Inside the Boxscore - Team 135, Game 8

Inside the Boxscore - Team 135, Game 8

Submitted by ST3 on October 26th, 2014 at 4:33 PM

     Last week, Brian included a photo of the Michigan Football 2014 Team Goals in an Unverified Voracity post. Let's see how the team did this weekend:

Win? No.
Turnovers? No.
4th Quarter? Yes, but just barely.
Kicking Game? I have no idea how they judge this, but Wile made his FG and Sparty missed theirs. So, yes?
Time of Poss.? No.

Let's look at that last goal in the context of this game. In the third quarter, Michigan won the time of possession battle, 10:08 to 4:52. If that's one of the top five goals for the team, that must mean we did well in the third quarter, right? Let's check the drive chart in the play by play. Hmmm... State had one drive that consumed 0 plays, 0 yards, and 0:00 time of possession and resulted in 7 points. Of course, that's the pick six. State had another drive that consumed 1 play, 70 yards, and a whole 11 seconds. That drive also ended in a touchdown. 14 points in 11 seconds. It boggles the mind. If time of possession were so important, maybe this coaching staff should have called timeout at the end of the first half to save some time for our offense to answer State's second score. Being down 14-6 with some momentum and getting the ball to start the 2nd half is much better than being down 14-3 with bupkis.

I agree with the first 2 and 1/2 goals. I would change 4th quarter to 2nd half, because if you get down 28-3 by the start of the 4th quarter, the 4th quarter is meaningless. So how about these as goals:

Hold their running back under 100 yards? No.
Rush for over 100 yards as a team? No.
Average per pass <7 for them, No, >7 for us, No.
Total offense yards <350 for them, No, >350 for us, not even close.
Third down conversions < 40% for them, No, >40% for us, no.

So for all of the meaningful goals one might set, we came up short.

There is one last goal I'd set and that would relate to penalties. We had fewer penalty yards than State did, but maybe that's because our coaches don't teach, or at least condone, targeting. State picked up 2 personal foul calls for targeting and one ejection of a meaningless special teams player. The more important starting middle linebacker was allowed to continue playing in the game, and of course, he made an interception later in the game. Does anyone think Dantonio will offer an apology for his players targeting our players with helmet to helmet hits? I mean, this is something that actually matters. Sticking a stake in the ground is so inconsequential, it doesn't even show up in the boxscore. But helmet to helmet hits lead to brain damage, players committing suicide and donating their brains to science for study. That matters. Stakes do not.

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Mom is visiting this weekend from, of all places, East Lansing, (she was smart enough to get out of town for the weekend) so I'm cutting it short this week. Besides, it just doesn't matter.