This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2008: Pryor isn't coming, Boren has left, and some academic fraud allegations sprinkled in

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February 2008

March 3 - Monday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Post - Analysis

Brian was off for awhile at the end of February, so he gives a recap of what’s been happening. The hockey team has scuffled a bit at the end of their season. The basketball team has had an inglorious end to their inglorious season.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Analysis

March 4 - Tuesday

CFB Blogger Awards: Best Big 10 Blog

Hockey bracketology post. ‘M’ should be the number two overall team, but things are “jittery”.

CFB Blogger Awards: Best non-BCS Blog

March 5 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity, Terrified of Pasties. Rumors abound about some athletic/academic problems that are about to break. The rumors are:

  • A sizable number of UM athletes have been taking spring and summer term independent study courses in kinesiology and sociology under a few specific professors.


  • In the late 80s and early 90s, Michigan bent its admissions standards for athletes(!).


March 6 - Thursday


Depth chart by class.


March 7 - Friday


Unverified Voracity has Daddy Issues. Actually Terrelle Pryor has daddy issues, but otherwise his recruitment has been very quiet. He has offered some optimism by floating a possible visit but that doesn’t seem likely.


March 10 - Monday

Weekend recap. Hockey had a bye in the first weekend of the CCHA tournament, and their situation hasn’t changed much. The basketball team is struggling, and they haven’t shown much improvement throughout the year. However, Hello Zack Novak!


Unverified Voracity Snaps Depression-Era Necks. Rumors that the Comcast/BTN standoff has ended and the year old network will now be seen on many more TVs. Also, lots more about Novak.


March 11 - Tuesday


Mailbag covering how the change in offensive philosophy will affect in-state recruiting, the success of the women’s gymnastic team, and some reminiscing about the 1959 ‘M’ vs. OSU game.


Unverified Voracity is #2 because Michigan Stadium is going to be the second biggest in the country, due to university settling a lawsuit to create more handicap access seating. I’m only beginning to remember how bad 2008 was…


Also, this is an interesting note regarding the current state of basketball recruiting at Michigan:


  • Michigan is still scared to death of the Ed Martin thing from ten years ago and is running a program so squeaky-clean they've basically written themselves out of every high profile basketball recruit ever. All you need to know about Michigan's paranoia is this: Tommy Amaker was hired by Harvard and immediately ratcheted up the skeeziness.


March 12 - Wednesday


2008 Recruiting Grades. RB, WR, and TE all get an A, but QB and DL (no DEs taken) get an F.


March 13 - Thursday


Five guys who are going to be glad that Rich Rodriguez came:


5. Corey Zirbel

4. Avery Horn

3. Marcus Witherspoon

2. The DL (because Gittleson was having them eat Pizza as a condition program)

1. Sam McGuffie


Also, Brian anticipates the scourge that is clickbait:


Lists are one of the hackiest forms of writing anything, but I, too, succumb to the occasional bout of offseason glazomania.


Unverified Voracity Says Stop Breaking Bones. Matt Rust has suffered a serious injury in an on ice collision. This adds to the already injured Chad Kolarik and Scooter Vaughn.


March 14 - Friday


Five guys who are going to dislike them some Rich Rodriguez:


5. Vince Helmuth and Mark Moundros (i.e. Fullbacks)

5. The DL (because they’re going to be doing something other than eating piazza)

4. Darryl Stonum

3. Mike Massey

2. Brandon Minor

1. Ryan Mallett


Hockey playoffs are starting, and Brian tries to figure out how good Manny Harris really is.


March 16 - Sunday


The potential athletic scandal previously rumored has broken, and it is indeed lots of independent studies for athletes. MLive article.


March 17 - Monday


Brian posts a number of data points related to the independent study issue. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of it at this point.


He goes back and interrupts the data, basically concluding that he is ok with the academic helps for athletes, but especially thinks that the athletes should be able to major in their sports.


Repost of a critical piece on Harbaugh from last summer, regarding academics at ‘M’.  


