OT: Miami @ FSU start time to remain at 3:30 pm - UPDATED

OT: Miami @ FSU start time to remain at 3:30 pm - UPDATED

Submitted by Chitown Kev on October 5th, 2017 at 10:46 AM

The track cone of what is now Tropical Storm Nate no longer includes Tallahassee but, of course, that could change.


The Seminoles are currently set to take on the Hurricanes at 3:30 p.m. in Doak Campbell Stadium this Saturday.

FSU, Miami, and ACC officials have been monitoring the situation with Tropical Depression 16, which is expected to turn into Tropical Storm Nate and eventually Hurricane Nate, as it makes its way up the Gulf of Mexico.

The three parties are considering moving the game to an earlier kickoff at noon on Saturday per sources, and had also considered moving it to Friday night as a last ditch option.



The Florida State-Miami game will kickoff at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday in Doak Campbell Stadium as expected.

“After confirming plans based on the 2:30 p.m. weather update, the Florida State vs. Miami football game will kickoff as scheduled at 3:30 p.m. EDT," FSU athletic director Stan Wilcox said in a statement on Thursday.

The kickoff time was in jeopardy due to Tropical Storm Nate, which as of Wednesday night was expected to impact Tallahassee.

A western shift in the forecast models allowed FSU to keep the game at its scheduled time.

The Boxscore - Team 135, Game 3

The Boxscore - Team 135, Game 3

Submitted by ST3 on September 14th, 2014 at 4:51 PM

     I'm not going to lie, there's some strange goings-on in Boxscore land. Last week, Michigan outgained Notre Dame and nearly had as many first downs, yet was blown out on the scoreboard. This week, Michigan was statistically superior to Miami (NTM), yet, midway through the third quarter, I'm sure more than a few Michigan fans were having flashbacks to Akron. Miami's coach nearly had an aneurysm when they just barely missed a long pass. He believed they were in the game. Had that connected, well, it didn't so no need to go there. But that's not all. On MGoBlog's recap, Ace delved into the boxscore. Great read, but that's my thing, man. J/K. Brady Hoke even brought up some stats in his press conference. Numbers are flying everywhere. Today, I tried to find the boxscore on MGoBlue.com and notice they've moved it, reformatted it, and stuck a Chick-fil-A add right in the middle of it. Hey, MGoblue.com, haven't you heard, Chick-fil-A's not open on Sundays.

    You may have noticed I changed the title. That's because I'm insanely busy this weekend, and I don't feel like diving into a Michigan-Not that Miami boxscore. I don't care how many Eagles fly overhead, this is just not a "Wow" event. It did get me to thinking back to simpler times. In the 70's and 80's, when Michigan had a stinker on the schedule and there was a threat to the 100,000 streak, we had something called "Band Day." High School bands from all over the tri-county area would be brought in to fill up the endzone seats. I'm talking about bands from Livonia, Novi, Romulus, and even from as far away as Troy. Prior to the game, all those bands would fill up the field and play one or two songs, and then march back to their seats. I always enjoyed the colorful pageantry that was Band Day. I say, if you are going to stick us with non-wow-events like Michigan vs. Not that Miami and there are ~10,000 empty seats, at least bring back Band Day!

Boxscore link: http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/091314aaa.html

Play-by-play link: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/mich/sports/m-footbl/auto_pdf/2014-15/box_score/stats_20140913aaa.pdf

Burst of Impetus
* The saddest part of this game is that Norfleet's kick return to start the game wasn't sufficient to firmly plant the impetus on our side. Numerous turnovers made this a game for 2 1/2 quarters.
* I think there was a sequence of plays where we may have turned the corner on this running game and left 2013 in the rear-view mirror. With 7:24 to go in the 2nd, Michigan was tied 10-10 with Not that Miami. A pass to Darboh brought the ball to Miami's 40 yard line. After that, Gardner was sacked for a 7 yard loss. I was thinking, "seriously?" My hope is that what happened next is the harbinger of good things to come.
- Green, Derrick rush for 27 yards...
- Green, Derrick rush for 11 yards...
- Green, Derrick rush for 8 yards...
- Green, Derrick rush for 1 yard to the MU0, TOUCHDOWN
Run game established, at least against the Miami's of the world.

Seniors First
* Gardner was 13 for 20 for 184 yards and 2 TDs. He seemed to do well in the absence of Funchess. This could be good in the long run if he's able to build chemistry with Darboh, Chesson, and Butt.
* Jake Ryan had 6 tackles and 2 QHs and may be starting to get a feel for this MIKE thing.

