Michigan in the Wall Street Journal

Michigan in the Wall Street Journal

Submitted by Undefeated dre… on March 26th, 2010 at 10:26 AM

The Wall Street Journal has a pretty fair-minded article about the state of Michigan TAKE IT LIKE A MAN sports and this year's hockey team.

Not sure if it's paywalled or not. If it is, some relevant blockquotes below.

At a time when Michigan's athletic department in general, and its vaunted football program in particular, is enduring its most tumultuous period in decades, it's the hockey team that's providing the relief.

In many ways, Michigan hockey is what Michigan football used to be: a dependable winner, a national-championship contender (nine titles all-time, most for any school), a team led by a revered, 26-year-veteran coach whose roster is annually stocked with future professional players.

And from our pizza-loving, non-sailing new AD:

"We're just not good at losing, and I hope we never get good at it," says athletic director David Brandon. "We've been blessed to have programs that are always competitive, so as we go through this down cycle, we don't like it."

Now, if only Red and the boys make it and the women can come through in the WNIT, we won't have to endure any more "Hey, Michigan Finally Won Something" headlines...