Hockey update. Things are still murky regarding the NCAA tournament. They play NMU on Friday in the CCHA semi-finals.


March 18 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Talks About Other Things. Lots of excitement about how former WVU players (like Steve Slaton) are traveling to Michigan to work with Barwis. This did not happen with former ‘M’ players in the past.


March 19 - Wednesday


Mailbag with lots of academic discussions, and Brian defending his views.


Pryor signs with OSU.


March 20 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity is Relatively Unsurprised by Cage Fighting. Barwis was 36-0 as a cage fighter.


March 21 - Friday


2009 Recruiting Board. Lots of fun names here.


2009 Recruiting Overview. There’s a slight concern that there are no QBs yet, but there are options.


Who's left? Lots of kids, most prominently CA QB Tate Forcier and VA QB Kevin Newsome. Both are top-100 types who have spoken favorably about Michigan. Tate, of course, is Jason's little brother and is supposed to be the best of the flingin' Forcier clan (the middle brother is entering his freshman year at UCLA). Newsome showed very well at the Army All-American game. Both maintain they're open to anyone at this point. Forcier seems really interested in Penn State as well, which means 1) distance is not a factor and 2) wooo recruiting against Jay Paterno. Newsome is reportedly looking at VT hard.


Also, Jay Hopson’s influence has been immediate with lots of Mississippi offers.


March 22 - Saturday


A few, final hockey seeding notes and projections. ‘M’ can’t be worse than second overall.


March 24 - Monday


The hockey team got a very favorable draw. They play Niagara and then the winner of St. Cloud/Clarkson.


A note on hockey tickets.


A closer look at common opponents for St. Cloud and Clarkson.


March 25 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Fears Biff. Lots of rumors that two O-Linemen might be leaving the program. Nothing concrete yet, but Justin Boren has been mentioned as a possibility.


ESPN has rights to the hockey tournament, and this year there will be very few syndicated games. If you don’t have ESPNU, too bad.


Confirmed, Boren is gone.


March 26 - Wednesday


Mailbag covers the process of selecting tournament teams, just what Boren’s departure means, tickets for Dearborn and Flint students, and a look back at a regional game at Yost in 2002.


March 27 - Thursday


Brian tries to figure out who is responsible for West Virginia being so good this season.


West Virginia is currently in the Sweet Sixteen. Michigan would not have made the Sweet Sixteen in a seventeen team tournament that featured M versus

  1. Northwestern

  2. the 0-29 New Jersey Institute of Technology

  3. the Glendale School for Headless Boys

  4. Courtney Sims International Toughness Academy

  5. Five Separate Mounds of Animal Crackers Ranging from Six-Two to Seven-Foot-Even

  6. Mary Kate Olsen

  7. Feral Chicken State University

  8. the Armenian National Team

  9. Strippers Killed By Kwame Kilpatrick

  10. Superintelligent Mutated Algae

  11. Team Oompa-Loompa

  12. Nihilists

  13. Bill Simmons, his dad, his infant child, "J-Bug," and "House"

  14. the Knicks

  15. Avery Queen, Maurice Searight, Josh Moore, Gavin Groninger, and Jerrett Smith, aaaaand

  16. Duke.

One team is coached by John Beilein. Correction: John Beilein looks at one team with a visage of perfect exasperation and incredulity. It was recruited and assembled by Tommy Amaker. The other team was recruited and assembled by John Beilein. It is coached by Bob Huggins.

The question for beleaguered Michigan basketball fans: how much of West Virginia's current success can John Beilein take credit for? The answer is somewhere between "all" and "none."

March 28 - Friday


More Boren updates and analysis.


It sucks that Boren hated the new staff so much he wanted to transfer, and that's his prerogative. A multi-day campaign of offense against the University when the only statement it issued on the matter was a factual "Boren has left the program" is grounds for excommunication. Stone the witches!


Preview of the hockey game against Niagara.


