COLUMNIST: Michigan's jersey giveaway sets dangerous precedent

COLUMNIST: Michigan's jersey giveaway sets dangerous precedent

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on September 15th, 2011 at 1:13 AM

Stumbled across this while perusing the interwebs this morning.  Any merit to what this guy is saying?

Say it isn't so.

Please say that after what happened at Ohio State, the University of Michigan isn't letting its football players keep the throwback jerseys worn in the Wolverines' last-second victory over Notre Dame.

No athletic director who pays attention to the world, and conference, around him would say "yes" to such a request.

And yet, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon, after checking with his NCAA compliance officer, acceded to the players' wishes. They get to keep the jerseys.

While this is not a violation of NCAA rules, it is a violation of common sense.

Don't people learn?

The mess at Ohio State, which cost football coach Jim Tressel his job and seems likely to put the Buckeyes on probation, began with players trading memorabilia for tattoos.

Several Michigan players say nothing untoward is going to happen, that they will keep the jerseys forever in order to preserve the memory of their victory.

OK. That's a nice thought. But why put temptation in front of players?

Does anyone think well-heeled Wolverines boosters will resist the urge to line players' pockets with cash while getting a "legacy" jersey to frame and hang on their den walls?

Even if you believe players have the right to sell whatever they are given, the NCAA disagrees. If you want players to avoid violating rules by selling jerseys, don't give them jerseys to sell.

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Seven Takeaways from 'THE NIGHT'

Seven Takeaways from 'THE NIGHT'

Submitted by Bluestreak on September 12th, 2011 at 1:17 AM

Some takeaways from the first night game against Notre Dame

Now that I've taken off my maize and blue night vision goggles - here are some takeaways.

1) Denard is an unpredicatable passer - He made some brilliant throws and some downright ugly throws. While his arm strength isn't in question - his deep ball accuracy is.

2) We won because of risky plays - At the end of the day - most of our yardage came through risky plays. Denard lofts the ball and hopes the receiver gets it. Some of these were lucky, no matter how we construe it.

3) Our receivers make Denard look good (and bad) - One point which irked me was that our receivers dropped some very catchable balls. On the other hand, they also made some fantastic catches. Much like Denard's passing ability - receiving consistently is something we work on.

4) Our rushing game is a serious question mark - When we play Big Ten opponents Denard can't be expected to do all the lifting. Our rush attack from RB's needs serious work. If Fitz is injured - our other backs look ineffective.

5) We've turned a leaf on turnovers - Overall our ball security has been good (not counting Hopkins fumble). We've also made strides of improvement in forcing turnovers. This comes from Mattison's gametime adjustments - something the other Greg wasn't capable of

6) Our rush defense may become a strength - After the first half - our rush defense was markedly better. Mike Martin, BWC all seemed to step up and snuff out any ND rush attacks. This is a good sign.

7) Hawthorne may be the next Demens - Like last season when Demens upstaged Ezeh, this year Hawthorne may have upstaged Herron/ Jones. Kid has some skill and should solidify his starting position with the performance last night.

ND Currently a 4/4.5 Point Favorite for Saturday

ND Currently a 4/4.5 Point Favorite for Saturday

Submitted by bklein09 on September 5th, 2011 at 4:37 PM

Not sure if this is thread worthy, but I heard the line moved from ND -3.5 earlier today to where it is currently.

IMO, this is the perfect situation.

ND lost last week, which I was thrilled about.

But they are still the favored team coming into the Big House and a particularly hostile environment.

The pressure is on ND more than ever now, considering they are still favored, can't afford to go 0-2, don't want to drop 3 in a row to us, and have a coach that may murder them in their sleep if they make a mistake. 

Michigan on the other hand has the home-field advantage and can continue to feel like they aren't getting any respect. I'm really hoping that they come out and play fast and loose on Saturday.

I think the game will come down to whoever makes the fewest big mistakes. And hopefully all of these intangibles will result in that team being Michigan.

Night Game Parking in Private Lots

Night Game Parking in Private Lots

Submitted by MichiganPhotoRod on August 5th, 2011 at 3:45 PM

Edit: What's the over-under on the price to park on grass lots of the private homes surrounding the stadium for the night game?


Edit Edit:

Sorry all.  My head was somewhere dark and stinky when I added my comment.  I don't do that on here.  I knew better and deserved the remarks.   A better try next time.

Possibility that those stripey things are not the night game jerseys

Possibility that those stripey things are not the night game jerseys

Submitted by Real Tackles Wear 77 on May 22nd, 2011 at 10:48 PM

This is from Maize-n-brew but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on here amidst all the panic...rule 1-4-4-f states that legal uniforms must have "Clearly visible, permanent Arabic numerals on one jersey at least 8 and 10 inches in height front and back, respectively, of a color in distinct contrast with the jersey."

Since those...unusual...prototypes do not have a number nor room for an 8" number on the front, they cannot be the ones we will wear in the game, can they?