OT - REPORT: Former Alabama Player Sues Lane Kiffin

OT - REPORT: Former Alabama Player Sues Lane Kiffin

Submitted by Blue in Paradise on March 22nd, 2017 at 10:54 PM

Kiffin is being sued for promising a former Alabama player a job given his ties to a 4 star recruit (former UF player).  The guy and his wife quit their jobs and move to South Florida and then Kiffin / FAU go silent after the background check turns up a misdemeanor that was subsequently cleared.  Where do you even start with this dumpster fire of a person?  ____________________






Edit: so i did some research on the player he recruited and the guy actually was a 2017 JuCo transfer that already signed the FAU LOI.  In other words, this guy is pretty much stuck at FAU if he wants to ever wants to play college football again.


In other words, Kiffin wasn't stupid here, he was just a gigantic bag of scum.

OT - Houston decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach

OT - Houston decides on Lane Kiffin as next coach

Submitted by goblue224 on December 8th, 2016 at 8:15 AM

BREAKING: Houston has decided on Lane Kiffin, president to OK the hire at a Thursday meeting, @USATODAY has learned https://t.co/DhTeueFIU5

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) December 8, 2016

Will the H-Town takeover continue with Kiffin?

OT - Article about how Alabama Offense is becoming more Spread

OT - Article about how Alabama Offense is becoming more Spread

Submitted by Drew_Silver on October 3rd, 2014 at 11:19 AM

Its an article form USA today (so its easy to read)


You can't escape the 'spread' offense in today's game.  Its everywhere

Not trying to knock our OC and our coach, but its really hard to be a staunch supporter of 1 ideology. (insert your lebowski nihilist jokes here) unless your ideology is move the football


basically Kiffin is adapting to his players:

The Crimson Tide's offensive transition shouldn't surprise on another level. Blake Sims is a dual-threat quarterback, a sharp departure from the pro-style passers Alabama has had since Saban's arrival. Jacob Coker, the Florida State transfer who competed with Sims for the starting job, is also more mobile than previous Alabama quarterbacks.

To accentuate Sims' abilities, the Tide is running the zone read and rolling the pocket, among other things.



The Silver Lining: I Have Found It

The Silver Lining: I Have Found It

Submitted by Jon06 on September 28th, 2014 at 11:35 PM

I thought for a while that Brady Hoke's treatment of Shane Morris was without parallel, and then I remembered Lane Kiffin's treatment of Robert Woods against Utah in 2012. And here is the silver lining: there is no record, at least so far as I can find on the internet, of USC fans demanding Kiffin's head for the dangerously poor judgment.

The Michigan Difference is just this: this community actually cares. We care about the safety of our players and the integrity of our coaches. When a coach does not live up to the standard of integrity at Michigan, we demand change. When an athletic director runs a program that does not put the well-being of student-athletes first, we demand change. And when a football player's future is endangered by the incompetence or callousness of a coaching staff entrusted with his development and protection but blinded to the realities of medical science by the mantra of toughness, we demand change. Let there be change. Ensuring that the job not only gets done, but gets done right--that's the Michigan Difference. This time, at least, it has to be.

Sub-snowflake addendum: the main reason I don't like Dave Brandon is that he is the only person I have ever met in the administration at Michigan--and maybe Brady Hoke will turn out to be this kind of person, too--who does not respond to criticism from their Wolverine brethren with an honest attempt to learn from the feedback to do the job at a level that reflects well on an institution that's bigger than all of us. Dave Brandon is the only one who reacts to criticism with sarcastic dismissal, the only one who won't listen to his fellow Wolverine, and the only one who does not do everything he can to do the job at a level Michigan deserves.

Lane Kiffin for Next Michigan HC

Lane Kiffin for Next Michigan HC

Submitted by Space Coyote on September 23rd, 2014 at 9:50 AM

I know I said I wasn't going to talk coaching changes at Michigan, but then it struck me.

People keep bringing up names like Nussmeier or Butch Jones from Tennessee. People say we need to find our Nick Saban or Pete Carroll from his USC days. I combined those thoughts together when it dawned on me.

Facts: Lane Kiffin is the perfect candidate for the Michigan Head Coaching position. 