March 29 - Saturday


Lots of good news. The hockey team beat Niagara! Top 50 OH DB Justin Turner has committed! Also, MI RB Teric Jones!


March 31 - Monday


Michigan ended up winning both games during the weekend. 5-1 against Niagara, and 2-0 against Clarkson. Game column.


Boren says the football team lacks family values, and then not only do Turner and Jones commit, but also OH S Isaiah Bell.













MGoBlog Tournament Challenge / Selection Show Open Thread???

MGoBlog Tournament Challenge / Selection Show Open Thread???

Submitted by Saint_in_Blue on March 12th, 2017 at 4:17 PM

Get in the action now:

Group: MGoBlog Community
Password: harbaugh!

If you were a part of the group last year, all you have to do is create an entry and choose to rejoin the group.

The Selection Show begins after Michigan wins the B1G Tournament. Once the brackets are revealed you will be able to make your picks.

Congratulations to Wolverheel on winning last year with a whopping 1350 points! Harbaugh2016 took the runner-up position with 1300 points and Big-Ass-Ham took 3rd with 1260 points. All three correctly picked Villanova to win the NCG.

Maybe this can be used as an open thread for the Selection Show as well? Maybe? I'm expecting no worse than a 7 seed for Michigan.

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2007: The End of the Amaker Era

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2007: The End of the Amaker Era

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on March 6th, 2017 at 10:56 PM


February 2007


March 1 - Thursday

Stewart Mandel wrote a piece about how Troy Smith is not getting enough respect from NFL scouts; after all, he won the Heisman.

As one AFC personnel director told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "He's six feet tall, he's not a super fast guy and he's not super athletic. ... I don't think he's horrible. He's just a guy."

These are all reasonable criticisms.

See what I'm saying? How can you not admire a guy who's short, slow and unathletic yet managed to win the most prestigious award in college football?

Jason White.

It's like someone who can't act winning an Oscar.

Charlie Ward.

Or someone who can't sing winning American Idol.

Eric Crouch.

Unverified Voracity Runs a 3.2. USC recruit Brandon Jennings is making fun of ‘M’ commit Alex Legion for going to Michigan.

March 2 - Friday

A closer look at scholarship numbers by conference that Brian and EDSBS came up with a few weeks ago. Specifically, the meaning of the advantage that the  SEC has.

Is this scholarship gap necessarily a sign of poor moral fiber? Not necessarily. There are two different arguments getting conflated into one here:

  1. SEC classes are overrated on Signing Day and during the media blitz that follows because their increased attrition rate -- something the numbers show is indisputable -- allows them to sign a bunch more players who will never make an on-field contribution.

  2. The SEC doesn't care about football people. [/Kanye]

Argument #1, as noted, can be accepted as a given. Argument #2 is murkier and requires us to consider...

March 5 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. Jonas Gray isn’t looking like a lock to ND any more and there could be some mutual interest with ‘M’.

The basketball team lost its last game, and the writing is on the wall for Amaker.

But whether or not Tommy Amaker is a good coach or not is no longer all that relevant -- though for the record all available evidence indicates they he is not. He has had six years to produce a basketball team that fans are capable of watching for more than two minutes at a time without screaming something profane and punting the cat into the next room. This he has not done, and he must be fired, even if none of what's transpired over his tenure is actually his fault.

March 6 - Tuesday

Pairwise update and things are looking up for the hockey team.

Unverified Voracity is Confused and Thrilled by YouTube with lots of ‘M’ related clips. The only one  that still works is  of Jack Johnson taking off a goalie’s helmet with a slapshot.

March 7 - Wednesday

PSA that more posting will be delayed.

JMFJ photoshop collection.

March 8 - Thursday

After switching to zone blocking before the ‘06 season, the football team found it difficult to convert on third and short.

March 9 - Friday

Liveblog of Big Ten tournament game against Ohio St.  The basketball team loses again.

If you met Greg Oden on the street, how old would you think he is? Like... 800, right? You can't be that enormous and craggy without having hit your eighth century. OSU alley-oop.

