TomVH: Update on ATH Kris Frost and WR Devin Lucien

TomVH: Update on ATH Kris Frost and WR Devin Lucien

Submitted by TomVH on January 17th, 2011 at 9:41 PM

I just caught up with 4 star ATH Kris Frost. He told me has spoken to Brady Hoke, and that the Michigan staff will be coming down for an in home visit. He's not sure what the date will be, but it will be soon.

Frost hasn't heard yet from Auburn on whether or not they'll accept him. They told him they're waiting to see who goes pro to see if they have room. If they say no Michigan has a great shot.

Unfortunately Michigan is out of the running with California WR Devin Lucien. Chris Singletary called Devin today and said that Michigan will recruit him for defense, and Lucien doesn't want that. He said, "It killed my heart, because you know how I felt about Michigan." At one point Lucien had told me he was just waiting to make sure his scholarship would be honored and he would commit to Michigan. They told him this morning that they want him as a defensive back.

TVH Weekly: Kickers, Decommits, New Offers

TVH Weekly: Kickers, Decommits, New Offers

Submitted by TomVH on January 17th, 2011 at 11:26 AM

A lot has changed since last week, some for good some for bad. I will try to keep you up to date the best I can, and here's a look at what we know so far. Remember if you ever have any recruiting tips or questions you can always email me at [email protected]. You can also follow me on Twitter to get more recruiting updates as they come through.


We might as well start with the ugly bits and talk about the recent decommitments. K Matt Goudis recently took a visit to Miami and decided to commit to the Hurricanes. Al Golden has some weird obsession with Michigan recruits. He's pursuing Goudis, Dallas Crawford, Kellen Jones, and Kris Frost. 

DB Dallas Crawford officially decommitted from Michigan, and it's looking like it's over. Who Brady Hoke hires as his defensive coordinator could still make an impact on Crawford. We'll have to wait to see who the new DC is to know, but it's looking very grim.

OL Jake Fisher decommitted yesterday, and has decided to open everything up after visiting Michigan State this past weekend. He's saying everyone is even and could end up taking visits to Oregon, Florida, and Notre Dame. It's not looking good for Michigan to get him back.

Those three are officially decommited and a few more are on the fence. OL Tony Posada took a visit to Mississippi State this past weekend, and there's a rumor that he loved it. Posada is supposed to visit Michigan this coming weekend. We'll see how Tony feels after that. DB Blake Countess also took a visit to Penn State, but has been vocal about his love for Michigan so there may not be much to worry about there. LB Kellen Jones recently took a visit to Colorado and may end up taking a visit to Miami as well. We'll see if that materializes.

Kicker Replacements?

Now that Matt Goudis has decommitted, Michigan would still like to land a kicker in this class.

There were rumors of former high school kicker Derrick Mitchell potentially walking on at Michigan. I spoke with his father to see what the situation was, and he had this to say.

(Former Michigan kicker) Mike Gillette knew about Derrick and connected him with Coach Rodriguez. They said they needed a kicker and had a spot for him if he wanted it. The problem is that Derrick is in the minor leagues right now with the Phillies. He had a pretty good season last year, so I don't know if he wants to give that up just to be a kicker.

The strange part is that the Phillies would pay for part of Mitchell's tuition if he were to come to Michigan. He's getting paid 5th round money right now and is moving up to AA ball so it's not likely he'll come to Michigan this year. 

Matt Wile

Matt Wile

6'2", 210 lbs.


San Diego, California

Wile received an offer from Michigan, which makes sense because he also had an offer from San Diego State. Wile was an Army All American, and would help fill the void Goudis' decommitment left. 

Connor Loftus could still an option since he already had a Michigan offer, but the recent offer to Wile probably means the new coaches want him instead. Michigan will have to compete with Air Force and Nebraska. Wile will be in Ann Arbor this weekend.

New Offers and New Contact

The new Michigan coaches have started to reach out to recruits and extend new offers as well. Besides WIle here's a look at some new recruits that Michigan is now targeting. There will be plenty more of these as the coaching staff fills out and we get closer to signing day.

