losing 3 of their last four. One of those losses was a respectable sweep by Illinois (the Illini are a top ten team), but the other two came at the hands of Northwestern and Indiana, teams guaranteed to finish the conference season with a losing record.

Michigan Injuries

lexibodycontrol A little bit has changed since the last time Michigan faced the Spartans. In that last game, Lexi Zimmerman dislocated her thumb, and that has definitely made a noticeable difference in the team's play. While Lexi's thumb should be getting closed to healed. The last time I saw it was two weeks ago, still wrapped in the support brace. In the picture to the right, from mgoblue, you can see the thumb wrap at it's largest. You can also see some excellent control of her body.

Another player that has been missing is middle blocker Courtney Fletcher. While I don't have the exact diagnosis, her being on crutches with the ankle soft cast (or that's what it appeared to be, feel free to leave what you know in the comments) is still a fixture on the sidelines.  Karlee Bruck has taken her place on the court, and has done well so far. Bruck was the starter to finish last season and has plenty of experience. She should be a solid replacement on the net.

The real loss with Fletcher's injury is on the serve. Bruck's serve is the reason she lost her starting job to Courtney in the first place. To try and keep a solid 6th server, Coach Rosen has been using Maggie Busch as a defensive specialist as a substitute. Busch has already had 7 service aces on the season, but she's very inconsistent, claiming 7 service errors as well.

What to Watch

While I think Michigan should be a heavy favorite across the board in this game, the Wolverines have been letting too many teams stay in close games. With teams like Indiana and Purdue, our team's talent can pull through. Against Michigan State, they'll have that added motivation which could really hurt Michigan. We need to keep the intensity high and not take the boot off their throats. If Michigan starts to let MSU go on any 5-0 run or better and we haven't called timeout, I'll start to worry.

Oh, and we need to cut down on the service errors.

Team Comparisons

Again, I'm not sold on these charts yet, but I think they may put a couple things in perspective.


Michigan State



Aces/Game 1.7 SR Errors/Game 1.0 Michigan
Serve Errors/Game 2.5 Serve Errors/Game 1.9 MSU
SR Errors/Game 1.0 Aces/Game .9 Michigan
Reception% .947 Reception% .950 PUSH


Attack% .235 Blocks/Game 2.3 MSU
Kills/Game 13.9 Digs/Game 12.7 Michigan
Digs/Game 15.0 Kills/Game 13.5 Michigan
Blocks/Game 1.7 Attack% .250 MSU


Passing Errors 29 Passing Errors 37 Michigan

Volleyball Takes on Spartans @Breslin

Volleyball Takes on Spartans @Breslin

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on October 21st, 2009 at 5:55 PM

Note: I'm thinking about doing these for just televised games. They may expand to other sports if I find the time.

juliana3 Game Set

  • UM @ MSU
  • Wednesday October 21
  • 7pm
  • Breslin
  • TV: BigTenNetwork (BTN GameFinder)

The volleyball team makes it two televised matches in a week with this special midweek conference game against Michigan State at 7pm tonight. The game will be televised live on the BTN as the two teams play for the "State Pride Flag," the volleyball version of the Paul Bunyan–Governor of Michigan Trophy.

The Flag

The State Pride Flag has been passed back and forth by the winners of the Michigan/Michigan State regular season series since its inception in 1990. The flag was flown over the state capital building on September 18,1990 to commemorate the rivalry. The flag is a normal State Of Michigan flag with the motto "Tuebor," meaning "I will defend," across the bottom.   

Michigan, while trailing in the all-time series 32-45 (MSU claims it's 31-46-1?), also trails 18-22 since the inception of the State Pride Flag. Despite this record, Michigan has managed to supposedly win 11 of the 19 season series. Michigan has swept twice and been swept 4 times, the other 13 years have been splits. I'm not certain how tie breaker rules work.

The Match

juliana2 This game has been moved to the Breslin Center as East Lansing expects a large crowd. This is the second straight year that the game at Michigan State will be played in the larger arena. Michigan lost there last year, and the Spartans do own a perfect 4-0 record all time in Breslin. We'll see on TV just how loud the Spartans can make it. Knowing their hatred of all Michigan teams ranked higher than they are, my bet is pretty loud.

As far as this year's Spartan team, they come in at 14-6 (2-2 BigTen) with a ranking of 33rd (other's receiving votes) in this week's AVCA rankings and own a #18 RPI. They own a 2-1 record against ranked opponents, beating then #12 USC and then #12 Illinois; they were swept at home by #1 Penn State in their last game.

Michigan State is lead in kills by junior right-side/outside hitter Megan Schatzle. Megan is the younger sister of former MSU All-American outside hitter Ashley Schatzle, but she's not nearly as dominant as Ashley was. Megan will predominately play the right side, but she gets plenty of sets as she leads the team with 3.13 kills per set.

MSU will split outside hitting between sophomore Becca Zlabis and redshirt sophomore Jenilee Rathje. They average 2.73 and 2.53 kills per game respectively, which is pretty low for BigTen standards.

juliana The lack of hitting is made up in their block. MB Vanessa King is averaging 1.03 per game while her alternate, Mischelle Nelson is averaging 0.97. As a team, they average 2.4 blocks per set, which happens to be exactly what our opponents average against us.

The key to this game, much like against Penn State, will be playing a clean service game. Michigan needs to put the pressure on the Spartans with our solid serves. We need to limit the errors and keep a level head.

The other matchup to watch is how we block Schazle. Normally, you would use a combination of your middle blocker and right side hitter against an outside hitter, leaving your outside hitter with help from the middle blocker against their right side. Juliana isn't a huge blocking threat (she's definitely a great offensive player and pretty good passer as well), so we're going to need a solid performance from Rood and Fletcher to help support that side.

Team Comparisons


Michigan State


Aces/Game 1.7 SR Error/Game 1.0 UM
Serve Errors 207 Service Errors 151 MSU
SR Error/Game 1.0 Aces/Game .9 PUSH
Serve Recep (SR)% .944 Serve Recep (SR)% .945 PUSH
Attack% .253 Blocks/Game 2.4 MSU
Kills/Game 14.1 Digs/Game 12.4 UM
Digs/Game 15.0 Kills/Game 13.5 UM
Blocks/Game 1.8 Attack% .265 PUSH
Pass Errors 17 Pass Errors 29 UM
AVG Oppo RPI 69.75 AVG Oppo RPI 82.7 Slightly UM