I Call Him Mini Voracity with a working video of The Victors done on beer bottles.

March 11 - Sunday

Hockey update. Michigan is firmly in the tournament and might get as high as a 5 seed.

March 12 - Monday

Third down statistics from the ‘06 season. Links to charts no longer work.

March 13 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity is Also Emo. Lester Abram says the basketball team won’t try to lose on purpose. Amaker says a lot of people want to trade places with them to be in the NIT.

Complete list of noun phrases willing to trade places with the Michigan basketball program:

  • Penn State

  • Northwestern

  • anyone rushing puck against JMFJ

  • Lemmiwinks

NIT Liveblog with a single remark.

March 14 - Wednesday

Michigan beat Utah St. which is the worst case scenario. Amaker’s tenure is extended.

Does Michigan's performance in something that doesn't exist have an impact on Amaker's future? The implication is that it does, and therefore the implication is that a good performance can help Amaker's case. Furthermore, it implies that there is an Amaker case at all. There is no case. Michigan can win the entire freakin' Not Extant Tournament and it will matter not one bit.

Spring Football Presser. Adrian Arrington, Carson Butler, and Eugene Germany have been in trouble and are currently suspended. Carlos Brown is switching to CB, and Brandon Graham will play inside.

March 15 - Thursday

Brian looks at Ben Wallace’s departure and how it has affected the Pistons’ 06-07 record. (In case you didn’t realized, Detroit Piston and Edmonton Oiler posts were a thing back in this era of the blog.) His conclusion is that Wallace’s replacement of Chris Webber, Nazr Mohammed, and Jason Maxiell send their opponents to the line more often. Otherwise, production hasn’t fallen off.

March 16 - Friday

Recruiting Board Update. Added names of note: Kurt Wermers and Latavius Murray. ‘M’ leads for Daryl Stonum and Sam McGuffie.

March 17 - Saturday

Amaker has been fired. It’s not mentioned, but the basketball team lost to Florida St. on Thursday night.

Final Pairwise.

March 18 - Sunday

Amaker Voracity with lots of reaction, but not a whole lot of substance yet on where things will go from here. Terry Foster says Tom Crean would be a good option.

Hockey gets the Denver bracket instead of the GR bracket. Brian swears a lot.

March 19 - Monday

Coaching Profiles: Mid Majors looking at Reggie Theus, Todd Lickliter, Chris Lowery, Greg Marshall, and Karl Hobbs but Sean Miller is a no.

Coaching Profiles: Name Guys  looking at Mike Montgomery, Tubby Smith, Lon Kruger, and John Beilein. About Beilein:

Buyout is prohibitive and the total outlay in that situation is approaching a range in which Montgomery or Smith might perk up. There will be -- already has been -- a lot of talk about him, but I don't see it happening.

Coaching Profiles: Absentminded Edition looking at Sean Miller.

March 20 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Swoons for Chris Lowery. Internet says the top three candidates are Lowery, Miller, and Beilein. Lots more coaching stuff included.

March 21 - Wednesday

MGoBlog moves to a new host site, and for the first time there are a significant number of viewable comments.

Unverified Voracity is so Over Chris Lowery with a closer look at John Beilein.  

Carson Butler and Chris Richards have been arraigned for beating up another student. Probably the end for both.

The hockey game will be on tape delay on local Comcast.

And...Eugene Germany is in court for Marijuana. Probably not a big deal.

There’s a sale in the MGoBlog store. Buy shirts.

March 22 - Thursday

Apparently, the issue with Germany was more serious. He’s off the team.

Recruiting Board Update. Dann O’Neill committed last weekend.

Tubby Smith is heading to Minnesota. It’s unknown what this will do to the coaching landscape now that Kentucky is open too.

March 23 - Friday

Preview of hockey game against North Dakota.

March 24 - Saturday

Germany, Richards, and Butler are official out of the program. The biggest loss is Butler. TE is left with Mike Massey and Chris McLaurin and only freshman Vince Helmuth at FB. 2008 would have been rough no matter who was the coach.