  • DT Travarris Saulsberry (6'4", 252 lbs, Florida) - He's reporting he has an offer, but it's an odd offer because Saulsberry is committed to Tennessee, and has been since August. He told me he's 100% committed to the Vols and isn't considering Michigan.
  • DE Jordan Williams (6'4", 240 lbs, Florida) - Williams is a teammate of Saulsberry and also committed to Tennessee. He also told me he's 100% with the Vols.
  • DB Stefan McClure (5'11", 170 lbs, 4 Star, California) - McClure was just offered and plans on visiting Michigan this weekend. I spoke with McClure recently and I got the feel that he was genuinely open in his recruitment. If Michigan can impress him they'll have a shot.
  • OL Pat Flavin (6'7", 260 lbs, 3 Star, Illinois) - Flavin has not been offered yet, but he did receive a call on Sunday from Michigan's OL coach Darrell Funk. He missed the call initially but called Coach Funk back and was told the situation is fluid right now. No offer was extended, but Funk wanted an update on where he was at. Probably means the coaches are waiting to see who decommits, and stays committed.

January 21st Visits

This weekend will be the first visit weekend hosted by Brady Hoke and company. Here's a list of visitors so far. This list will continue to change:

  • TE/LB Frank Clark (6'2", 210 lbs, 3 Star, Ohio) The Glenville prospect has showed genuine interest in Michigan, and there is an even greater need for his services with the switch in offensive philosophy.
  • ATH Raymon Taylor (5'10", 165 lbs, 4 Star, Michigan) The former Indiana commit has always been a fan of Michigan. He does like the new Indiana staff, so we'll see what happens.
  • DB Stefan McClure (5'11", 170 lbs, 4 Star, California). As mentioned.
  • OL Tony Posada (6'6", 315 lbs, 3 Star, Florida) Fresh off a visit to Mississippi State, we'll see if he makes the trip.
  • K Matt Wile (6'2", 210 lbs, 2 Star, California) Just offered two days ago, will be visiting Ann Arbor.


  • WR Hakeem Flowers had a phone call scheduled with the new Michigan coaches on Sunday. He is announcing on the 23rd and it's down to Oregon, Michigan, and LSU. Michigan is still in great position with Flowers.
  • WR Devin Lucien is announcing on the 30th. Brady Hoke hasn't contacted him yet, so the interest is starting to fall.
  • WR/LB Kris Frost is still waiting to hear back from Auburn on whether his commitment will be honored. He's not graduating early anymore, so he might end up taking more visits. Miami is coming after him, but if the Michigan coaches get in contact with him and push they will still have a good chance.
  • OL Chris Bryant took an official visit to Pitt, where former Michigan coaches Calvin Magee, Tony Gibson, and Tony Dews are now coaching. He swung by Michigan on the way home to meet with Brady Hoke. The meeting lasted long enough to require Bryant and his dad to have to get a hotel for the night. I'll try to catch up with Bryant on Monday to talk about the visit. 

TomVH: Recruiting Update So Far

TomVH: Recruiting Update So Far

Submitted by TomVH on January 12th, 2011 at 12:12 PM

There have been a lot of questions about where we're at, and what's happening so I'm going to do a mini update so everyone is caught up on where we're at. We obviously won't know some aspects of what will happen until Brady Hoke assembles his staff, and starts to actually make phone calls and visits.

  • There's been a rumor that LB Kellen Jones decommitted, which is not true. I spoke with his dad today, and he told me that's not even close. If the Michigan coaches tell Kellen that they want him just as much as the previous coaching staff did then he will be in Ann Arbor. Kellen is visiting Colorado this weekend, because it's already set up, and it's just for fun. He is supposed to take a visit out to Miami, but they're not sure if that will even happen. Kellen still feels the same about Michigan, he's just covering himself for just in case.
  • Kris Frost hasn't heard from Auburn yet. If they say no, there's a good chance he'll come to Michigan. If they say yes, then as far as I understand someone else will lose their spot. 
  • K Matt Goudis and DB Dallas Crawford are visiting Miami this weekend. Dallas knows that Michigan has hired a new coach, and has started to do research on him.
  • WR Devin Lucien is a recruit that has been waiting for Michigan to make a hire so he can visit. He still wants to talk to the coaching staff to make sure his offer will be honored, but he was being recruited by San Diego State. Michigan has a great chance with Devin.
  • OL Chris Bryant is announcing at the end of January, but this hire for Michigan also helps with him. Michigan is in the lead.
  • The only current commits we need to monitor really are Dallas Crawford, Matt Goudis, and Jake Fisher. Blake Countess will just require a phone call to make sure everything is in order, and we should be good to go with everyone else. 

If you have any other questions, or if I'm forgetting anything ask in the comments and I'll try to get it answered. It's going to be an ongoing update as the coaches start to reach out to commits and recruits. 

