"Answer This" movie (filmed at U-M) premiere events

"Answer This" movie (filmed at U-M) premiere events

Submitted by JeremyB on October 13th, 2011 at 12:14 PM

"Answer This" is a movie shot in Ann Arbor in 2009, starring Ralph Williams. It's being picked up for regional distribution and has some premiere events this weekend around the state. It  features scenes shot at the UM-WMU game in 2009, and was written and directed by an alum. (Full disclosure: I work for Celebration! Cinema, where tomorrow's premiere is hosted.)

There are a few upcoming premiere screenings worth mentioning:

Also, Dr. Spaceman is in it. 

Dhani Jones info from the movie's Facebook page.

Watch the trailer here, because I can't embed it.


Did any of you attend the screening at the Michigan Theatre? Or, are you going in Grand Rapids tomorrow?

[Edit: Added Dhani Jones info.]