I am leery about the possibility that our third-and-short conversions get even worse next year.

March 25 - Sunday

Michigan hockey lost, and Jack Johnson is moving on.

March 26 - Monday

Jason Forcier is transferring to Stanford. Brian says Lloyd is not happy about it.  

Blog changes update.

Unverified Voracity is Husky Proud (Or Something). The coaching search continues. Calipari is mentioned, but how shady do we want to be?

*(an MGoBlog created measuring stick for coaching corruption. Not actually headed by Huggins:

11: Dave Bliss (yes, this one goes to 11)

10: Tarkanian -- full on cheaty cheaty all the time

9: Jim Harrick -- a consistent pattern of malfeasance that includes academic fraud

8: Clem Haskins -- Harrick except not slimy enough to get away with it for quite as long

7: Huggins -- as skeezy as you can be and still have a job

6: Steve Fisher -- classic don't ask, don't tell

5: Billy Donovan -- you just KNOW there's something fishy but can't actually prove it.

4: Kelvin Sampson -- persistent minor flouting of NCAA regulations to harrass recruits for personal aggrandizement

3: Rick Majerus -- persistent minor flouting of NCAA regulations because he thinks they're stupid

2: Izzo -- basically squeaky clean, will occasionally take flyers on dodgy characters

1: Amaker -- ick

0: Whoever the current sacrificial lamb at Northwestern is.)


March 27 - Tuesday

Hockey Postmortem.

For two years Michigan has been the same team, a top heavy array of scorers with prone to stupid faith-shattering breakdowns and shaky goaltending. This has been good for not much: first-round exits in the NCAA tournament and watching other teams raise CCHA and GLI banners. In a sense, the departure of the defensemen and TJ is a relief. The team next year might be terrible. It might be fantastic. But it will definitely be different.

Banner Contest.

March 28 - Wednesday

Coaching Search Update. Beilein seems to be the guy simply because no news has come out and he’s still in the NIT, so no contact can be made for another couple of days. Bruce Pearl says he’s not interested, and John Calipari is rumored to have approached ‘M’ but was turned down. Also interesting that Beilein nearly went to NC State the year before, but the deal fell through  at the last minute.

A closer look at Beilein, refuting arguments from other bloggers, specifically about his offense and his ability to recruit.

T. J. Hensick is not a Hobey finalist, despite leading the nation in scoring.

March 29 - Thursday

Beilein! Beilein! Beilein! (Unverified Voracity). Rosenberg says Beilein isn’t just a candidate, he is the candidate.

Recruiting Board Update. Not much of interest ten years later. One name of note is J.B. Shugarts, but he has named OSU and LSU as his leaders.

March 30 - Friday

All Quiet on the West Va Front. Nothing much new. Top three seems to be Beilein, Chris Lowery, and Kevin Stallings.

Shirt sale still ongoing.

March 31 - Saturday

Lots of nitty gritty on a potential Beilein buyout situation.  

West Virginia message boards are saying that Beilein is gone.

1:02 PM today. "creamer14" posts this:

Vernon's right, JB gone - creamer14 3/31 1:02 PM (show all) Views 2403

Message board freaks out like whoah. Scout WVU board picks up on it and gives an indications of this guy's rep:

Saw that too - coming from a very solid poster as well. This is the same guy who gave the scoop on Coach Rod staying, ND verballing, WR coach hiring, the initial hiring of Ron West. This guy definitely has an 'in' with the athletic department.

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2006

This Month in MGoBlog History - March 2006

Submitted by Maize.Blue Wagner on March 5th, 2016 at 11:29 PM


February 2006

March 1 – Wednesday

Unverified Voracity: Nothing to Hear Here. Sport Illustrated poll says Graham Brown is the dirtiest player in the Big Ten. Paul Davis is the most overrated. I think he still qualifies ten years later.

