Umass Pre-Gaming Video

Umass Pre-Gaming Video

Submitted by patstansik on September 13th, 2010 at 3:02 PM

Hey guys, I made this last week in honor of all of the great staches I came into contact with:

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I'm planning on making one for every home game and just wanted to know if there's anything you guys really want to see in the next one.  I definitely want to get everyone's thoughts on Denard's coming out party and I'm already planning on bringing a blank map of the United States and asking drunk people to identify Massachusetts.  Might have to find some people with thick Boston accents to see if they pronounce Denard "DeNAHD" as well.      

Also, I'm going to start much earlier in the morning with this next one (I had to wait until 11 AM to get the straight razor shave) so if you want to be in any of these just let me know where you'll be pre-gaming and I'll try to stop by.  Thanks again for all the positive feedback, and let's get Denarded.   

Status of your Michigan Mustache

Status of your Michigan Mustache

Submitted by Blazefire on August 27th, 2010 at 7:58 AM

Well, here we are, gentlemen. Just over a week to go. If you haven't started growing by now, you've got no hope to get anything respectable by kick off. So what's the status? Where are you at?

I've been growing for about a month now. It's still blonde and a little thin, but it's as thick as it gets for me, and long enough that there are no short hair stragglers. I've trimmed it to even length a few times now. I use a whal trimmer set on length 4, and then I comb it out straight.

Requests to do a Fu Manchu were summarily denied by the wife.

Danny Hope as Star Wars character

Danny Hope as Star Wars character

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on August 10th, 2010 at 12:53 PM

To take back some of the goodwill and general awesomeness of the mustache that Danny Hope has diminished by being a spectacular tool, Mustaches for Michigan proudly piles on the general douchiness of our new almost most hated Big Ten coach!

We hope your beards are filling in. Grow Blue! 

OT: Nike+ Challenge

OT: Nike+ Challenge

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on August 4th, 2010 at 1:11 PM

For the small percentage of the MGoCommunity who are runners and of those runners who use Nike+ to track their runs, we thought that a 30-Day Most Miles Challenge might be a fun way to keep us motivated and pass the time in the dog days of August. 

Ideally, we'd start the challenge this Friday, the 6th, and end it on Sept. 4th -- our last run with a glorious mustache, finally, the wind against a smooth face. And then --then!-- the wait is over... It's tailgating time! Throw me an Oberon, good sir. What's that, young co-ed? Yes, my mustache does want your number -- so, what are you majoring in?

Ah, but I digress. Let's gauge the interest. Anyone up for such a challenge? Have you always wanted to know who among us can rack up the most miles in 30 days?

Mustaches for Michigan Wants You

Mustaches for Michigan Wants You

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on July 9th, 2010 at 3:38 PM

Mustaches for Michigan is coming back! With only a few weeks until August, your bald and pale faces are on notice. Here's a refresher behind the simple tenets of Mustaches for Michigan: 

1. Grow a beard in August

2. Shave it down to a glorious mustache on Sept. 4th for the UConn game

3. The mustache will do the rest. 

Why a mustache? Well, it worked out pretty well for us last year. It's the power of the 'stache, man. Behold it. Love it. Grow it. 

So here's the deal: We at Mustaches for Michigan want this to become an annual event. What started out as "Dude, lets' grow mustaches for the opener" became something more. It became a whole collective of Michigan Fans showing their support for their team. Even The Daily caught wind of our Mustaching Movement. So we thought, hey, let's open it up and see if our fellow MGoBloggers wanna contribute for the 2nd Annual Mustaches for Michigan outing. Let's expand that Mustaches for Michigan Collective into a Mustaches for Michigan Intelligentsia. 

So if you feel like contributing -- you can be as involved as you have time for: a one time entry, a photoshopped image, MS Paint, whatever's in your wheelhouse -- shoot us an email to [email protected]. Our sole requirement is that you support the cause by, ya know, growing a beard in August and shaving it into a mustache on September 4th. 

Grow Blue. 

Operation Michigan-D Mustache Initiative

Operation Michigan-D Mustache Initiative

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on October 30th, 2009 at 2:41 PM underway.…

The short version:

Graham? Mustached.
Warren? Mustached.
Woolfork? Mustached.

The rest of the D? Not mustached.

Find them. Convince them to grow Mustaches for the Ohio State game.

Gentlemen, Start Your Mustaches.

Gentlemen, Start Your Mustaches.

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on October 27th, 2009 at 11:10 AM

It's time to bring the mustache back. We had great success and prosperity under the careful and awesome guidance of our mustaches. Michigan shot out of the canon with a 2-0 start and began a giddy September. But oh since the mustaches have been shaved... our fortunes haven't faired well without our collective follicular fortitude.

He we sit, sirs, smooth faced and 5-3. Our euphoric start has deflated, the echoes of 2008 calling out, beckoning us to its shadowy recesses.

We will not lose hope so easily. For we have a plan to combat the lurking evil ahead -- a simple, three step plan of action:

Step One: Grow a beard in November
Step Two: Shave it down to a mustache on Nov. 21st
Step Three: Wear that mustache proudly.

This time we call upon the powers of the 'stache to bring down the dark forces of the Vest. This year, with the help of our mustaches, we will snap the streak against OSU. It's the Mustache vs. the Buckstache, bitches! Come November 21st, it's so f'ing on.

And maybe the facial hair you're cultivating along the way will lend some good will in the weeks leading up to the showdown...

Grow Blue!

Don't Tell Us You Shaved It Off Already

Don't Tell Us You Shaved It Off Already

Submitted by Mustaches4Michigan on September 11th, 2009 at 6:25 PM

Poor foresight and bad decision making will likely plague you for the rest of your days, it appears -- but this at least can be remedied. If your quivering upper lip lay bare, fear not for the power of the mustache is metaphysical, man. The mustache, it's inside of you, all around you. Call upon it to smite down the Irish!

Print that out. Cut it out. Now wield that Mustache for Michigan with honor and show those bare-faced Domers what's what.

Like so:

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