Submitted by Brian on July 25th, 2012 at 12:50 AM

Here's a play-by-play of today's B1G AD Golf Challenge. Thanks.
#B1GADgolf Challenge
Match-by-Match Descriptions
July 24, 2012
Dave Brandon vs. Mark Hollis
•1. Both tee shots down the middle, both Brandon and Hollis 3-putted
from 15 feet
•2. Brandon great second shot from behind tree to green, Hollis great
up and down from behind green to win hole
•3. Both players bogeyed the third hole
•4. Brandon won the hole after getting up and down from the front of green
•5. Both players made par on the fifth, keeping the match all-square
•6. Brandon won the sixth as his 4-foot birdie putt was conceded
•7. Brandon was in the trees on the seventh, while Hollis made par
•8. Brandon hit his tee shot to within four feet to make birdie on the
hole and retaining 1-up lead
•9. Hollis hit an excellent bunker shot to 6 feet to win hole
•10. Hollis two-putted from 15 feet for par to win the hole
•11. Brandon made an eight-foot putt for bogey to halve hole
•12. Brandon hit his tee shot to 10 feet, Hollis conceded the par.
•13. Both players bogey the 13th hole.
•14. Match remained all square as both players bogeyed the hole.
•15. Brandon hit his 115-yard shot to 10 feet but missed the par putt
•16. Brandon hit his shot out of the bunker to 7 feet and made putt for par.
•17. Hollis hit his approach to 15 feet and had 2 putts for par to
square the match.
•18. Hollis drove it to right and hit his second shot into the water.
Brandon drove left in the trees, chipped out, hit his chip over the
green and missed a 3 foot putt as Hollis won the match.
Chris Whitten vs. Casey Lubahn
•1. Whitten wins the first hole as his putt was conceded by Lubahn
•2. Whitten got up and down from fringe to save par to keep a 1-up lead.
•3. Both players bogeyed the par-5
•4. Lubahn made a 4-foot birdie putt to square the match.
•5. Lubahn's chip went into tap-in range to take a 1-up lead.
•6. Lubahn went 2-up by making a 10-foot birdie putt
•7. Both players parred the seventh hole
•8. Whitten got up and down to save par
•9. Lubahn got up and down to save par
•10. Whitten sunk a 5-foot birdie putt to square the match
•11. Lubahn wins the hole with a 12-foot birdie putt
•12. Whitten's 3 foot birdie putt was conceded, giving him the win.
•13. Whitten won the hole as Lubahn's tee shot went out-of-bounds
•14. Whitten hit his tee shot to a foot for the birdie.
•15. Lubahn parred the hole while Whitten bogeyed, cutting Whitten's
lead to 1-up
•16. Whitten drove it in the fairway bunker and made 5, tying the match
•17. Both players made pars on the par-4
•18. Whitten's sand save on 18 sent the match to extra holes
• 19. Whitten missed a 2 foot putt on first playoff hole to extend match
• 20. Lubahn makes a  12 foot birdie putt to win match
Cheryl Stacy vs. Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll
•1. Both players bogey the first hole.
•2. Both missed green with Stacy 3-putting and Slobodnik-Stoll 2-putting
•3. Slobodnik hit her approach to within a foot, tapping in for birdie
•4. Stoll was in the bunker and made bogey with Stacy winning the hole
with a 2-putt par
•5. Stoll made a 2-putt for bogey for the win
•6. Stacy made birdie by holing out her shot from 100 yards.
•7. Stoll made a 4-foot putt for birdie.
•8. Stacy 2 putted and Stoll 3 putted to halve hole
•9. Both players bogeyed the hole
•10. Both players 2 putted for a par
•11. Both players 2 putted for par
•12. Stoll's 1 foot par putt conceded
•13. Stoll went 4-up after her par on 13
•14. Stacy's par beat Stoll's bogey on the par 3
•15. Stacy got up and down for par for the win.
•16. Both parred the hole, Stoll wins

