I really should be over this

I really should be over this

Submitted by mikefromaa on February 2nd, 2010 at 10:45 AM

I really should be over this. It has been a week. The basketball team already has another win under their belt, hopefully they add to that tonight. But I'm not.

I'm writing this for the 10,000 or so in attendance for last Tuesday's game not residing in the student section. No, I'm not writing to the "Go Green" idiots either--you've already got a section of hell reserved for you where "I-O" and "Go White" never come, and your sister always has a headache.

I'm writing to the masses in blue who loaded up in the car, paid $10 for parking, walked two blocks in the cold, and managed to sit in silence for two hours while 1000 booger eating spartans took your home court from you.

WTF is wrong with you? Do you understand that if you had done anything---anything---Michigan would have won that game? Here is a study on crowd noise and officiating. http://wlv.openrepository.com/wlv/bitstream/2436/8014/1/Nevill10.pdf There are 11 or 12 just like that one if you are capable of google. If you cared at all for the outcome of the game do you think Kalin Lucas would have returned to the game after that first half elbow? Do you know the difference between that elbow and the one that got Manny Harris ejected and suspended for a game? The crowd at THAT game was motivated to get up off of their hands for someting other than "Who wants some PIZZA?". Do you think Lucas would have gotten away with picking up his dribble and taking 4 steps in to the lane before kicking the ball out on like 4 out of 5 posessions? Do you think they would have gotten away with yanking Deshawn's jersey on the last shot?

Here is a study on home court advantage. http://www.ncsociology.org/advan1.htm You know what, you can do your own study. Go to one of the NIT games--this could be the last year for the NIT, and I pray it's Michigan's last year in it for that matter--and count the number of visiting team's turnovers which occur when the home crowd is making noise. Compare that to the total number you see in the boxscore. That should give you some idea.

I guess I really dont understand. You've made the financial investment to buy the tickets. You seem to be interested enough to give your time(those of you who didn't walk out with 3 minutes left...again WTF?) you walked at least 2 blocks in the cold...And yet you sit on your hands and take it. This is what gets me. I would've made all kinds of nasty deals with the devil for a W on Tuesday. Yet you couldn't be bothered to look up from your iphone. I hope a painful disease takes you before you procreate. Let this die with you.