Cornell Jihad

Cornell Jihad

Submitted by Tim Waymen on April 6th, 2010 at 11:31 PM

If you thought WVU and its fans were insane, check out Cornell's reaction thus far to Boston College hiring Steve Donahue to replace recently-fired Al Skinner as its next basketball head coach.

"I told the folks at BC that they made a great hire," Cornell athletic director Andy Noel said. "Our university really wanted to keep Steve. I'm a little heartbroken, but we turn the page and become a BC fan forever. ... We're appreciative that we had a decade with Steve Donahue."

Ouch. It gets even worse. I personally would not want to be a student in Chestnut Hill right now, or anywhere else in the Boston area for that matter. Brace for impact:

Dale said the players understood why Donahue left.

"It's good for him, and we all know that," Dale said. "The decision he made is based on him and his family. He had to do what's best for him."

I feel bad for Donahue. The guy's reputation is ruined, and he's going to be in a long, bitter legal battle with Cornell. I hope BC has his back in this fight. I also sure hope that Donahue can have a safe move out of Ithaca without too much trouble from those savages. Good luck, Coach Donahue, and godspeed...