Andy Matthews vs. Ryan Brehm
•1. Brehm birdied the first hole for an early 1-up lead.
•2. Brehm hit a 340-yard drive, chipped on from behind tree and saved par
•3. Matthews made a 20-foot par putt to halve
•4. Matthews scrambled from the rough for par
•5. Matthews chipped to 6 inches, Brehm missed 30-foot birdie putt by 2 inches
•6. Brehm drove pin high in the rough, up and down for birdie
•7. Matthews 10 foot putt for par
•8. Matthews makes an 8 foot birdie putt
•9. Matthews chipped to 2 feet to win hole
•10. Brehm made a 10-foot birdie putt
•11. Brehm made a  4 foot birdie putt
•12. Matthews made an 8 foot par putt to win
•13. Both players parred the hole.
•14. Matthews missed 4 foot par putt, giving Brehm a 2-up lead.
•15. Andy made a 15 foot putt for par
•16. Brehm missed 35 footer for birdie by two inches, wins match

Matt Thompson vs. Jack Newman
•1. Thompson takes an early 1-up lead with a birdie
•2. Thompson got in trouble off the tee and made bogey
•3. Both players parred the par-5 third
•4. Thompson made a 20-footer to halve the hole
•5. Thompson hit green and two putted, Newman missed green and did not
get up and down
•6. Newman nearly holed out from front bunker, won hole
•7. Both players parred the par-4
•8. Newman hit a 2 1/2 feet putt for birdie
•9. Thompson made a 2 foot par putt
•10. Both players parred the uphill par 4
•11. Thompson hit his 3rd shot to a foot, made par
•12. Great tee shot for Thompson, two putted from 25 feet
•13. Both players parred the 13th
•14. Both players parred the par-3 14th
•15. Thompson makes a 25 foot birdie putt for a 3-up lead
•16. Newman missed a 5 footer to extend match

Elaine Crosby vs. Natalie Brehm
•1. Brehm 2-putted off the fringe for birdie
•2. Brehm 2-putt from par after hitting the green in regulation
•3. Crosby conceded hole to Brehm for a 3-up lead
•4. Brehm up and down for par to win hole
•5. Crosby made a 16-foot putt for birdie
•6. Brehm 2 putted from the fringe for par
•7. Brehm 2 putted for par
•8. Brehm got up and down, Crosby three putted
•9. Crosby 2 putted for par
•10. Crosby 2 putt par for third straight win
•11. Brehm parred 11 to earn a win
•12. Brehm hooked ball off tee
•13. Both players halved the 13th with bogeys
•14. Both missed green and neither got up and down
•15. Both bogeyed, giving Brehm the win

Ashley Bauer vs. Sara Brown
•1. Brown 2-putt for par, Bauer 3 putt for par
•2. Ashley 10-foot putt for birdie for the win
•3. Brown eagled the third hole
•4. Brown 2 putt for par for the win
•5. Both get up and down for par
•6. Both bogeyed, failing to get up and down
•7. Bauer makes 6 foot putt to win hole
•8. Bauer almost holes it on the tee shot, wins hole with birdie
•9. Both players bogeyed the ninth
•10. Bauer 15 foot 2 putt
•11. Brown holes six foot birdie putt
•12. Sand save for Bauer
•13. Bauer made 5 foot par putt
•14. Bauer to 5 feet made birdie
•15. Ashley made 4 foot par to win the match

Frank Beckmann vs. Jim Miller
•1. Beckmann sand save to within inches to save par
•2. Miller conceded hole
•3. Beckmann won the hole with a double bogey
•4. Miller great approach shot only to lose hole
•5. Beckmann pars the fifth to win hole
•6. Beckmann great shot through trees to within 6 feet, going 6-up
•7. Miller hit nice 125-yard shot to win hole
•8. Beckmann nice shot out of bunker to win hole
•9. Both players made an 8.
•10. Both players hit green in regulation and par hole.
•11. Miller lipped out a short putt for five
•12. Both players make 5 on the par 3
•13. Frank had 300 yard drive to make par, close out match

Thad Polk vs. Trey Rogers
•1. Rogers pars the first hole to take a 1-up lead
•2. Polk 20 foot par putt to tie match
•3. Polk conceded hole
•4. Polk hit a 3-foot par putt to win
•5. Polk made a 2 foot putt to win hole
•6. Both had conceded putts with bogeys
•7. Both made short putts for par
•8. Both made par putts within 8 feet
•9. Polk 40 foot birdie putt to win hole
•10. Both made short par putts
•11. Rogers made short putt for 5 to win hole
•12. Both made sand saves for par
•13. Hole halved in pars, match abandoned