  • He is a former head coach both in the NFL and at major college football programs (Tennessee and USC)
  • He currently owns a 62.5% winning record, which can surely only improve at Michigan
  • He's been a position coach at OL, WR, TE, and QB, and has been an OC.
  • His offense is similar to the offense brought in by Nussmeier, so no brand new system needs to be learned immediately
  • But he's an upgrade over Nussmeier, because he took Nussmeier's job.
  • He is a Nick Saban disciple, the most successful coach in college football.
  • He was a dynamic recruiter at his previous stops
  • He has connections to Southern California and Florida, recruiting hot beds. On top of that, he has connections within the B1G footprint in Minnesota and Nebraska.
  • He's the son of a former great NFL DC. He could be brought on to implement a zone blitz heavy defense similar to the one brought in by Mattison that can teach players what they need to learn to make it to the NFL
  • His brother is the current DL coach at Ole Miss. He can install that SEC speed.
  • He's only 39 years old. He could run this program for 25 years, build a great coaching tree, and have Michigan at elite status for several decades.

Lane Kiffin for the next head coach of Michigan!

EDIT: This has been up long enough now. This was satire, fighting the insanity of this blog with maximum insanity. "In a mad world, only the mad are sane." So this doesn't totally come back to bite me in the ass later when someone links this and says "YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY, YOU WANTED KIFFIN TO BE THE MICHIGAN COACH" (which, no), for those on phone apps that can't see the tags or those that don't look at the tags below:


USC willing to pay $6M/year for Football HC

USC willing to pay $6M/year for Football HC

Submitted by The Geek on November 15th, 2013 at 4:05 PM

According to an ESPN report here, USC (Pat Haden) is going to smash the piggy-bank to get a big-name head coach. Thought this was interesting as we collectively ponder changes.


One industry source told me this week that USC is willing to extend an offer of up to $6 million a year to get its man. Yes, that’s more than Nick Saban makes (for now).

OT: WSU Coach Mike Leach zingers & USC's Kiffin fired in 4, 3, 2, 1....?

OT: WSU Coach Mike Leach zingers & USC's Kiffin fired in 4, 3, 2, 1....?

Submitted by markusr2007 on September 8th, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Washington State HC Mike Leach made some amusing comments about playing at USC and the Trojan 2 deep roster:

“It’s not the loudest stadium, but there’s some magic here," said Leach. "From that standpoint, I can’t wait to play here again."

A Washington State coach saying he can’t wait to play here again? Is Haden listening? And Leach wasn’t finished.

“These are high-profile players at USC, for goodness sakes," Leach chortled. "They have their Twitter handle next to their name on their two-deep roster."

With waves of boos surrounding them from late in the first quarter until they walked off the field Saturday, the Trojans players are now feeling the brunt of the fans’ distaste for their coach. This was the worst and earliest expression of dissatisfaction by Trojan Nation in recent memory, and it was certainly the ugliest, and it was hard to blame them.

Meanwhile, "Fire Kiffin" chants at LA Coliseum...during warm ups? Kiffykins response?

"You can’t worry about that, it is what it is," Kiffin said of the boos. "I think I heard those before the game started, in warmups, I’m getting used to it."

But should his players, college kids who really aren’t the target of the boos, have to get used to it?

"We’re getting used to playing on the road," Kiffin said with an odd, tiny grin.


The Five Most Creative Acts of Insanity by College Football Coaches

The Five Most Creative Acts of Insanity by College Football Coaches

Submitted by Njia on August 11th, 2013 at 4:58 PM

Now that college football season is nearly upon us, and wildly inspired by Cracked.com’s Sunday article, “The 5 Most Creative Acts of Insanity by Modern Dictators”, I couldn’t help but wonder if I could get my creative, historical snark on and write up a tome on similarly bat-shit college football coaches. After all, this a world where Bo Pellini, Les Miles and Wil Muschamp prowl the sidelines.

The amazing thing I learned in writing this diary is that a coach need not be named “GERG” to engage in motivational hilarity, and that our former Defensive Coordinator’s pep talk with a fur-covered hand puppet didn’t even make my Top 5 (though it might have been #6 since we were all left asking “What. The.F-ck?”). Neither did Rich Rodriguez’s use of YouTube and ten gallon hats and Josh Groban.

Google “insane college football coaches”, and you’ll get nearly 2.8 million hits, and not one of them will mention so much as a sock monkey (go ahead and check – I’ll wait).

#5 Brian Kelly Tries to Recreate That Scene from “Scanners”

You know the one I mean. Against a mediocre South Florida team in 2011, Notre Dame head coach, Brian Kelly, went all Bobby Knight after his team coughed up its third turn-over of the game. Now, I imagine that he was just reacting as most ND fans did at that moment, what with the Irish deep in Bulls territory and threatening to score, and all.

