Alumni Conspiracy in the 2nd Jihad

Alumni Conspiracy in the 2nd Jihad

Submitted by StephenRKass on September 11th, 2009 at 11:09 AM

This AM I rcvd a very long e-mail with unattributed mtl. that looks to be from The Wolverine. I don't subscribe to the Wolverine, and this may be behind a paywall. If so, mods, plz delete this post. But here is some of what is said:

. . . the latest on the Detroit Free Press investigation into “practice gate.” Without going into detail … and as we’ve hinted before … the sources behind the story (and their willingness to speak to reporters in an attempt to throw the program under the bus) are more of a story than the violations supposedly uncovered.

In fact, some of what’s going on behind the scenes is fascinating. According to our own anonymous (but impeccable) sources, the source for much of this mess has been publicly outspoken against Rodriguez since his hiring and has close ties to one of the newspapers doing the digging. That alone has raised some eyebrows, especially among the former players supportive of the new coaching staff (and there are far more in favor than against among those we’ve spoken with).

It will be interesting to see if someone picks up this angle and runs with it … it has the makings of quite a story.

Later in the e-mail, it goes on to speculate on who would try to destroy RR. Again, I don't know the author. This could be a quote, or commentary from the e-mailer, who is familiar with UM football and a university employee. It reads:

These posts by mods of “The Wolverine” caused quite a stir on the message board. A lot of speculation as to who this person/these persons are who are throwing Michigan under the bus in order to oust RichRod. While I don’t who it is, they made at clear who it is NOT. It is not Lloyd Carr, and it is not Dave Brandon (former UM football player, former Regeant, and current CEO of Dominoes Pizza). People NOT cleared as suspects by the mods: Desmond Howard and Mike Boren (not saying it is them, just that when Carr’s and Brandon’s names it was made very clear that those 2 were not involved, but when Howard and Boren were brought up there was no such mention as them not being part of the problem).

My apologies if this was posted earlier. I did a cursory check of the forum, and read MGoBlog daily, so I don't think it was.

Regardless, three things stand out:

1) There is (or was) a significant UM faction fighting against Rich Rodriguez. To me, this is just wrong. You may have wanted Les Miles, but that boat has sailed. Be thankful for Rich Rodriguez, and get behind him. By analogy, regardless of who you supported and voted for as President of the US, once the election was final we all have some obligation to support our current president.

2) Carr is very supportive of RR. Carr gets point 1 above. Namely, Carr may or may not have wanted Miles, but once the decision was made, Carr, as a Michigan Man, has thrown 100% of his support to RR. It won't help RR, the program, or Carr, for Carr to be too much in front. Let Carr pull levers behind the scenes, and let RR be the man in front.

3) Desmond has some 'splaining to do. Boren, I would expect to be a jerk, but Desmond is either all in or not.