MGoBlue's Photo of the Year contest

MGoBlue's Photo of the Year contest

Submitted by MGoBender on July 19th, 2011 at 10:12 PM

The mothership is doing an online "Photo of the Year" tournament, located here:

They label it as the "Blue" bracket which will lead me to believe there will be a "Maize" bracket.

Some decent photos in the bracket, yet if you click the link to buy pictures you'll see that the University will gladly take your pennies for what are some truly awesome pictures (it seems they sacrificed some awesome pics for the sake of representing a wider range of sports). 

Since it's July and what not I figure this is worth discussing and propose you post your favorite picture from the past year.  Mine is easily Stu's dunk and THJ's reaction:




Though, obligatory:


Note: The bracket contest is of pictures taken by the athletic department's photographers, presumably.  Therefore, the Denard Heisman pic (taken by a Daily photographer) will likely not be in the bracket.






Louie Caporusso - Love Expert

Louie Caporusso - Love Expert

Submitted by Yostal on February 8th, 2011 at 6:56 AM

The good folks running the mothership have decided that "crazy" is officially the way to go.  Which is good, because it gives us this promo:


I'd make a joke about Louie's hands not being what they were last season, but that would likely just make me sad.

So instead, make your own cheap Kevin Quick/credit card/unpersoned like a Soviet dissident joke.'s Field Pass Feature: UMass Edition's Field Pass Feature: UMass Edition

Submitted by MGoShoe on September 19th, 2010 at 11:30 AM has a running feature this season called "Field Pass with Richard Retyi" (Retyi works in the Athletics Media Relations Office and is Assistant Director of Media Relations - Multimedia (Women's Gymnastics, Football)).

This week's inside look provides some nice insights into in game coaching including how Bruce Tall and Greg Robinson reacted after the first defensive series resulted in a UMass 11-play drive and a field goal and what happens when Mike Barwis decides to have a little tête-à-tête with his charges. Also:

Associate athletic director for facilities Rob Rademacher is happy that the Big House still has that new stadium smell. He's got an All-Sport Access Pass, which three men in the world possess -- athletic director Dave Brandon, Rademacher and former Wolverine Tom Brady.

Seriously? Tom Brady? Doesn't the man already have enough? 

Here's the link to the UConn game edition of "Field Pass". Still worth a look two weeks later.

OT- old videos?

OT- old videos?

Submitted by lhglrkwg on February 13th, 2010 at 5:46 PM

Does anyone know if there is a way to watch old highlights on mgoblue anymore? Ever since they switched to the CBS player, I haven't been able to find highlights from last year or earlier.

Specifically, I wanted to find our hockey highlights from when we beat minnesota 6-3 when they were ranked #1 last year

Interviewing a SID

Interviewing a SID

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on August 24th, 2009 at 6:08 PM

While many of us love watching Michigan sports, we sometimes overlook the process of providing the coverage. One of the key people in the process of providing you Michigan sports is the sports information directors (SIDs). These people work endlessly to make sure you the fan get all the information and access you can get. I've worked particularly close to one SID, Matt Fancett, over the course of the last few months as I covered the baseball team. Good fortune also had him covering the volleyball team, the team that inspired the start to the mgo-non-revenue posts.

So as a service to you fans who may not know just how the inner-workings of the media relations part of Michigan Athletics works, I thought I'd provide you with a brief look inside. As a bonus, Matt's got a pretty interesting story behind his relationship to Michigan.

What exactly is an associate sports information director? What are some of the major and minor tasks you do?

Associate and Assistant Sports Information Directors handle a variety of tasks in our Media Relations Office. The biggest responsibility I have is to serve as a liaison between both the baseball and volleyball programs and the media. I handle all the media requests for interviews for those two sports for both the coaching staff and the student-athletes. Day to day, I work to maintain the website for those two sports, writing recaps or events, features, blogs, etc. On game day for each I run the press areas for each sport which is both a ton of work and a ton of fun. I deal with all the media that cover our teams at both home and road games but at home I basically make sure they all have the information they need to be able to do their job. If they have a random question during a game, my job is to be able to answer it. I also handle all the official statistics for both volleyball and baseball. Along with a team of people I assemble for each sport, we are the ones that key in every play that eventually makes up a box score.

I work closely with the TV crews when we are on TV, and radio crews at nearly every game to make sure they have everything they need to pull off a great broadcast. When we are on the road, I serve as the play-by-play voice for volleyball and baseball. I love doing it because I do have a background in that and as the SID I am already privy to a ton of inside information so I feel like I am able to put on a good broadcast for the fans that are following.

I am also responsible for the creation of the weekly notes/releases about each sport to aid in the media’s coverage of the teams as well as the media guides. SID’s also do things like schedule the photographers for all the games, go through the countless images after the games, create media credentials and decide who will receive credentials for games, etc. I also handle things like Twitter for the two programs.

Where did you attend college and what major/concentration did you study while there?

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Broadcast Communications. There was not Sports Management undergrad program at EMU when I was there, so the next closest thing was the PR/Communications program. I was fortunate to be able to spend three years working in the Sports Information Department at EMU as an undergrad and was given the responsibility to be the main contact for baseball my senior year. I am also nearing completion on a masters degree in Sports Administration from EMU.

What job did you take out of college? Where have you been since there?

My first job out of college was with the Ann Arbor Visitors and Convention Bureau, doing Sports Marketing. There were no local SID jobs available when I was done with school and I wanted to stay in the area, so I took the job and basically hated it. I wanted to be a SID so bad and I was miserable doing what I was doing. My job was basically to find sporting events (AAU, Youth, etc.) and try to bring them to the Ann Arbor Area. I spent 9 months doing that until a SID job opened at Concordia University in Ann Arbor.  It is a tiny NAIA school, but I so badly wanted to be back in that field that I went after it very hard and got that job.