1 and 2
* One week after I questioned what the coaches were seeing in practice to give Derrick Green the nod over De'Veon Smith, Green showed all of us. His vision was much better than last week, and I don't think this is a question of the opponent. The hole is there, and he either hits it or he doesn't. Against Notre Dame, he didn't. Against Miami, he did, over and over again to the tune of 137 yards on 22 carries. My guess is, Green was much more relaxed going against Miami, knowing that they are vastly inferior to Michigan. This allowed him to play with more confidence and his performance improved as a result.
* Smith looked a little slow to me, perhaps he's got a boo-boo. He had a couple negative carries on slow developing east/west type runs. I'd much rather they pound him inside and put him in attack mode. He recovered from a slow start to tally 44 yards on 9 carries for a healthy 4.9 YPC.

24 Points
* Miami did not score 24 points. They only scored 10 because we gave them a short field due to turnovers.
* Joe Bolden led Michigan with 7 tackles, and he had one nice pass breakup.
* The defense is still not filling the boxscore in the dot categories, but we did get 5 QH's, 1 FF, 1 INTC, 2 BrUps, and 1 sack.
* Miami was held to 1 rushing first down and only 33 net yards rushing. I sense a trend developing...

* Miami only recorded 3 TFLs all game long; the two wide runs with Smith and the sack, for a total of 10 yards. I so hope this is no longer a thing worth discussing as we move forward.

* What look was Miami going for with their helmets? I can't decide if it was warmed-over vomit, or electrified vomit.
* We need Butt. A healthy Butt adds another dimension to our offense.
* Christian Kock punted 8 times for 301 yards. You know how when you apply for a personalized license plate and the DMV has someone review your request to make sure there's nothing offensive about it? Maybe we should do the same thing with peoples' names.
* M. Wamulumba recorded 1 tackle for Miami. Didn't Kid Rock sing a song about him? The lyrics went something like this, "Bawitdaba da diggy diggy Wamulumba da bang da bang." I think the Pewamo-Westphalia High School band played it at Band Day in '92.

CCHA Semifinal Times Set

CCHA Semifinal Times Set

Submitted by MaizeNBlueInDC on March 18th, 2013 at 10:07 AM

Looks like the times have been released for the CCHA Playoffs this weekend.  In a change from recent years, the games are Saturday/Sunday vs Friday/Saturday which I am happy about.  Games to be televised on Fox Sports Detroit Plus (Sat) and Fox Sport Detroit (Sun).  So pumped!!!


OSU vs. ND 1:05 pm

Miami vs. UM 4:35 pm

Sunday final at 2:05pm


OT: Randy Shannon's Attempts To Stop Nevin Shapiro

OT: Randy Shannon's Attempts To Stop Nevin Shapiro

Submitted by bryemye on August 18th, 2011 at 1:37 PM

I found this article on Randy Shannon and Nevin Shapiro interesting.


It basically summarizes how Randy Shannon warned his players about Shapiro by name on multiple occasions, refused to talk to the guy, and threatened any assistant coach who dealt with Shapiro with an instant firing. There are rumors he had people around town who would let him know if they saw his players with Shapiro.

Shapiro responded with racially-charged rants to the AD about Shannon. It appears the AD and Shannon didn't exactly see eye-to-eye over Shannon's refusal to even talk to Shapiro.

And yet he still had 12 players receive illegal benefits.

Question: Is it always the coach's responsibility when this kind of thing happens? I know we all say the head coach is ultimately responsible, and maybe he is. But with a system this bad and not exactly getting full support from the AD, what is he supposed to do? Leave the job in protest?

I ask because some of the first things to come out on this board after the story broke were "thank god we didn't hire Randy Shannon as DC." Reading this article though, is Randy Shannon such a bad guy? Should he be held responsible?

B1G spin on Miami situation-- Is Penn St in play?

B1G spin on Miami situation-- Is Penn St in play?

Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on August 17th, 2011 at 3:01 PM

Per a story from the front lines (http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/caneswatch/2011/08/17/al-golden-um-had-responsibility-to-tell-me-about-shapiro-situation-if-it-knew/), Da U coach Al Golden is basically saying he had no idea about the Shapiro situation from U officials when he took the job. If true, this may give him an out from the coming carnage to Coral Gables. How this relates to the B1G is that in the past 3 years, Golden has been mentioned as much as Greg Schiano as a replacement for JoePa (http://www.statecollege.com/news/local-news/penn-state-football-al-golden-eyed-as-potential-joepa-successor-bound-for-florida-601675/). When Golden took the Miami job, it was assumed he'd stay there through a Penn St coaching search, but with JoePa showng continued signs of failing health and Schiano's "Rutgers rebirth" showing to be a bit of a facade, would this situation perhaps allow Golden to save face and Penn St admin's to grab him or tell him to cool his heels while they work out the JoePa transition this season?

