OT--Millen deserves to lose yet another job

OT--Millen deserves to lose yet another job

Submitted by ghostofhoke on October 3rd, 2015 at 3:16 PM
Throughout the game Millen described the actions and mistake of 18-22 yr old college kids as "pathetic", "embarrassing", "plain awful". I get that sometimes the quality of college football is not top notch but to use words like that to describe the effort and performance of amateur (allegedly) athletes in that manner is completely uncalled for and unprofessional in my opinion. It's hard enough to suffer through a game that he's calling but this kind of stuff should be embarrassing to BTN and should force them to take a hard look at whether he should be representing their brand. I don't know how to mount pressure on BTN but it should be done.

Matt Millen Comment - Instant Classic

Matt Millen Comment - Instant Classic

Submitted by profitgoblue on September 6th, 2010 at 9:03 PM

I may be late chiming in on this, but did anyone notice Millen's comment on UNC and Butch Davis towards the end of the game.  If not, you have to go back and check it out.  It is a classic!  He was talking about the then-upcoming UNC-LSU matchup and said (and I'm paraphrasing) something to the effect that Butch Davis has done a great job at UNC.  He qualified it saying that he's done a great job at UNC, regardles of what has happened the past few days.  My jaw hit the floor when I heard it.  I bet Millen thinks that he did a good job with the Lions and is a good broadcaster too.    What a f-ing moron.

Lions vs Steelers

Lions vs Steelers

Submitted by CRex on August 12th, 2010 at 9:25 AM

Watch as the amazing Lamar Woodley knifes through our offensive line like substance.  Marvel as Mat Stafford is destroyed by a series of brutal blitz packages, thus ensuring we have to draft a new QB within 5 years because the current one is dead/broken/in a coma.  

Get your hopes up when Calvin Johnson or House of Spears does something amazing.  Feel hopeful for a few minutes until Johnson's catch is called back by a hold or the Steelers convert on  3 and 19 because the secondary is crap.

Bet on which member of the Lions organization will be busted for DUI in a fast food drive through next.   

Listen to in studio commentary by Matt Millen and ask yourself yet again "How does this man keep finding work?"

At the end of the day, walk away suddenly optimistic about Michigan football, because "Hey it could be worse."  

Seriously though the Lions have actually made some decent personnel moves and I'm excited to see this game.  Plus I miss football, I watched at Hall of Fame game the same way a crack addict eyes an 8 ball.  I need it man.   I can't quite get my hopes up though, as the Lions excel at underachieving.  

So what are you guys looking to see in the 1st quarter when the 1st stringers are in?  I'm hoping for: 

1. Creation of a pocket for Stafford to throw from.

2.  3.3 yards per carry on the run game.

3.  Suh to renact the bathroom scene from Midgeville, Georgia.  With Big Ben playing the roll of the college girl.