The Incredible Photo Story of the 78-0 Rutgers Game (2016)

The Incredible Photo Story of the 78-0 Rutgers Game (2016)

Submitted by BlueBarron on November 7th, 2018 at 6:44 PM


The Rutgers student section by the 4th quarter

Author's note: All photos in this post are by me! I will also be attending the 2018 Michigan Rutgers game this weekend, follow me on twitter @BlueBarronPhoto for gameday photos -Patrick Barron

A Call for More Statistical "Rutger" Categories

A Call for More Statistical "Rutger" Categories

Submitted by Mercury Hayes on November 6th, 2018 at 10:25 AM

I think it is important during this rivalry week to focus on statistical analysis of the most important things. Those things being “Rutger” categories. Over the past few weeks Brian and the MgoBlog staff “Introduced the Rutger”. You can read about the "Rutger" here:

Rutgers fans apparently didn't know Drew Singleton was a Michigan lean

Rutgers fans apparently didn't know Drew Singleton was a Michigan lean

Submitted by Decatur Jack on December 23rd, 2016 at 10:03 PM

So in another installment of the LOL RUTGERS series, I had a bunch of friends from NJ text me these priceless reactions. I found a few on my own at these places:……

Yet another reason to hate Harbaugh.
This is Partridge's doing, I just know it.
Partridge is the worst fucking person in the world. He needs to eat a dick asap. I would offer mine but no thanks it ain't even worth it
What the fuck is wrong with Ash?? Singleton was a MUST GET
No chance to get better as a program if this keeps happening
Were we even on Singleton's radar?
(Reply) He listed us in his top ten.
(Reply) And you believed that?
Ash needs to start getting these NJ recruits or we are seriously fucked
It just makes no sense why a Jersey kid like DS would ever want to go to Michigan, what's so special about them? Harbaugh? FUCKK THAT GUY
Fuck Partridge
Why are we even talking about this??? Singleton committed to Mich with a torn acl, if anything we dodged a bullet!
Oh wow a Paramus kid went to Michigan? Never heard that before...
Guess Ash's friendship with Urban Meyer is really working out, isn't it
Weird. I wouldn't have picked Singleton to go to Michigan. They're already loaded at that position.
Someone needs to explain to me how this KEEPS HAPPENING
Hard to keep a major recruit in state when we lose 78-0
Chris Ash is the future! I guess Drew Singleton wants to have a life full of disappointment
noooooo anywhere but michigan!!!!!
I loathe Chris Partridge. I loathe that man. Loathe.
Parmus recruits are bullshit anyway, Peppers didnt even win the heismen
This kid will never see the field!
Ok I am bothered by this but srsly it doesnt matter

Apparently they didn't realize he was a Michigan lean.

Hope you all enjoyed! (Yes, I do enjoy posting Rutgers fans freaking out about Michigan. There's just something fun about it.)

EDIT: Also quick thanks to WD who mentioned their threads, which I forgot to link to. There are some good gems in there too. I particularly enjoyed this one:

This is the last year of the partridge in a pear tree.

Ash owns NJ in 2018.

Schadenfreude: Rutgers

Schadenfreude: Rutgers

Submitted by Decatur Jack on October 9th, 2016 at 1:15 AM

As a follow up to the previous thread where Rutgers fans were talking trash about Michigan and calling this game their "national championship," here are some genuine schadenfreude comments I was able to find.

Yes, to all those who will ask, these are all real - though I am not sure how many are from Rutgers fans exactly vs just casual observers. And tbh there are so many that I couldn't copy them all. My cup runneth over, guys. If you don't believe me all you have to do is twitter search "Rutgers".…

