MGoShirt Alert, 2011 Edition

MGoShirt Alert, 2011 Edition

Submitted by Six Zero on August 19th, 2011 at 12:52 PM


It's that time of year again, kids-- the boys are in camp, the hype is reaching meltdown status, and we're just a few weeks away from that most glorious time of the year known as football season.  We've also been given a great boost of Hoke hope this year, so it's certainly understandable that we're feeling a little optimistic that this year might be a little different.

Amen to that.

So I'm sure some of you are in need of some new gear, and what better than a new batch of MGoShirts for the whole family before the Western game in two weeks!  Featuring the finest quality apparel, MGoShirts are designed only for the most ravenous and dedicated community here at MGoBlog.  They also help a certain newlywed put bacon on the table, so remember that every shirt you buy is a contribution towards the site you love.

But enough of the sales pitch!  Onto the latest shirts for 2011:




You know what kind of play the new coach is all about, and so will everyone else when you sport this new tee.  Now available in Offense and Defense.  No, not really-- but you can wear this shirt and identify yourself as a true Hoke supporter.



Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!  Does this make you Millhouse, Columbus??

The most famous Schadenfreude of the cartoon world, now in convenient maize and blue and ridiculing something known as TSIO, whatever the heck that is.  And yes, if you look closely, he is indeed wearing his own 'WORST STATE EVER' MGoShirt.  My personal fave of the MGoShirts this year.



A monumental day in the history of Michigan Athletics

Remember that day?  It was a Tuesday, and most of us were still reacting--some revelling, some reviling-- to the hire of Brady Hoke, when out of the blue we learn that he's miraculously pulled away RAY LEWIS's own Defensive Coordinator.  Whether you consider yourself a conspiracy theorist or not, it's hard to argue with the meme around here that everything turned around the day Greg Mattison was hired.



You don't need to see my verification.... Move Along...

Brian Cook, in two succinct words.  I could wring that photographer's neck for not getting one of these on our fearless leader, but that's another story.   You wear your love of Michigan on your sleeve, and now you can do the same for your loyalty to the premiere Michigan sports online community.



Gimme an H...

A happy laugh out loud, either because of your extreme joy at a situation, a lot of fortunate turns of events leading to happiness. Can be used ironically.

Alex: I just pre-ordered black ops, HALOL.
Caitlin: HALOL, the funniest thing just happened at church!




  Fielding Yost Actually Invented the Muppets.  Srsly.

Not quite as new, but still a part of the 2011 line is the famous "CUE THE MUPPETS" shirt.  It's a well known fact that anytime the Muppets show up on MGoBlog, it usually means that something really good just happened on a UM field, court, or rink.

Dear Jesus, let us see many Muppets this fall.  And leave our DBs alone.  Amen.


Very exciting times to be a Michigan man-- don't get caught without the proper team gear, AND remember that September 2nd is once again National College Colors Day.

All shirts are available now in sizes S-2XL and in stock only at the MGoStore
Order yours today to ensure delivery by the opening game.  And on behalf of myself, the MGoStore, and Brian.... GO BLUE!!!!


2009 MGoShirt Alert

2009 MGoShirt Alert

Submitted by Six Zero on August 8th, 2009 at 8:19 AM

Gentlemen (and ladies), the 2009 Michigan football season is less than a MONTH away.  You have very little time to prepare the gameday menu, to put a new coat of lacquer on the beer pong table, or to spend quality time with your wife before she loses you every Saturday for the next three odd months.  You’re also going to need something to wear… and that’s where I come in. 

It’s time for the...
That’s right folks—Because all of you demanded it, Brian is now rolling out the MGoBlog apparel in a brand new store.  And… wait for it… That’s not all— we’re even going to ask YOU to decide on a shirt or two that will be featured in this 2009 line!

Over the next three weeks I’ll be unveiling a new shirt design every day from Monday to Friday.  Each will rejoice in the glory of Michigan football, and by necessity, none will actually say Michigan football.  For each shirt design we’ll be asking readers to ‘score’ each shirt on a scale of ***** (5 stars, Chad Henne) to * (1 star, Cobrani Mixon), based on the following criteria:

1.     Visual Quality:  Regardless of the message or joke, does the shirt look good?  Certainly I’ll be doing my part to create aesthetically pleasing and professional designs, but the best design should be something that everyone is happy with.

2.    Character/Humor:  Assuming the shirt is funny… how funny is it?  Does the joke work, or does it miss its mark?  If the shirt is NOT meant to be humorous, then what IS it attempting to be?  And is it successful in that regard?

3.    Michigan Pride:  How well does the shirt represent the glory and honor of Michigan football?  Our various enemies are always looking for new ways to ridicule the block M and tear us down, and we’re certainly not going to give them any extra ammunition.

4.    Mass Appeal:  There is an inevitable culture here at MgoBlog, and for many reasons it is why you visit this site and not another random Michigan blog.  So that’s great—Tacopants and Muppets are the order of business around here.  But what happens when your Uncle Joe, also a loyal M fan, sees the shirt?  Or perhaps the blue hair three rows behind you?  Will the general UM fan base get the shirt’s message, and does it matter anyway?

5.    Marketability:  Most importantly, is this shirt something you would wear, or even more appropriately, something you would BUY??  A design can be hilarious or interesting to look at, but if it’s not going to sell it’s really not what we’re looking for.  We’re looking for something that all of you will be willing to spend your hard-earned money on and wear with pride on gameday.

Each day for the next three weeks, starting Monday, will see the release of a new t-shirt design by yours truly.  We’ll allow the judging of each to last for a limited time and then tabulate the results to see which designs the MgoBlog community has chosen as their favorites.  The top selection will then be made available for future purchase during the 2009 season.

2009 MgoShirt Alert is all about celebrating the culture of Michigan Football, and everyone is encouraged to take part.  When all is said and done I hope to see everyone wearing the gear we’ve created at MGoBlog.  Look for the first design tomorrow.  GO BLUE!!