MI QBs Justin Siller and Steven Threet and California CB Michael Williams added to the Recruiting Board.

March 2 – Thursday

An article about APR numbers and how the NCAA isn’t going after those who fall under 925. This was before the “yikes our APR is in terrible condition” era.

March 3 – Friday

Brian gives an analysis of his football season preview of defense and special teams from the previous August. A few highlights:

Jamison is the official Ron English canary in a coalmine: if he starts over steady, lumbering Biggs and Van Alstyne, the defense is shedding the bellbottoms and buying itself an iPod.

The good bit: David Harris was a revelation at middle linebacker. He was one of the few players to receive less credit than he deserved:

Harris pushing him [McClintock] to the bench means that the coaching staff is willing to give a player who has little experience the nod over a senior who would normally have an unholy death grip on the position, which is not a vote of confidence in McClintock. The fact that neither player has asserted himself has to be a concern, especially since Harris is dinged up again. Average production from this spot would be great.

The instant Harris shook off that minor injury, he stapled McClintock to the bench and started thumping people far and wide. Though he faded somewhat late, Harris was a solid tackler who had surprising range for such a big dude. He was consistent and intelligent. He made plays in zone coverage. He was the best player on the defense not named "Branch" or "Woodley." Not bad for an in-state sleeper recruit.

March 6 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: Mostly APR Bitching is true to its name, following the arguments of a couple more articles about APR numbers and graduation rates.

A post about Reader Interaction Day. I can’t quite figure out what this was, but it mostly centered on the decision to bring DeBord back as OC. It’s interesting to see different perspectives about his first tenure.

In sum: On the surface, DeBord is a ridiculous choice for offensive coordinator. He was unimpressive during his first three years; he failed at CMU; he is not particularly exciting. But there are extenuating circumstances that provide hope that the second time will be better. Loeffler is more heavily involved with the game planning ever year. Lloyd Carr is adapting to college football's offensive renaissance -- with painful slowness at times, granted. The defense is not a rock to fall back upon. DeBord's made some noises in interviews the echo these sentiments, but we won't have a clear idea how meaningful those noises are until the Notre Dame game.

March 7 – Tuesday

Brian considers the recent football staff hires in light of a proposition that when in doubt you hire the fat, bald guy.

The chances of someone who looks like Stripling doing something other than plumbing or lounging around auto factories, destroying the Big Three one three-hour lunchbreak at a time, are astronomical. Bonus points for the Captain Picard-style 'do, which--unlike the shave-everything technique--emphasizes the lack of hair atop Stripling's grizzled pate. The overall impression: this man is probably killing polar bears with his bare hands right now.

Unverified Voracity: Must Play. The basketball team is still being talked about as a tournament team, but at this point that is looking doubtful.

March 8 – Wednesday

PA WR Toney Clemons and MI TE Martell Webb added to the recruiting board. Also, Mike Williams puts ‘M’ in a top two, probably with USC.

March 9 – Thursday

Brian gives a short tutorial on how to use a blog; he also talks about desiring to move to Wordpress.

A liveblog of the Michigan/Minnesota basketball game. A liveblog of the radio feed. Of the Minnesota radio feed? Not sure why this had to happen, but I guess that was life before BTN. Oh, and turnovers doomed this game and effectively move ‘M’ out of the tournament.

3:09 PM:

PBP: A ton of action with little significance.

Color: Sounds like my life.

March 10 – Friday

Are they in or not, no one is sure.

The overall impression is that Michigan is the bubbliest of bubble teams

March 13 – Monday

Posting/vacation update from Brian.

February 14 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: John Kerry breaks the news that ‘M’ will not be in the tournament. Also, there’s rumblings that Alex Legion might be transferring to a high school out of state.

Recruiting board update. Ryan Mallet is looking like more of a possibility with Texas picking up a commitment from John Chiles, plus with the situation in Texas…

Mallet would already be trying to unseat a sophomore with a year's worth of starting experience (either Colt McCoy or Jevan Snead); now he (likely) faces another highly regarded quarterback in his class.