TomVH: Weekly Update: Awkward Waiting, Hakeem Flowers, Who's Looking Around

TomVH: Weekly Update: Awkward Waiting, Hakeem Flowers, Who's Looking Around

Submitted by TomVH on January 10th, 2011 at 11:52 AM

This is getting awkward, but I suspect it should be over soon. I've pointed out that there are two recruiting dead periods left until signing day. We just started one today that runs to the 13th, then there's another dead period from the 30th until signing day. That leaves roughly 16 days depending on when the new coach is hired to recruit. So here's where we're at.

Hakeem FlowersHakeem Flowers

6'2", 175 lbs.

Wide Receiver

Greenville, South Carolina

Before the coaching change Hakeem was very high on Michigan, and was moving closer to a decision. He has decided that he will make his announcement on January 23rd at his high school, and will decide between Oregon, LSU, and Michigan. 

Prior to the coaching change I would have told you that Michigan was in the driver's seat. It's hard to say now where they stand, and I'm not exactly sure yet where he'll be headed. Until a new coach is named nothing will be 100%, and depending on who is hired it could swing him one way or another.

Who's Looking Around

Michigan currently has 13 commitments, and as everyone has heard there's a decent amount of them trying to keep their options open. Before you panic and say we're 100% losing these kids you have to understand their position. It's a month away from signing day and spots are filling up fast. If they were to stay committed to Michigan and the new coach doesn't want to honor their scholarship offer, then they'd be hard pressed to find a new school. It's a gamble and an awkward situation for them. A lot of the recruits are going to say they'll keep their options open to cover themselves. Here's who is potentially open, or looking around.

  • DB Dallas Crawford - As I reported the other day Dallas wants to come to Michigan, but is nervous about the coaching situation. He will be visiting Miami this weekend, and most likely USC at some point. If Les Miles is hired at Michigan that will help retain him.
  • K Matt Goudis - Matt told me that he will also be visiting Miami this weekend (the 14th), and will take the trip even if a new coach is hired at Michigan this week.
  • OL Jake Fisher - Jake has started to hear from some other schools like Notre Dame and even Oregon. He's not officially open yet, but he's keeping communication lines open just in case.

Who Could We Get

There has been a lot of speculation that Les Miles may be hired as the next coach. There have been a lot of questions regarding LSU's current commits, and if there would be any that would switch to Michigan in the case that Les Miles is hired. This is pretty hard to predict since their recruits don't want to talk about anything until it's official. Here's a few thoughts on the question though. 

LSU currently has 21 commitments, and 15 of those prospects are from Louisiana. That right there will make it tough to pull some over to Ann Arbor, especially if LSU acts fast and hires a new coach to retain them. Here's probably the most realistic options that would consider coming with Miles. These aren't kids who would 100% come to Michigan, but that we would have a shot with. 

  • OL Trai Turner (6'5", 340 lbs, 4 Star) - Trai was being recruited by Michigan heavily before deciding to stay home. He was even at one point during the season thinking about taking a trip up to Ann Arbor. 
  • OL Jonah Austin (6'7", 305 lbs, 3 Star) - Jonah is a teammate of Trai's, and was also being recruited by Michigan. He originally committed to Houston, received an offer from LSU, and jumped on it. 
  • WR Jarvis Landry (5'11", 178 lbs, 4 Star) - Landry had a Michigan offer and would fill a potential need at the receiver position in this class.
  • K James Hairston (6'1", 200 lbs, 2 Star) - If Michigan can't hang on to Matt Goudis in this class they might try to flip Hairston.

Besides those four it's tough to tell who at this point would be willing to listen. Like I said, this is obviously in the case that Les Miles is even hired. It's safe to say that the new coaching staff needs to jump on the recruiting trail either way, and there will probably be new names popping up all over. 


  • LB/WR Kris Frost surprisingly chose Auburn at the Army All American game. If you weren't in the liveblog you missed why that was significant for Michigan. About three weeks ago Frost had told me it was Michigan, that he was 99.9% sure, and that he had only applied to Michigan. He's planning on enrolling early and announced for Auburn. There's a chance that the Tigers may not accept his offer, and he's waiting to hear back from them still. LSU was one of his favorites before he announced, we'll see if Michigan can get back in it if Auburn denies him.
  • WR Devin Lucien is set to announce his decision on January 30th. He has been anxiously awaiting a decision from Michigan on their new coach. Devin wants to set up his visit ASAP, and also make sure that his offer will be honored by the new coach. Michigan's in great position as long as there's a decision soon.