OT: Amaker to give UM (NTUM) another go?

OT: Amaker to give UM (NTUM) another go?

Submitted by bigmc6000 on April 11th, 2011 at 4:43 PM

"University of Miami officials flew to Boston on Monday to meet with Harvard's Tommy Amaker in an attempt to woo the Crimson coach to the ACC school, multiple sources told ESPN.com."




Time to try another U of M I guess...


OT: Questions/Survey of Big Ten(12) vs the south

OT: Questions/Survey of Big Ten(12) vs the south

Submitted by fleetwoodzback on September 9th, 2010 at 7:22 PM

I've been sitting here watching college football live on ESPN and listening to the thoughts of everyone on the Ohio St/Miami and Penn St/Alabama games. Everyones seems to be picking Ohio State and Alabama to win their respective games. This led me into thoughts of who would I rather see win those games and I ask the MGoBlog community the same question. Do you root for the Big Ten regardless of who is playing or do you stick to your guns about who you truely dislike? Myself living in the south surrounded by SEC fans I hear all the time that "The Big Ten is garbage" which is mostly based on Ohio State's implosion on the national championship/BCS stage of recent years, especially against the SEC. Personally I pull for the Big Ten every chance I get but I won't lie by saying that I wouldn't be happy if Ohio State loses a big out of conference game. I'm pulling for Penn State to beat Alabama but my dislike for Ohio State has me wanting them to lose this game for my own personal sanity. What does the MGoBlog community have to say about this? Do you pull against your rivals no matter what or do you support your conference?

Lax: To The CCLA Finals

Lax: To The CCLA Finals

Submitted by Tim on May 2nd, 2010 at 10:26 AM


Apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend, the general festivities of graduation got in the way (which also resulted in my not making it to yesterday's game... grumble grumble). An update on the first couple rounds of the CCLA conference tournament, and a brief preview of the final this afternoon (2PM at Saline High School ).

Round 1 Recap

After Eastern Michigan was disqualified from the conference tournament, Central Michigan stepped in to fill their spot against Miami (Not That Miami) on Friday. The Chippewas were outmatched, however, falling to the South Division's #2 seed 18-6. I wonder how Eastern would have fared against the RedHawks, considering they lost to Miami on the road in the middle of the season. Regardless, Miami advanced to face Michigan in the semifinals.

On the other side of the bracket, Michigan State showed that they're still interested in making the national tournament by pasting Pittsburgh 15-6. It was the Spartans' first win since April 10, and helped them inch closer to making the MCLA finals.

Miami (Not That Miami)

In their first taste of the conference tournament, Michigan got off to a fast start. They led 7-0 after the first quarter, but the offense became stagnant through the second and third, with the teams matching output at five goals each. Michigan came alive in the final frame, however, scoring 11 goals and holding Miami scoreless to reach the 23-5 final margin.

The Wolverines dominated statistically, nearly doubling up Miami in shots and groundballs, winning more than 75% of faceoffs, and riding the RedHawks to an abysmal 42% on clears. Freshman Thomas Paras scored four goals and four assists, while Trevor Yealy, a leading contender for MCLA Player of the Year honors (and recently-named team MVP) put four in the back of the net himself. Junior defenseman Harry Freid notched the first goal of his Michigan career in the fourth quarter.

David Reinhard (18/25) and Edward Ernst (6/6) dominated on faceoffs, and both Mark Stone (who got the start and allowed one goal) and Andrew Fowler (who played the second half and allowed four goals) played in the cage for Michigan.

Official Site Recap

Michigan State

The Spartans took down the South's #1 seed, Buffalo, 12-9 yesterday. That victory sets up a rematch of last week's Great Lakes Lacrosse Classic in the CCLA Tournament final, as Michigan looks to capture their fourth consecutive conference crown, and Michigan State looks to upset big brother.

The Spartans may also be looking to seal their place in the MCLA Tournament, as their slide at the end of the regular season put their at-large bid in question. I had them pegged as one of the last two teams in the field coming into the weekend. A win over Michigan would lock up an automatic qualifier (while not keeping MIchigan out of the tournament), but I think the two games on Friday and Saturday may be enough to seal their spot in the tournament. I haven't had a chance to give the tournaments of the other conferences a close look yet, but I think Michigan State is probably in, win or lose. I'll try to have a brief Bracketology segment in tomorrow's weekend recap post.

Since these teams just played last week, I won't preview the Spartans once again, but check out my preview of Michigan State (including an interview with their coach, Duane Hicks), and the recap of last Saturday's game.