OT, as in not even remotely relevant: Favorite old-school video games

OT, as in not even remotely relevant: Favorite old-school video games

Submitted by Tim Waymen on February 22nd, 2010 at 1:08 PM

In honor of Rick Snyder's campaign for Governor and Protector of Michigan against the evil robot uprising, I will bring out my inner nerd. What are your favorite old-school video games? Obviously, it's very tough to set any parameters for what is old school, but it probably doesn't include GTA 4. I recently found what is possibly the most awesome website ever: Virtual NES. Tons of NES games you can play through Flash (?).

As a kid, I had and loved NES and SNES. Of course, it goes without saying that Mario 1-3 and Zelda are amazing. Mario 3 and Zelda are definitely among my all-time favorites. When I got SNES, I had Mario World (I got sick of it once I got 96%) and Mario All-Stars. I loved Castlevania games whenever I rented them, and I bought Symphony of Night on the PSN Store a while back. I remember enjoying Castlevania 2, but this guy reminded me of how frustrating it really was.

Other huge favorites of mine, however, were Mega Man 2-4 + X, TMNT 2-4, and Battletoads, even though I could never make it past the pipe level because holy shit that game was difficult (considered by some to be the hardest of all time). I recently found the original Mega Man and Mega Man X collections for PS2 on ebay, so that's exciting. Paper Boy was also great.

What are your favorites?