Brown Jug Kickstarter Question - MGoPatio?

Brown Jug Kickstarter Question - MGoPatio?

Submitted by jcgary on February 18th, 2014 at 4:16 PM

Back in the fall there was a kickstarter campaign for John Falk's Little Brown Jug party at MGoPatio.  Has anyone that chose to receive a plain replica jug received it yet?  The campaign said that we should see it sometime in December but I haven't received mine yet.  

Just wondering if others have the same issue and if you have been given any kind of update.    

Giving away 48-yard line Akron tix

Giving away 48-yard line Akron tix

Submitted by MGoPatio on September 13th, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Yes, I'm giving away 48-yard line seats for the Akron game. Yes, there's a catch...but it's not that bad.

There's a Kickstarter project based on the Little Brown Jug and Jon Falk's retirement at the end of this season. It needs your help. If you help, you might sit in some awesome seats for the game tomorrow! The seats are few rows below the point of the Block-M and a few rows above the tunnel entrance.

Here's how it works: back the KS project at any level. There are 20 backers right now. Help me get that to 75 backers by 7:00pm today and a pair of tickets go to a randomly drawn name (I'll message the name drawn to see if they come from the MGoBlog site). If the backer level hits 150, I'll award two pairs of tickets. OR...if you can reliably convince me that you are responsible for signing up a significant number of pledges on your own, I'll give you the second pair. (Send something out to your Twitter followers or Facebook friends. Get them to help too.)

THIS IS NOT A SWEEPSTAKES OR RAFFLE! You can back the project because you respect Jon Falk's 40 years of service (Big Jon is the primary beneficiary of the effort), not because of the risk/reward balance. I'll give away some seats because I respect the Michigan fan community. That is all.

Here's that link again:

Please...go help and GO BLUE!

MGoBeer: Part II

MGoBeer: Part II

Submitted by MGoPatio on September 10th, 2013 at 4:00 PM

First off, a huge THANK YOU to the MGoBlog community for coming together to support the Marlin Jackson Fight for Life foundation. I didn't get the final numbers, but it looked like the contribution$ were significant. 

Thank you also for being part of a wonderful gathering. The group that attended at MGoPatio was true blue...and from a homeowner's perspective, the best sort of crowd to have in the back yard. It looked like everyone had a good time and I appreciate the fact that there was very little cleanup to do when it was over.. 

You were all terrific. I really look forward to hosting again sometime. I'll talk to Brian and Seth about another date, maybe as early as Homecoming. I've already got something planned for that week and weekend. If things work out, we can have the MGoGang back again. How about it?

To that end, I'd like to take this opportunity to answer a few question I've received about a Kickstarter project with the MGoPatio name on it. It's all about Jon Falk and the Little Brown Jug. MGoPatio and a few other people are organizing a thank-you for the retiring equipment manager, the de facto Keeper of the Jug for the past 40 years. We've even teamed up with Redf Wing Pottery, the maker of the original LBJ, to produce a series of commemorative jugs (albeit in smaller sizes than the classic crock).

Would you PLEASE take an opportunity to contribute even a small amount to honor Big Jon and make it possible for us to present him with a gathering of like-minded friedns and well as his own commemorative jug.

For the cost of a Big Mac, you can get your name on the oversized thank-you card we'll give to Jon at a reception in his honor. You can also pick up a specially desiged decal, t-shirt, your own RW jug, or host your own MGoPatio event on Homecoming Saturday. Last, and certainly not least, you can claim...

...your own full-sized Little Brown Jug reproduced in painstaking detail by Jil Gordon, the official painter of The Jug, on a hundred-year-old five gallon Red Wing beehive jug we hunted down for the occasion.

Most of the money coming in will pay for the rewards going back out, but a little off the top will fund Jon's event. There's even a little room for a few KS backers to attend the shindig here at MGoPatio. Those joining the invitation-only crowd will enjoy rubbing elbows with members of Jon's football family. I can't name names, but you'd recognize many of them.

So, would you help out? Visit the Kickstarter project page and drop a symbolic $4 (for Jon's 40 years) in the collection. Think of it as a deposit on the beer for the next MGoPatio event.

Thanks for taking the time and, hopefully, for spreading the word about the project.