Gratitude for UM Athletic Department

Gratitude for UM Athletic Department

Submitted by Indy Pete - Go Blue on August 2nd, 2018 at 5:47 PM

In light of the recent scandal(s) at Ohio State, I was just thinking it is very appropriate for us to show some gratitude for the leadership at the University of Michigan. We have three chief rivals in the East division: Ohio State, Michigan State, and Penn State. Within the last few years, all three of them have had truly disgusting black eyes - the final scope of which can ultimately be pinned down on poor leadership.  All three of them put winning and/or institutional reputation over justice and the protection of the innocent.

ESPN OTL on revenue in college sports: Michigan led B1G with net profit of $90 million over last 6 years

ESPN OTL on revenue in college sports: Michigan led B1G with net profit of $90 million over last 6 years

Submitted by Leaders And Best on May 19th, 2014 at 12:22 PM

ESPN OTL did a study on the last six years of college ADs finances (2007-08 to 2012-13). Michigan led the Big Ten during the period with a total of $90,243,483 of profit, averaging $15,040,580.50/per year.

Ohio State was number #1 in the country in 2012-13 with a surplus of $24 million. Michigan was #4 in revenues ($143.5 million), #3 in expenses ($131 million), & #7 in surplus ($12.2 million) in 2012-13. I was a little surprised at how much Wisconsin made in 2012-13, ranking #2 in the country in revenue and expenses, but I guess this may be dependent on how many home football games a school has and how schools maintain their financial books.


OTL Story:

Big Ten specific analysis from Big Ten Blog:

How Much Athletic Directors Make: 2011

How Much Athletic Directors Make: 2011

Submitted by Yostbound and Down on October 6th, 2011 at 10:15 AM

This USA Today database has all FBS athletic directors salaries for the year along with additional compensation.

Adam Rittenberg listed in this article the highest paid ADs in the B1G.


Gene Smith is the fifth highest paid AD in the country and highest paid in the B1G at $1,058,546 ($250,000 in potential bonuses). 

Barry Alvarez comes close to Smith at sixth in the country, at $1,040,800.

And our own Dave Brandon comes in at thirteenth nationally, and third in the B1G, at $700,454 ($165,000).


Thoughts? Obviously LOL Smith, but I was a bit surprised to see that Alvarez stands to make that much more money than Brandon. I guess DB is still early in his career at Michigan...would be interested to see if he's getting paid less because he's already loaded.

RE: Michigan - Ohio State in Separate Divisions

RE: Michigan - Ohio State in Separate Divisions

Submitted by SchrodingersCat on August 23rd, 2010 at 4:09 PM

Here is a reply from Bruce Madej suggesting (in my opinion) that there is little chance that The Game will remain at the end of the "regular" season. His closing line is especially telling. Let me know what you think.


Dear Nicholas,


Thank you for your note on the importance of Michigan-Ohio State football game. President Coleman and other university leaders have asked me to respond on their behalf.


I want to assure you that no one understands the tradition of this Big Ten football rivalry more than Athletic Director David Brandon. He has experienced this legendary rivalry first hand as a player, as a fan and supporter of the athletic program and as a U-M regent.


Expansion of the Big Ten is certain to bring some changes. We know there will be a conference championship game in 2011 and we expect to soon learn the details of the divisional alignment.  Clearly we would like to have Michigan and Ohio State play the last game of the season for the Conference Championship (as has happened so many times in the past). However, based on a 12 Team - two division conference with a championship game format, in order for this to happen in the future both teams will have to play their way into the championship game.  Which, we hope happens many times!


Certainly one of the priorities of the Big Ten commissioner and the Big Ten athletic directors is preserving the traditional rivalries, like Michigan-Ohio State and Michigan-Michigan State.  This will continue to be a driving will creating competitive balance between the two divisions.


Just like the renovations to the Big House, we believe the Big Ten can move forward and make improvements while maintaining the traditions that are so important to fans.


Go Blue,




Here is a link to the original letter

Send E-mails to the Athletic Department to Keep Michigan-OSU as the Last Game of the Season

Send E-mails to the Athletic Department to Keep Michigan-OSU as the Last Game of the Season

Submitted by SchrodingersCat on August 20th, 2010 at 2:50 PM

To the extremely active Michigan Fanbase here at MGoBlog. Please spend a minute to send a letter regarding your thoughts on the change to the Michigan-OSU game to the following people.

Bruce Madej
Associate Athletic Director
[email protected]

David Ablauf
Director of Media Relations
[email protected]

then post your letter to this forum! I will start.

Mr. Bruce Madej and Mr. David Ablauf,

I ask you to please read the comments on the following message board so that you can rethink your position on moving The Game: 
This blog is the most active Michigan football fanbases on the world wide web. There are at the moment 173 comments regarding the decision to move The Game, please review them so that you understand where your fanbase stands. Please keep The Game as our final game of the year. It is a tradition that will help insure the Michigan-OSU game remains the greatest rivalry in sports.
Go Blue!
Nicholas M. DeHaan
University of Michigan 
Class of 2011

Also, sign the

ADept Budget

ADept Budget

Submitted by Michiganguy19 on July 14th, 2009 at 2:50 PM

Decent article on Athletic Department struggles around the U.S. - which ultimately shows how lucky we are that the state economy hasn't tried to derail the Big House expansion and other AD projects. I know that there are ongoing debates about getting a home and away series with another major program and who we should get for the 2010 opener, this shows that those decisions do have a trickle down to other athletic teams. Hopefully we can see an expansion involving Title IX sometimes soon, adding Men's Lax and Women's Something...


Michigan's athletic department had a $9 million surplus after the most recent fiscal year. The Wolverines just completed several multimillion-dollar construction projects and have plans to build new wrestling and basketball practice facilities and a new soccer stadium.

Florida, buoyed by its second football BCS national championship in three seasons, will increase its athletic budget by $5.9 million this year. The Gators had the third-highest grossing athletic department in the country last year at $106 million, according to Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal. Texas had the biggest at $120.3 million, and Ohio State was second at $118 million.

Texas' football program generated $73 million last year.…