Mealer claims snap count problem vs. MSU fixed

Mealer claims snap count problem vs. MSU fixed

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 18th, 2012 at 9:25 AM

In this morning's, Elliot Mealer is quoted saying the MSU snap count problem has been fixed. LINK:


That extra jump helped the Spartans shred Michigan's offensive line, which led to increased pressures faced by quarterback Denard Robinson and a stifled rushing attack. That could have been Michigan's downfall in the 28-14 loss. 

Mealer says the snap-count problem was addressed last year and shouldn't be an issue again Saturday.

"They did a good job at timing that up and keying us," Mealer said. "We got that under control. It was more a recognition thing -- being able to recognize the defense before you snap the ball -- and it's something that we've been doing ever since that game. I'm not too worried about that."

I hope that Mealer is right. It killed me watching their DL and Worthy in particular just explode in on Michigan's OL the last couple years. If Michigan can avoid having their count predicted, and better yet, draw MSU offsides with hard and varied counts, it could be the deciding factor in imposing our will and MANBAWW on MSU.

Big Ten Network Awards Show Recap

Big Ten Network Awards Show Recap

Submitted by Mr Mackey on June 20th, 2011 at 8:51 PM

The Big Ten Network had their award show tonight. It's pretty comparable to the Oscars, Emmy's, and Grammys. Huge red carpet deal, and everyone really cares about who wins.

Michigan's nominees and how they fared: 

Women's coach of the year: Hutch lost to Wisconsin women's hockey coach Mark Johnson (blasphemy)

Breakout performer: Denard won, beating Darius Morris and Sullinger

Most Dominating Performance: Denard's manhandling of ND took the top spot over Mikel Leshoure vs NW and Jordan Taylor (Wisc basketball) vs OSU

Most courageous performance: Brock Mealer lost to Jon Hoese of Minnesota football. I don't know his story, so I'll reserve my judgement, but I thought Brock should have won.

Best finish: Football vs Illinois and basketball vs Wisconsin (DEATH TO BACKBOARDS) lost to MSU's fake shit vs ND

Game of the Year: 67-65 Defensive Struggle beat out OSU - Wisconsin in football and basketball

Full list of winners (the list is not much longer.. And just so you don't have to click on it, I'll tell you that PSU volleyball won best Women's team, PSU wrestling won best Men's team, PSU wrestling coach won men's coach of the year, some purdue diver was male athlete of the year, and some northwestern lacrosse player was women's athlete of the year) : 

EDIT: just realized Shoe put up the winners in the other thread.. My bad. Thought it was just an introduction to the awards.

Brock Mealer feature in DetNews

Brock Mealer feature in DetNews

Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on July 20th, 2010 at 7:06 AM

Great piece by Angelique on Brock Mealer's recovery from the auto accident that left him partially paralyzed from the wasit down.

My favorite part is short, but succinct:

"He'll walk," Barwis said firmly as a statement of fact, not as a hope or dream"

Anyone else have chills hearing Barwis's voice say that in your head? If this is turned into a movie, only one man can play Mike Barwis: Chuck Norris