UM fans are arrogant AF to think the visiting recruits are at RU to see them. They dont realize Ash has a GREAT relationship w/NJ HS coaches
If Navy can beat Houston, we can beat Michigan! #StripeTheBirthplace looks awesome!
Let's rush the field again today!
200 recruits on campus tonight guys. Let's show em what we got. #StripeTheBirthplace Goo Rutgers!!
Not expecting a win but if we hold them to less than 58 and break the shutout that's good enough to piss off Harbaugh lmao
Great they're already talking about Peppers
This is not going well...
So much for #StripeTheBirthplace This showing is PATHETIC
Hahaha M fans think their team is better than OSU, you guys are in for a shocker tonight
This feels like a very pro-RU broadcast team on ESPN, rootin' for the underdog, and even they can't help us
Oh god what is happening
Help me...
I now feel so much better that I couldnt go to the game cuz I have the flu
Jesus Peppers is good
Soooo, is Michigan really that good? Or are we really that bad?
Is there a more classless jerk than Harbaugh?
You are up 27-0 in the 2nd quarter and you go for 2 points.
This is Ohio State ugly
It is 43-0 at halftime in Piscataway. Needless to say I am disappointed as are all Rutgers fans. I expected more fight than this
One of our writers predicted Rutgers to win this game
solid pick there
Honestly I can't believe what I'm seeing
I really can't
I am listening to the Titantic soundtrack and it seems oh so fitting
Can we please BREAK THE SHUTOUT?
Unbelievable. This game was supposed to be Ash's signature win. A huge upset for the ages. A sign that Rutgers football is back. A sign of Harbaugh's downfall. The man came into OUR STATE and did his stupid fucking satellite camp and we just LET IT HAPPEN. show some goddamn fight coach ash!!
Well there goes my sanity
Just once I'd like to watch Rutgers be the team I want them to be. We are the Birthplace of College Football, surely we can do better than this shit
I scared my dog so much by screaming at the tv that she took a giant shit in the middle of the living room. Great, now I have to clean this up too
God even Purdue played better today than us. sooo disappointed in my knights
Coach Ash looks like he's about to cry
Why the fuck did people get my hopes up by saying this was going to be an upset? God I fucking hate you all
If Gary was really good he would come to his senses and transfer home to RU so he can make us into a power
And with that they pass over 58 points. More than Ohio State. Ugh I hate Michigan soooo much
Did the announcer srsly just call us "buttgers"?
200 Recruits. 200 RECRUITS. you had ONE JOB coach ash
wow we are soooo bad
I can't believe I ever thought we ever had a shot against this team. How the fuck did we beat Michigan two years ago?
Dear Christ in heaven we can't even get a first down
Did that hit the ground? Nnnnnooooooooo!!!!!
The worst part about all of this is that Jersey kids are watching and we are not exactly helping our case
I want to die
Tough day to be a Rutgers fan. Embarrassed to be going there. smh
Holy shit they might hit 100
Wtf where is the mercy rule in cfb?? END THIS SHIT SO I CAN GO HOME
Jim Harbaugh is an okay coach, I guess.
Michigan is making us their bitch
We had no chance…no chance.
Whoever said that we would win this game needs a swift punch to the face pronto
I hate watching this shellacking but honestly I fucking love Michigan's offense. Line up in the i-form and pound it. Get rid of this spread shit and get a fucking fullback in here.
Harbaugh called off the dogs and they still scored 78 points
Rutgers needs to never play football again. My god.
We poked the wolverine. We shouldn't have poked the wolverine.
Remember that time when we were all saying how awesome coach ash was for holding a camp at the same time harbaugh was? Yeah turns out harb took that personally
Great. Rutgers is trending on twitter…for all the wrong reasons.
BREAKING: Police have filed assault, battery, rape, and murder charges against the entire Michigan roster for what they did to Rutgers
Coach Ash you proved today you are Harbaugh's bitch go home to wisconsin or ohio or wherever you came from and never come the fuck back
Still can't believe this Rutgers team beat Michigan 2 yrs ago
How did it get this bad?
Any chance we can bring back Schiano?
I am so ashamed right now
The Rutgers band has given up and is playing The Victors in their own stadium
Honestly! What does Ash tell the 200 NJ recruits? "You, too, can be slaughtered like this if you come to Rutgers."
Jim Harbaugh is the biggest asshole coach in all of college football
I fucking hate him so much. He is so good it makes me angry.
Well Mr. Gary I am glad you got to come back to your home state and take a giant shit on the team you should have played for. Now go back to Ann Arbor you fucking traitor bitch
Imagine what life would be like if Schiano had never left. We'd be 3-0 against Michigan right now
The joke will be on Michigan when Harbaugh goes back to the NFL and they hire another Brady Hoke or Rich Rod
Rutgers football twitter stopped tweeting in the middle of the game. Way to go guys thanks for all the support
Fucking Pick Six that got called back. That was bullshit and everyone knows it. This game was not a TRUE SHUTOUT
Fuck u Michigan. Fuck YOUUUUUU
Why the hell did I think it would be a good idea to DVR this?
Harbaugh is the worst. THE WORST
Can someone tell me again why the fuck we are playing in the same fucking division as Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh?
I feel like we broke NCAA rules somehow
Damm bruh Michigan is piling it onnnnn
If this doesn't make you so depressed that you don't question every decision in your life, nothing will
I am a Scarlet Knight forever but I can't believe what I am witnessing. Embarrassing.
stop scoring touchdowns michigan plzzzzz
Coach Ash face right now
They told us Hurricane Matthew might affect the game. They forgot to tell us about Hurricane Harbaugh.
Silver Lining: Michigan is winning this game because 1/3 of their team is from Jersey.
Did Chris Ash do something in the offseason to piss off Jim Harbaugh? Because it looks like he did.
That scene from Deliverance
Rutgers might have to shutdown their football program smh they got smoked 78-0 wtf