March 15 – Wednesday

An obituary for Faz Husain.

Unverified Voracity: Not It shares some NIT coverage from Maize ‘n’ Brew talking about how important signing Patrick Beverly is to Amaker’s future.

March 16 – Thursday

A hockey tournament preview and a look at possible destinations for ‘M’.

March 17 – Friday

Actual football news!  I’m as excited about this happening 10 years ago as I am now. Some highlights:

·         Antonio Bass hurt his knee and is out for the year

·         Mike Hart is healthy

I will sacrifice most of the population of Laos if this remains true for the duration of the season

·         Jake Long is switching to the left side

·         Carlos Brown is working at RB and DB

·         Chris Singletary has been hired as recruiting coordinator

·         Lots of praise for Kevin Grady

·         Antonio Bass was supposed play more QB in the spring, but that’s not happening now

March 19 – Sunday

‘M’ did not get a good hockey tournament bracket.

March 20 – Monday

Unverified Voracity: Worst Blog in Scotland. Neither the Big 10 nor the CCHA are faring well in their respective tournaments. Also, it’s such a bad year for ‘M’ sports that a wrestler was robbed of a national title.

March 21 – Tuesday

The basketball team advances in the NIT in a double OT win.

Unverified Voracity: Yes Yes Oh Yes. NCAA issues seem about the same in 2006 as they do now. This comes from a glowing interview with Myles Brand by Dennis Dodd:

I've advised patience re: APR enforcement before and still think that it is a step in the right direction, but it's hard to not abandon that position in favor of radical fire-breathing when confronted with the torrent of corporate-speak that comes from the NCAA at all hours of the night and day. Such nonstop doublespeak is reminscent (sic) of campus activist groups who were incoherent but very, very angry and very, very noisy. Sensing that any cross-examination of their position would result in the swift and permanent loss of credibility and an awful lot of stammering, the bullhorn types flooded the zone with so much noise that actual thought was impossible. (Yes, sort of like the White House -- now I have bashed both Republicans and campus lefties and may continue unmolested, si?)

March 22 – Wednesday

Video of a Dion Harris buzzer beater from the previous night. I can’t believe there is content that still exists.

Announcement about a memorial service for Faz Husain.

March 23 – Thursday

A hockey bracket preview. Michigan is going into a bracket that included Jonathan Toews and Phil Kessel.

The Prediction


Colin Cowherd steals material from The M Zone. Sounds about right.

March 24 – Friday

Recruiting Board Update doesn’t add any familiar names. However, there is a discussion about John Clay making favorable comments, but that might be hampered by a Brandon Saine (a lifelong ‘M’ fan) commitment. Also, it’s not surprising that Chris Forcier won’t be pursued because of Ryan Mallet.

Unverified Voracity: NIT Perspective with football pro day stats. Also, more articles about blogosphere vs. mainstream media, with Bill Simmons saying bloggers just sit back and attack people, but then complaining that he gets in trouble if he tries to attack anyone with ESPN. Ironic.

March 27 – Monday

The hockey team did indeed lose to North Dakota.

Unverified Voracity: Yip Yip Yip. Buena Vista High School basketball star and Notre Dame recruit Tory Jackson is not happy about not being Mr. Basketball (David Kool was the winner that year) and not signing with Michigan. Speculation on Jack Johnson’s future has begun.

March 28 – Tuesday

Things are not looking positive for Johnson returning.

Courtney Viney has been removed from the Recruiting Board. Ironic since he was reportedly just considered for a coaching job 10 years later. Also highlights of an article on Ronald Johnson and discussion on whether Chris Rucker and Ryan Van Bergen would receive offers.

March 29 – Wednesday

Have no fear. Jack Johnson is coming back!

Unverified Voracity: Ministry of Silly Analysis. Patrick Beverly is still looking like a strong possibility. Growing opposition to luxury boxes. And an updated roster!

