Meta: On Moderation

Meta: On Moderation

Submitted by vbnautilus on August 19th, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Well it has been almost two weeks since the moderation system floated to the top of the page and then disappeared completely. During this time of great hardship I have learned to appreciate what I had in the past, and how important a moderation system is to a board like this. I have come to realize in its absence, how much I relied upon it. These days I have no mechanism at my disposal to avoid reading posts that lack insight, posts that contain grammatical errors, and those that are simply not funny. I am at a complete loss in identifying the currenty popular opinions in order to align myself with them; I can barely identify bandwagons to jump on to, and my motivation to post is at an all time low. How am I, a simple blog reader, to singlehandedly separate the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, in each individual thread?

If I look back at when this feeling began, I can trace it back more than two years to April 27th, 2011 when Brian first implemented the slashcomments system, effectively limiting the rainbow spectrum of communal expression to a palette of 5 basic colors. Trips to Darkest Bolivia were replaced with the less ominous "-1", and posts that inspired rolling laughter were now simply "Funny". There was much protest, but we continued on, and made do.

At certain moments it seemed that our respected leader was on the verge of delivering us back to the promised land. For instance, in October of 2012 he wrote to us:

I am planning a move to Drupal 7 as soon as it is feasible and will be starting that process as soon as the OSU game ends. Unfortunately, that process is going to take a while because some critical modules are still not updated. So the site will remain static until then; when I move to 7 the full glory of pos/negbangs will return. Prepare thy anus.

Nearly a year later our anuses remained at the ready, when things instead took a turn for the worse, and our 5 remaining colors faded to total blackness. All I can say is that during these difficult times we must stick together and keep on posting. We will post not in an ordered hierarchy of merit, rather we will post in a chaotic soup of equality, but we will post nonetheless. I have hope that one day this board will rise again, that one day excellent posts will again receive their rightful level of exaltation, and that terrible posts by trolls will be driven down depths of derision that they deserve. I have hope.

META: MGoBlog Moderation Survey: Let your voice be heard (maybe)(UPDATED)

META: MGoBlog Moderation Survey: Let your voice be heard (maybe)(UPDATED)

Submitted by Noleverine on July 6th, 2011 at 12:51 AM


So, we have had this new moderation system for a while.  Brian asked us to give it a chance, and I believe we have been using it long enough that each of us have given it a fair shake.  

A lot of people (myself included) don't like the new system, so here is the chance for everyone's voices to be heard.  Like it, love it, or hate it, I created a survey where you can share your opinions.

I don't know if Brian will pay any attention to this, but I thought it might make people feel better to vent their hatred/love for the new system.  In a day or two I will update the thread with responses people have given.  If anyone can think of any other questions I should add, leave them in the comments.

Brian, if you would like the login information so you can view specific answers, please let me know, I'd be glad to share.  Also I can add any further questions you may be interested to ask.


Survey Here


EDIT: If mods want to bump this to prevent it from getting buried once people actually wake up, in order to have a higher response rate, I won't argue.

UPDATE: So turns out Tater was kinda right.  Nothing is ever free.  After getting 100 responses (surprised that many people were up late last night) it is asking me to sign up for a paid account to see over the first 100 responses.  Therefore, my counts will only include those responses (sorry if you were after that).

Question 1: Do you like the new moderate system?

YES: 16%

NO: 84%


Question 2: What don't you like about the new system?

Too high/low threshold (higher than +5/lower than -1): 30.3% (ed: this was added after a few people already responded so not actually representative)

Too many choices: 20.2%

Not enough choices: 16.2%

Choices not representative of how I view comments: 54.5%

Choices too vague: 23.2%

Requires too much thought: 20.2%

NO NEGBOMB!!!!: 67.7%

Too complicated: 26.3%

Other: 15.2% (includes write-ins: doesn't moderate anything; less incentive to post well; doesn't effect mgopoints; overengineered slashdot nonsense system; no need for labels like "normal," flamebait", etc.; viewing threshold complaints)

Question 3: What would be the best system of moderation?

Current system: 4%

Old system (+/-): 56%

Combination featuring a simple +/- with a "flamebait, trolling, funny" if seen fit: 29%

New system with general +/- if your reasoning doesn't fit into predefined categories: 2%

Get rid of them all together: 4%

Other: 5% (includes write-ins: no user moderation at all; fewer down voting options; added option of wishing terrible misfortune on the poster; adding more adjectives)



Does the moderation seem a bit heavy-handed?

Does the moderation seem a bit heavy-handed?

Submitted by TIMMMAAY on August 31st, 2009 at 9:27 PM

I'm just curious...
Don't ban me

Edit: It's not, after looking at all of the threads created today about the Freep, I guess we could use a bit more. I guess there were one or two threads over the past week or so that I felt were locked prematurely.