Hope you all enjoyed. (Yes, this was probably a waste of my time. I don't care, I'm posting it anyway.)

Rutgers fans: "This game is our National Championship"

Rutgers fans: "This game is our National Championship"

Submitted by Decatur Jack on October 6th, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Remember that time when Rutgers expected to go 10-2? Well, our most hated rival is at it again.

In honor of #RivalryWeek, here are a few particularly delusional comments from various Rutgers message boards, blogs, facebook threads, and forums that I copy-and-pasted for your viewing pleasure. (No, I don't care to link to any of them. If you care that much, go look them up for yourself.)

I think Rutgers, coming home, will be angry and motivated to show the Big Ten that they are no easy task.
All I can think of, though, is the last time Big Blue came to Piscataway. It was also a prime time game. And, guess what, we won that game for our first Big Ten victory and first Big Ten field rush at home.
Michigan isn't Ohio State. I don't expect a shutout.
Is anyone honestly expecting us to win this game? Count me in. Fuck Michigan
We beat Michigan once, we can do it again. I have faith in Coach Ash. Rutgers 45, Michigan 13
If there is one game, ONE GAME on the schedule we absolutely MUST WIN, it's this one. This game is our National Championship. Michigan is the worst p.o.s. program there ever was, we have to CRUSH them. They took Peppers and Gary, fuck those dickwads. I look for Coach Ash to shock the world with a HUGE UPSET.
I agree this game against Michigan is the most important game we may have ever played.
Guys where will you all be when the final score has us up 2TDs against Michigan?
Calling it. Gary gets ejected for targeting. Peppers tears his ACL in the first quarter. Poetic Justice.
If at any point the fuckin broadcast cuts to Partridge I swear to god I might punch the couch
Game Week against Paramus Catholic West. We got this.
once we win this game people will be talking about how coach ash is building something special in piscataway. huge signatures win!
If we break the shutout, as far as I'm concerned that's as good as a W. Michigan wants to shut us out, and if we score we will have proven they are worse than Ohio State.
Will someone tell me what time the game starts? I want to DVR this game so I can rewatch it 100 times when we upset Michigan
I don't care what anyone says this game is more important than Penn State or Maryland. Michigan is now my least favorite B1G team. I want to beat them sooooo bad
To any of those Rutgers fans who said they'd take Harbaugh over Ash, fuck you
I'm not even worried about TTFP game bc we will be favored after we beat Michigan
OSU made us angry, all that aggression now goes to Harbaugh. Get ready jackass, your stupid #4 ranked team is about to lose BIG
Hey guys Michigan fans think we should leave the B1G. I'm sure they'll feel even stronger about that after we beat them
Sooooo pumped for this game. #NationalChampionship
Why are you comparing this to the national championship?
[reply]Because it is.
Michigan is sooooo overrated. imo they were better last year. this year they are B+ at best
I don't care if we lose every other game as long as we beat harbaugh and partridge I can be happy

It's rivalry week. #BeatRutgers