OT: Michigan Meme Facebook Page

OT: Michigan Meme Facebook Page

Submitted by El Fuego on February 4th, 2012 at 11:52 PM

Within the last two days, there has been a facebook page created completely devoted to Michigan based memes.  It had about 1500 likes in 24 hours and continues to grow rapidly.  Most of them are absolutely hilarious, especially if you are/were a student of the university.  http://www.facebook.com/UmichMemes

The best part about this is how it has attracted several Sparty trolls and, promptly, little brother made a page of its own.  So please, if you enjoy making UM memes (and I know you all do) come on over to the page and post your own awesome meme and even join in on some good ole Spartanfreude.

Uninformed Zook Memes

Uninformed Zook Memes

Submitted by mgokev on November 18th, 2011 at 2:36 PM

Seeing as we just came off of a great performance against good ol' Ron Zook, I figured I'd pass along an "Uninformed Zook" meme bank that I came across earlier today.  Many of them are pretty funny, but here's one referencing last year's Michigan game:

Uninformed Zook


There's quite a few gems in there across eight pages that had me laughing.  Hopefully these start popping up across the interwebs.  Share your favorites.



cooler pooper (noun)

cooler pooper (noun)

Submitted by lakeside on September 23rd, 2011 at 8:40 AM

Someone had to do it and now "cooler pooper" is officially part of the American lexicon.  From Urban Dictionary:

A classless sports fan. Originating from a 2005 college football game between the the Texas Longhorns and the Ohio State Buckeyes which was overcrowded to the point that fans resorted to pooping in their coolers. Credit for the first use of the phrase "cooler pooper" goes to Brian Cook of MGoBlog.com.
The setting: After a tough loss, JDUB is mad at the home team's quarterback.

JDUB: does anyone know where our quarterback lives? I want to visit him. I'm dead serious. I just want to punch him in the eye or beak his leg.

Huffy: You are putting way too much emphasis on the outcome of a sporting event.

JDUB: I got 3 lil boys all who can kick his ass and get nothing since they got clean records.

great2belucky: you know how fucking stupid you sound? that fact you have children is SCARY, you fucking cooler pooper.

Relevant links:

First documented use - The Warden's Exit

Meta: save us the hymnals, cooler poopers

Original documention of cooler pooper behavior - Big crowd for OSU game prompts special plans for buses, parking garages, portable toilets

OT: Brian Kelly's New Boots Picture in Need of a Caption Contest

OT: Brian Kelly's New Boots Picture in Need of a Caption Contest

Submitted by MGoShoe on December 29th, 2010 at 12:56 PM

While down in the West Texas town of El Paso for the run up to the Sun Bowl, the Fighting Irish's own, head coach Brian Kelly, made himself a big purchase.

CoachBrianKelly Here is a picture of my new boots. http://plixi.com/p/66436065

Enter your caption in the comments below and keep it (relatively) SFW/H.  Winner is the entry with the most MGoVotes.

A (failed) Attempt to Debunk the Too Small Meme

A (failed) Attempt to Debunk the Too Small Meme

Submitted by Mustachioed Ge… on October 7th, 2010 at 4:21 AM

     I have been growing increasingly tired of the "Denard is too small to maintain his RB-like carry numbers" and the even more specifically infuriating "SAME MEME BUT WITH OMGSEC". I did some very amateurish analysis and came to the following conclusion: Ahhh Hamburgers.... he is small.

     Denard checks-in at a svelte 27 lbs below the average weight of the top 2-26 rushing leaders in total yards (Denard iz noomber von) which comes out to beefcakey 215 lbs. He also punches in at beach-season-envious 11 lbs below the low-end standard deviation weightage of 199 lbs.

     Now for the SEC comparison, which affords us the awesome right of bangkok bettying the SEC as they wave their collective penii around in the constant dick wagging contest they seem to push on everybody against our will (essentially non-sexual confrontational rape). Their average weight for RB's is cleared for a lighter landing at 211 lbs, which, as only the most astute will notice, is less than 215 lbs. Sadly, their low-end standard deviation comes in at 199 lbs or as a SEC fan will articulate: SAMESIES BITCHFACES (or something along those lines).

     So I guess, in conclusion, Denard is small in comparison to the small sample of RB's I sampled. But, on the brighter side, he is smaller in comparison to the national leaders than he is to SEC starting RB's. How's that basically inconsequential humble pie taste SEC peeps? I'll get you the heavy f'ing whipping cream so you guys can beef up.

*Note: 3 SEC RB's factored into the top 2-26 numbers*

Origin of Lewan Donkey meme

Origin of Lewan Donkey meme

Submitted by Sambojangles on September 27th, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Can anybody explain to me where the Taylor Lewan hates donkeys meme came from? I read mgoblog every day, but I can't remember, and can't find, where it came from. If it is something that will stick around for a while, maybe it should be added to the list of things like "Unverified Voracity" and "Tacopants."


I'm not feeling the 8 wins and RR is gone memes (long)

I'm not feeling the 8 wins and RR is gone memes (long)

Submitted by bluesouth on July 24th, 2010 at 2:08 PM

  The title says it all. I was listening to a sports talk station in SEC country earlier today and some how the host got on the subject of Big Ten Football and eventually got to Michigan which led to him making the statement that RR had to win eight to keep his job.  Fine ill informed local honk the reads National media makes ill informed comment I let it go.

  Until I started thinking about of the Michigan fans that parrot those same comments.   I understand everyone has an opinion and should express it, but should'nt that opinion have some basis in fact? 

   Heres the deal with me.  I don't know if or what the magic number of wins is for RR to keep his job but based on the comments from Dave Brandon he alluded that there are no magic numbers, Jim Brandstatter whom I assume is a relative insider also reflects the same.  thoughts discuss