TomVH: Weekly Update: Decision Dates, Visits, and Who's Left

TomVH: Weekly Update: Decision Dates, Visits, and Who's Left

Submitted by TomVH on December 27th, 2010 at 11:55 AM

We're in the middle of a recruiting dead period, and about a month away from signing day. I thought I would give an update on who's left on the board, time frames for when specific recruits will make their decisions, and who will be visiting in the near future. 

Who's Left?

2011 Michigan Commits
Name Position State Rivals Ranking
Demetrius Hart RB FL 4 Star
Justice Hayes RB  MI 4 Star
Brennen Beyer DE MI 4 Star
Blake Countess CB MD 4 Star
Dallas Crawford CB FL 3 Star
Jake Fisher OL MI 3 Star
Delonte Hollowell CB MI 3 Star
Kellen Jones LB TX 3 Star
Chris Rock DE/DT OH 3 Star
Greg Brown DB OH 3 Star
Jack Miller OL OH 3 Star
Desmond Morgan LB MI 3 Star
Tony Posada OL FL 3 Star
Matt Goudis K CA 2 Star

That's 14 current commitments, and for argument sake we'll just assume that Michigan will take 20 in this class. Rich Rodriguez has recently said they will take anywhere from 18-20 commits, so we'll go with 20. Here's a look at the most likely recruits left at each position, up to this point. There could be some new names pop up, but this list seems pretty solid for now.

Wide Receiver
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Kris Frost NC Army All American Game (Jan 8th) 4 Star
Hakeem Flowers SC Either January or Signing Day. May still take visits. 3 Star
Devin Lucien CA Signing Day. Visiting Michigan January 7th 4 Star
Prince Holloway FL January 15th. Recently said he will commit to Michigan on his January 15th visit. 3 Star

Frost is in this category because he will most likely get his chance to try wide receiver before potentially moving to linebacker. The situation for Michigan here is that they may just lead for all four of these receivers. 

Defensive Backs
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Wayne Lyons (S) FL Army All American Game 4 Star
Raymon Taylor (ATH) MI  Visiting January 7th. Decision after that. 4 Star
Sheldon Royster (S) NJ Visiting January 7th. 4 Star
James Richardson (CB) TX Deciding in January 3 Star
Roderick Ryles (S) FL Planning a visit, decision date unsure. 3 Star

Again Michigan is in great position for most of these recruits. 

Tight End
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Jack Tabb NJ January 3 Star
Frank Clark OH Visiting January 7th, decision date unsure. 3 Star
Tanner McEvoy NJ Visiting January 7th, decision date unsure. 3 Star

Tabb is thinking over his decision, and will be announcing sometime in early or mid January. The coaching situation had been factoring into his decision, and he was also hoping for an offer from Miami. He's not getting the Miami offer, so it will be between Michigan, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Offensive Line
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Chris Bryant IL January, or Signing Day 4 Star

Bryant isn't sure if he wants to wait until signing day to make his decision, or just get it over with. He is waiting to see what happens with the coaches, but Michigan is likely to land Chris.

Defensive Line
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Anthony Zettel (DE) MI Likely to decide in January. 4 Star
Darian Cooper (DT MD Visiting January 7th, likely to decide signing day. 4 Star
Max Issaka (DE)  NJ May visit Michigan 3 Star
Deion Barnes (DE)  PA Visiting January 7th, decision in mid-late January or signing day 4 Star

As you can see, there are a lot of recruits left for only roughly 6 spots left. The good news is that there is a lot of quality left on the board. The recruits that are left and still have Michigan in the race are ranked highly, and more importantly could help Michigan in key areas. 


The next visit weekend will be January 7th, and will be host to a good amount of prospects. Here's the list so far, and as usual will be updated as we get closer. These visits aren't set in stone, so they could change from now until the 7th.

  • S Sheldon Royster - Michigan is in Royster's top four with North Carolina, Rutgers, and South Carolina
  • DE Deion Barnes - Michigan is in Barne's top group with Penn State, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • WR Devin Lucien - Michigan is in a very favorable spot for Lucien. This visit could determine where he ends up.
  • DT Darian Cooper - Cooper still lists Michigan in his top group, but definitely has concerns about the coaching situation. He should have some answers by this time.
  • ATH Raymon Taylor - Recently offered by Michigan, and recently decommitted from Indiana I suspect that Michigan leads. 
  • TE Tanner McEvoy
  • TE/LB Frank Clark - The Glenville prospect always speaks highly of Michigan, and is excited about the visit. 

