Mike Farrell's take on Dawson, Conley and Hoke's "policy"

Mike Farrell's take on Dawson, Conley and Hoke's "policy"

Submitted by itself on December 5th, 2012 at 7:28 PM

Its Mike Farrell so...right there. 

But he offers his opinion--because we're all so interested--on weird 2013 recruiting situations and includes Dawson and Conley's recruitment with Michigan.

Apparently Hoke's commitment policy doesnt work...

Much more content beyond Michigan too but predicts Conley to O$U. 


Shane Morris is Now a 5 Star (Updated)

Shane Morris is Now a 5 Star (Updated)

Submitted by hart20 on August 20th, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Shane Morris is now a 5-star on Rivals. Let us rejoice and rain praise upon him. But let it be known, Mike Farrell still hates Michigan.

You can see the number of stars on his profile: http://rivals.yahoo.com/michigan/football/recruiting/player-Shane-Morri…

Other commits in the Rivals 100 should have their rankings update as well, if someone at a computer would like to list them below, I'd be happy to paste them up here.

Shane Morris: Was 22, now 17

Derrick Green-13

LaQuon Treadwell-23

Henry Poggi: Was 52, now 58

Mike McCray: Was 55, now 81

Patrick Kugler: Was 73, now 88

Kyle Bosch: Was 77, now 92

Chris Fox, Dymonte Thomas no longer in top 100.

Thanks to DCAlum and AAB for putting the updates together.