B1G Championship Game Tickets/Lucas Oil Stadium info

B1G Championship Game Tickets/Lucas Oil Stadium info

Submitted by wingedsig on July 30th, 2011 at 12:07 PM

For those who don't know, tickets for the B1G Championship Game went on sale today at 10:00 AM. In case M makes it in, buy them up now! Worst case scenario is we don't make it in and sell for a profit because the face-value tickets are going to be sold out soon.


I bought 4 in section 528. For anyone who has been, how are these tickets and the venue in general?

Also, does anyone know how the B1G plans on splitting the Legends/Leaders (ugh) fan bases, if at all? There was no guide on where to buy tickets, but I've seen split stadiums at other conference championship games.

Go Blue!

EDIT: Looks like the game is already sold out. WOW