Official* Unveiling of the MGoShirts, Fall 2012 Edition

Official* Unveiling of the MGoShirts, Fall 2012 Edition

Submitted by Six Zero on August 21st, 2012 at 5:05 PM

ANN ARBOR--  The fashion world is abuzz with enthusiasm after images of the 2012 Fall MGoShirt line were leaked last night.  Less than twenty four hours after MGoBlog member and reported WikiLeaks contributor JeepinBen* published the images, UGP and designer Six Zero are proud to unveil the offerings with this official press release.

Without further ado, then, please welcome the MGoShirt 2012 Fall Collection (To get a closer look, or to order a shirt, please click on the corresponding image):


A bold and stylish ode to culinary delight, this tee celebrates the hunger we all feel as the season draws nearer... and the feast we shall all enjoy starting September 1st.  Available in S-3XL.

The Flow, Brunettes, and more after THE JUMP!

Hot Off the Press in the MGoStore

Hot Off the Press in the MGoStore

Submitted by Six Zero on January 13th, 2012 at 5:14 PM

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So, my friends, it's a brand new year and less than a month until National Signing Day... plenty of time to update your Michigan wardrobe.  Plenty of time to get rid of all those neon yellow "All In" RR tees and replace them with something timeless, something brand new, and something awesome.  Let's take a look at the latest designs in the MGoStore...


In a recent thread, someone asked who our favorite Wolverine was.  After initially listing about 11 of the most prominent UM heroes that popped into my mind, I took some time to reflect on it and was able to narrow it down to 2.  Number 2, in fact.  (The other was 56, but that's another story).

Charles Woodson, a hero for any generation of Wolverine fans and certainly mine, was a beacon of hope every time he stepped on the field.  Defense?  INT.  Offense?  TD.  Special Teams?  TD.  Celebrate the legend and help support Mott's in the process.




 From "KICK IT THROUGH THE UPRIGHTS" to the postgame press conference and into the lore of Michigan football, one young man has us all thinking about dark-haired women these days. Wear your preference with pride and hope your girlfriend isn't a natural blonde!




The title says it all.  Words to live by.  Wear them on your sleeve, err, chest.


Also, Visit the MGoStore to check out all of the designs, including the
exclusive Lloyd Brady Collection and all of the other shirts that
will tell everyone why it's Great, To Be, A Michigan Wolverine.