Still, Coach Kelly managed to put the “A” in “apoplectic”, nearly having a stroke on the sidelines that was captured and replayed by media talking heads far and wide for the next week and on opposing fan sites long after. There are MGoUsers who actually have the photo of the key moment as their avatars, and they’re probably not the only ones.

#4 Lane Kiffin Holds a Press Conference for the Recruit That Never Was

Back in World War II, the British made Mincemeat of the Nazis by staging an elaborate ruse that involved a real dead man, a fake identity, a submarine and a clown car (I’m finding the last bit difficult to confirm) in an effort to make the Germans believe the forthcoming Allied landings in Sicily were going to be anywhere but Sicily. Everyone who has ever head-faked their dog by pretend-throwing a Frisbee knows how the trick works. The Allies were delighted to find that Hitler was a lot more trusting than a retriever, who sent his army chasing a stick out near Malta while the Allies were invading Sicily.

Evidently taking a page from British history (or not, Lane Kiffin doesn’t strike me as the type to open a lot of books) the coach decided to stage a fake press conference for nine recruits to Tennessee in 2009. Unfortunately for him, that’s an NCAA violation.

But Coach Kiffin didn’t stop there.

Continuing with the “World War II” theme, the coach channeled Humphrey Bogart and the end of Casablanca by installing a fog machine to simulate a “game environment” for those same recruits, which is also an NCAA violation. No word on whether he was also thinking about adding a disco ball and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

#3 Marshall Strength Coaches Think Kevin Bacon is a Pussy

Taking the term “hot seat” into uncharted territory, not only was the Omega house initiation apparently used as a how-to guide for motivating the Thundering Herd, but Marshall’s former staff upped the ante by lighting the paddles on fire.

With their breath.

Fortunately for Matthew McConaughey, none of the players on the business end seemed to enjoy lunches of double bean burritos and egg salad sandwiches. He’s done that movie once and his agent has probably insisted that he’s not interested in filming a We Are Marshall sequel, no matter how hot he is for January Jones.

#2 Woody Hayes Forgets That Size Does Matter

Speaking of wood, this story comes to us courtesy of Urbz himself, who claims he witnessed the event. I don’t normally speak ill of the dead but I’m making an exception in this case because Ohio State.

For those of you too creeped out to watch Urban Meyer (and who isn't?), I'll give you the gist of it. Evidently, Woody had advanced to that age where he no longer had a useful purpose for Little Woody, or at least one of the two that Nature most intended. So, just like in that heart-tugging ending from Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, the old coach said “F- You!” to PETA, dug deep and pulled one out (of his pants).

After a humbling bowl loss, then-Buckeye head coach, Earle Bruce, asked Woody to come in and give a pep talk to the coaches on toughness. Immediately after berating the current staff on its lack of meddle, Hayes opened a box to reveal a snapping turtle, whipped his (apparently seldom used) baby maker out of his trousers, and demonstrated for Earle’s staff what a real man is capable of doing that they aren’t.

In case it’s not readily apparent what he did, I’ll let you use your imaginations or read the story yourselves. It hurts below my waistline to even write about it.

I feel awful for the turtle. Reptile or not, no species of plant or animal should have to do that for a Buckeye. And it got a poke in the eye for its troubles.

Thank God Bo didn’t bring every one of Woody’s lasting lesson with him to Ann Arbor.

#1 John L. Smith Tries to Get the Voices in His Head to Stop

What? You thought I wouldn’t remember this one?

In the raw vote (which I conducted solely inside my head) this episode of The Ball Coach Be Crazy Yo’ only finished second. But since this happened while he was still in the process of earning the Sparty No! Lifetime Achievement Award, and it was caught on camera by everyone, and it’s been replayed eleventy billion times, and he later went on to become some kind of Bat Shit Superhero at Arkansas, he’s earned the outright top spot in my list.

In doing the research for this story, I realized I could have written it as “Top 5 Reasons JLS is Insane”, but that would have been too easy. And it’s probably already been done.

As always, your mileage may vary. 

USC WR Marqise Lee injured shoulder

USC WR Marqise Lee injured shoulder

Submitted by Leaders And Best on August 10th, 2013 at 12:49 PM

USC WR and 2012 Biletnikoff Award winner Marqise Lee injured his shoulder yesterday at practice. USC already lost WRs George Farmer and Steven Mitchell to torn ACLs earlier this year.  Their WR depth chart is extremely limited with the scholarship sanctions, and Lee is probably the best player on the team. Going to be an interesting year for USC and Kiffin.