How was it that you came to Michigan?

I got to Michigan by “toiling in the minors”. I spent one year at Concordia and then was lured away by Madonna University, another NAIA school in Livonia, Michigan. Still a small school, but one with much better athletic success. I envisioned myself staying there for a couple of years and moving on because I really wanted to get back to Div. I level, but it turned into 7 years. The first five as SID and the last two as Asst. AD for Media Relations. I was responsible for 11 varsity sports there including great volleyball and baseball teams. My work there basically prepared me to be able to handle the duties here at Michigan because I was a one man band. I was the SID, the marketing rep., the facilities coordinator… you name it, I did it.

I applied for a couple of jobs at U-M over the years, but there are always hundreds of people applying for jobs at Michigan. Finally when the volleyball/baseball job came open I called Tom Wywrot (men’s basketball SID) who I had known from his time at EMU and my time serving as PA Announcer for U-M basketball and told him I was interested. I went through the process again and this time the combination of the sports, and the timing of the job (It didn’t post until August which is very late to hire a SID) were a great fit. I interviewed and was lucky enough to get the position.

What sports have you covered other than baseball and volleyball at Michigan?

Baseball and Volleyball have been my only two sports here at Michigan since last year was my first year, but we all help out from time to time with other sports. I have helped work football and men’s basketball and this year I am overseeing our interns as they handle swimming.

Of the sports you cover (or covered besides football), which do you feel have the most active fan bases?

I think that one of the special parts about Michigan is that all of the sports have great fan bases. I think that volleyball has a very underrated and growing fan base. It is a very fun sport to watch, especially at the level that Michigan performs. The success of the team over the last couple of years has really gotten the fans to come out, and I think that our marketing department, especially Katy Jackson who handles marketing for both volleyball and baseball, have done a great job to make a great fan experience. When Keen Arena is full it can be a very hostile environment, especially with The Zone (student-section).

Other than volleyball, I think that hockey has a great fan base… men’s basketball has gotten better and better as the team has improved and I think that the baseball program has very loyal fans that will sit out in the cold and watch great baseball at a great facility.

What is the favorite part of your job at Michigan?

Having grown up in Ann Arbor I was a Michigan fan my whole life. I have a lot of great memories of different games. Most of them involve men’s basketball because my dad was the PA Announcer during the Fab Five era… so I was at all those games and it was a very exciting time. Probably my favorite memory is my first game as the PA Announcer for basketball at Michigan. I had done PA work at EMU as a student and when my dad stepped down as the PA guy here, they contacted me to see if I was interested. I just remember being so nervous and having the ushers and stuff looking at me like “who is this young kid”. And then after the game, there were fans and stuff that came up to me as I was leaving telling me that I sounded just like “the last guy”, so that was a pretty surreal moment… one that as a kid sitting at game with him I always hoped would happen and it did.. .it was great.

Matt, I've definitely noticed a change in the way has approached the emerging social medias. Your press releases have a slightly different style than years past, and I'm really digging it. How do you approach those?

One of the things I have tried to do is incorporate my own style into the weekly releases for both volleyball and baseball and try to get a little more in depth with some of the stuff. I am a numbers guy, so I like to break down the numbers and find meaning to them. I think that is one of the really cool parts about sports is examining the statistics and finding trends in them. It is pretty easy to do with baseball and I have had great help from Jim Schneider who held my job with baseball for over 30-years. The guy is a legend, a walking encyclopedia of Michigan baseball and he has been a great asset to me since I started here. I also realized that those weekly releases are read more by the fans and by bloggers than they are by the mainstream media, so I try to incorporate things that they will care about as well. I will say that pumping out those weekly releases can get to be a pretty big grind, especially for baseball. When you consider the amount of games they play in a week and especially this season with more mid-week games, it becomes very tough to update all the information with such short turnaround. Volleyball is a lot easier because they only play twice a week, so during the season the majority of my time is spend on those releases, so I am glad to hear someone likes them!

Do you have any short term career goals? I know you've mentioned more features such as interviews and player blogs, are there other bigger picture ideas you can share with us?

There are a ton of things I would like to do, the trick is actually finding the time to carry them out. I would love to go more in depth with feature stories in both sports. I firmly believe that each of the athletes has a unique story. I would also like to do things with alums of each program because I think fans would be interested to see what some of them are doing now. The player blogs were very well received this year and I will continue to do that with my two sports, and hopefully be able to do them more frequently. You never know how things are going to change… look how quickly Twitter has exploded for instance, but I think down the road we will always look at the technology that is available and figure out how we can use it to our advantage to promote our teams and student-athletes here at Michigan and help give the fans the best insight we can.

You can catch more of Matt at and at all Michigan volleyball games.

new video w/ RR interview, highlights of Koger/Webb, Tate, Denard, others

new video w/ RR interview, highlights of Koger/Webb, Tate, Denard, others

Submitted by gpsimms not to… on August 12th, 2009 at 11:19 PM

RR interview. Minor headache (pun intended), plus you already knew that.

Few clips of Tate throwing downfield, and Martell Webb looking very large and athletic.

Koger makes a nice grab, too. Man I hope we see some 2 TE sets this year. Make the defense bring in a few bigger guys and have Webb and Koger run away from 'em. Or if the D goes small, have Koger/Webb eat a couple and let Minor run for touchdown(s). (!!)


also, it is on the front page.
You may be familiar with it.

also, also, I apologize to forum editing Gods who deemed my original title was uninformative. I've now made it ultra-informative.