A favorite pastime of the deranged is to read far too much into listed positions, heights, and weights, as getting information out of Fort Schembechler is harder than a contrived similie that references hilarious pop culture.

(Brian, it’s normal ten years later; read this Jimmystats post.) Highlights:

·         Any worry that Michigan would senselessly put Alan Branch at DE should be put to bed: he's listed at 330 pounds. It should then be awoken: his position is listed as DE/DT.

·         Redshirt freshmen James McKinney (279 lbs.) and Eugene Germany (ditto) are both bulking up to the point where DT may be a possiblity.

·         McKinney, Tim Jamison, and Chris McLaurin are all listed at the anachronistic RLB position... as is Lamarr Woodley. Hopefully that does not imply those three guys get to watch Biggs and Van Alstyne play unsexy librarian at DE. Quiero dual headhunters. Also of note: both Jamison and McLaurin are up to that 240-250 range at which you're leery about every additional pound robbing them of explosiveness.

·         Grady's down to 216. No word on whether he's gotten contacts.

·         Wasn't Brandon Harrison listed at 5'10" last year? I seem to remember many jokes about lifts and such coming from OSU fans. Apparently that fanciful notion has been discarded: he's back down to a Bob Sanders-esque 5'8". Now if he could only play like Sanders.

·         Marques Walton's problem was supposed to be mondo-overweightness, but he's listed at a (relatively) svelte 291.

Finally, Braylon Edwards is endowing a scholarship for the #1 jersey. In case you didn’t know.

‘M’ basketball beats Old Dominion to advance to the NIT final. Brian isn’t sure if this is a good thing or not.

Another Recruiting Board update with discussion on Mallet and John Clay.

March 30 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Clash of the Titans readies for the NIT final. Also some things never change:

A note: yes, I saw the Sharp article, and yes, it is beneath comment. If you subscribe to the Free Press, you support this man's salary. You should stop.

CA QB Lee Mondol commits. Likely as a walk on, also class of 2006.

Brian’s portion of a Blogpoll roundtable. I have no idea who else contributed, but only Brian’s answer to the questions are included here anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. In response to the question: what things about your team are causing you anxiety during spring practice, Brian gives this response -

2. The offensive line

...was repulsive. Jake Long's moved to left tackle, which makes me nervous about

both tackles spots instead of just one.

A video of Mike Legg’s goal, for no reason particular.

March 31 – Friday

Someone decided to write a book about Bobby Williams.

Where to even begin? This can only be a book that attempts to convince the reader that Bobby Williams' tumultuous career as Michigan State's head coach was ended prematurely by insidious racism instead of

·         losing your starting quarterback to cocaine or alcohol or weed or all of the above, depending on who you talk to,

·         having your captain drag a cop down the street during what was, until then, a routine traffic stop,

·         having two other contributors quit the team,

·         taking a team thought to be a Big Ten contender and turning in a 3-8 record

·         losing to your main rival 49-3,

·         responding to the question "have you lost control of this team?" with a thrilling rhetorical gambit: "I don't know*," aaaaand

·         looking likely to burst into tears at any moment.

Unverified Voracity: Redirect. The hockey team might manage to not lose anyone to the pros this off season; however:

Spath says '07 prospect Pat Kane -- the NTDP U17 team's leading scorer last year -- is leaning towards the OHL over Michigan.

(Also, Brian doesn’t mention it directly, but ‘M’ lost to South Carolina in the NIT the previous night.


Wallpaper Season - We MARCH On

Wallpaper Season - We MARCH On

Submitted by jonvalk on February 24th, 2013 at 9:08 PM

Hey there, MGoCommunity!  Thought I'd put out a little bonus content because, honestly, the Oscars bore me most of the time. I know we're all kind of split on the "WE ON" phrase, but it's presented me a great theme with which to work.  This one is based upon the theme that every game means something and it's all a "march" toward the ultimate goal of a B1G championship and a Final Four run.  Hope you like it.  As always, constructive criticism and/or ideas for future work is appreciated.

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