NC ATH Kris Frost Continues to Receive Shrine Bowl Accolades

NC ATH Kris Frost Continues to Receive Shrine Bowl Accolades

Submitted by DGDestroys on December 18th, 2010 at 8:52 AM

A couple of days, I consolidated several reports about how badly Frost was tearing up the Shrine Bowl (between the best of the 2 Carolinas). Well, since then, Frost's play on the field has earned him the Number 1 spot on Rival's Top Players from the Shrine Bowl

Frost is super-athletic and it became clearer than ever this week that his future is at linebacker at the next level despite his interest in playing wide receiver. He is so quick off the edge, is a ball of energy with great enthusiasm and hustle and he has the speed to run things down from the backside. In his drops, he gets good depth, reads the play well and he has good ball skills and instincts. Frost needs to fill out his frame and get stronger, especially in his lower body, but as a blitzing outside linebacker he fits the mold of a disrupter at the next level. He also has the potential to cover tight ends and slot receivers in certain packages because of his athleticism and he is a natural leader and the kind of player that brings a contagious enthusiasm to the field.

So what kind of players did he compete with for this spot? 5* Jadeveon Clowney sat out most of the week, but players like:

4* OT Brandon Shell, 4* LB Stephone Anthony (Both 5* on Scout), 4* LB Lateek Townsend, 4* WR Charone Peake (Also a 5* on Scout), 4* DT Phillip Dukes, ND Commit DE Ben Councell, 4* QB Marquise Williams, 4* Devonte Brown

Just to name a few...

NC LB/WR Kris Frost Showing Up at the Shrine Bowl

NC LB/WR Kris Frost Showing Up at the Shrine Bowl

Submitted by DGDestroys on December 16th, 2010 at 7:51 AM

NC LB Kris Frost was invited to the Shrine Bowl between the Carolinas this year...and did he ever show up. He was named to Chad Simmon's NC Top 7, and was thrown praise from the various analysts throughout the tournament

Vad Lee, Kris Frost- both looking good at Shrine Bowl practice this morning. (JC Shurburtt) 

Kris Frost with a great job in pass coverage on Eric Ebron. Frost has really good speed, athleticisim and plays physical (Andrew Bone)

Kris Frost is telling his teammates to pick the intensity. What a leader. (Chad Simmons)

Kris Frost flew in off the edge and made contact with the RB 3 yds deep in the backfield. (Chad Simmons)

Kris Frost also hitting the edge fast in run, just made play on marquise williams from backside. (Mike Farrell)

The last two aren't from the Shrine Bowl, but refer to Butler's championship run.

Kris Frost and Zach Cole are really stepping into the role of leaders on the NC defense. (Miller Safrit)

Michigan recruit Kris Frost and his Butler Bulldogs took home the NC 4A state championship.. without star QB Christian Lemay all year

Without quoting precise passages, the analysts in the LiveBlog and in Insider articles were praising Frost's coverage ability, hit power, and closing speed.

Standing right beside stud NC LB Stephone Anthony

As for looks like he'll be making his decision with his parents over the holidays, but still plans to announce at the Under Armour All American Game. His decision will be between UM, LSU, and Aub

Fun Note: Teammates said that Frost looks like a "Christmas Decoration". Do people agree, disagree?

TVH Weekly: Big Chill Visits, Frost, Lucien, Lyons

TVH Weekly: Big Chill Visits, Frost, Lucien, Lyons

Submitted by TomVH on December 7th, 2010 at 11:53 AM

This past weekend was host to a few important official visitors, and this weekend will see even more prospects coming in for the Big Chill hockey game. A slightly different format:

Visitors from this Past Weekend (12/3)

There were no commitments from Maryland DB Blake Countess or Florida S Wayne Lyons. I spoke briefly with Lyons, and have a full interview scheduled for later today. He had this to say so far:

"It was a good trip. The academic side of it was good, and I know my mom liked that too."

More later.

Rumors had Michigan potentially leading for Countess, and this visit was a big one since it was his first official. Blake was tweeting the whole weekend; here's a few of them:

  • goblue !!!!!!!!!!
  • Michigan was great. i could def. see myself there!
  • I was with Josh Furman, Denard and Devin Gardner..and the other players that were there on officials.Delonte, wayne and G.Brown

His coaches aren't easy to get ahold of, so I'm still working on getting more from him. Lyons is expected to make his decision at the Army game, and will take a trip to Nebraska next.

