meta: Beavermonkeys must die

meta: Beavermonkeys must die

Submitted by Brian on June 24th, 2011 at 3:31 PM

Tim quoted one of Allen Trieu's scouting reports on new grayshirt commit Jeremy Clark in his recent "Hello" post. This spawned the usual thread on GBW about "stealer monkeys" and the like with some accusations from Tom Beaver himself.

To clarify the policy we have here:

1. We don't play the "I heard it from somewhere" kabuki dance found at Rivals/Scout etc. where board members repeat the info they got from another site without sourcing it because sourcing it would get it deleted. Information is going to move either way even if you put up protests-too-much barriers against it.

Instead, someone posting information from another site is expected to provide a source and a link. Same effect except the right people get credit.

2. We do try to leave premium content premium. Usually quotes from premium articles reproduced here are months old; Clark's sudden rise and commit was an unusual case. They are always small sections of a much larger whole and fall under fair use. We acknowledge that the premium sites should not have their paywall strip-mined for all available info and will delete significant C&Ps of articles.

3. Anyone who would believe TomVH is not getting his own information is willfully ignorant at this point. Beaver:

that's my beef with them among others. THV recently dropped his sub here, so he isnt even paying for it, he's 'borrowing' some else's moniker even.

It's one thing to take info, or rumors, and then independently go confirm it and then report it ... we do that too ... to me that's part of the biz - tips come in from everywhere ... we confirm everything we report, else call it a rumor

But to blatantly steal, and that's it ...  just-plain wrong ... that's not taking a tip and then doing your own work to confirm it and then report it ... big difference - "ethics"

This comes less than a week after TomVH spanked Scout's ass red on Kyle Kalis's visit. "Ethics" do not include telling your cultists that the other, much more grammatical cult is stealing all your chants when it's bloody obvious their chants predate yours. As literally anyone with a fifth-grade grasp of English knows, Tom's information is his own. He has predicted or broken dozens of commitments, interviewed even more prospects than that, and... oh, hell, what's the point? If you need to be convinced of this you can't be convinced of it because you can't percieve time. You are having a very trippy life.


[note for inevitable shouldn't you be on vacation/wedding thing -- gap in schedule caused by nails getting done -- your concern is appreciated.]