Official Visitors for the Big Chill

This weekend is not only host to the Big Chill and fireworks, but a plethora of official visitors. Here's the list I have compiled so far. As always this list will be posted permanently in the diary section to add and remove recruits.

  • LB Desmond Morgan - This could be the last visit before Morgan makes his decision. I wouldn't be surprised if he announces his choice shortly after.
  • DE Anthony Zettel - This is Zettel's last official visit. He's already been to MSU, Penn State, and Iowa. 
  • OL Chris Bryant - This probably won't be the last visit for Chris. He's been wavering on when he wants to make his decision. He might wait until signing day, or he might just pull the trigger. Michigan is in a favorable position either way.

I'll continue to add to this as I confirm more names.

On to specific recruits:

Kris FrostKris Frost

6'3", 210 lbs.


Matthews, North Carolina

Frost is down to Auburn and Michigan, and has been for some time now. He still plans on enrolling early, and will be announcing his choice at the Army All American game in January. I'm in constant contact with Kris, and I believe that Michigan is in good position right now… as long as Rodriguez is retained. If Michigan were to make a change, then there might be some trouble. I don't believe that a defensive coaching change would make too much of a difference with Kris. The coaches have been on him, and are continuing to show him that they want him, as well:

Coach Rod will actually be out to my house on Thursday. They've just really been telling me how I fit in there, and how much I'm wanted. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it back up there for another visit, but that shouldn't matter too much anyway.

If you remember, Kris was going to try to come back up for another unofficial visit. That won't be happening, but it's not a big deal.

Devin LucienDevin Lucien

6'1", 189 lbs.

Wide Receiver

Encino, California

If you read my post yesterday you already know that Devin has scheduled his official visit out to Michigan for January 7th. Since Michigan has offered they have shot up Devin's list, and this visit could potentially vault the Wolverines into the top spot.

I love the overall tradition at Michigan. The tradition they have reminds me a lot of what we have at Crespi (High School). The brotherhood that the players have is amazing. I love the fans, and the whole community of Ann Arbor. I can't wait to visit.

A lot of people have wondered what recruits are thinking as far as the coaching situation with regards to Michigan. Devin felt comfortable enough to share how he was thinking.

I like Michigan for Michigan, so it doesn't really matter to me. I think it matters more to my parents just because they want me to be somewhere stable. Coach Dews has talked to both my parents and they both like him a lot. He's actually coming out this week on Thursday.

This is just one point of view but Devin is more interested in the program, and since he could probably play in most systems anyway, it won't matter much. The timing of this visit could help Michigan too, since Lucien is planning on making his decision on signing day, which is only 3 or 4 weeks from when he'll be on campus.

Other items [from the editor]

  • The Orlando Sentinel caught up with FL RB Dee Hart, who says he will remain committed to Michigan if Rodriguez is retained. If he isn't, he's going to Florida to play in the spread.
  • MI WR Shawn Conway will not qualify and is headed to a JUCO. He says he would like to return to the fold after his time there is finished but it is extremely rare for Michigan to take a JUCO kid who did not qualify out of high school. Austin Panter, the last JUCO at Michigan, was a qualifier who played seven on seven and went to JUCO for exposure, and the last one before that was Russell Shaw. Michigan's coaches have clearly known about this for a while given the offer to Lucien and late push for Arnett.

TomVH: Defensive Recruiting, Who's Left?

TomVH: Defensive Recruiting, Who's Left?

Submitted by TomVH on November 24th, 2010 at 9:48 AM

[Ed-M: bumped from diary - MGoBlog's recruiting editor updates the status of defensive recruitment]

Since Justice Hayes just committed, and there were still people looking around to see if it was ok to ask if he plays defense, I thought I would help them out. Here's a look at who's left on the defensive front for Michigan recruiting.

First, who's committed so far:

2011 Commitments
Name Position Height/Weight Star Ranking
Brennen Beyer DE 6'4", 225 lbs. 4 Star
Demetrius Hart RB 5'8", 190 lbs. 4 Star
Justice Hayes RB/Slot 5'10", 175 lbs. 4 Star
Dallas Crawford DB 5'10", 185 lbs. 3 Star
Shawn Conway WR 6'4", 183 lbs. 3 Star
Greg Brown DB 5'10", 180 lbs. 3 Star
Jake Fisher OL 6'7", 260 lbs. 3 Star
Delonte Hollowell DB 5'8", 162 lbs. 3 Star
Kellen Jones LB 6'1", 209 lbs. 3 Star
Jack Miller OL 6'4", 270 lbs. 3 Star
Tony Posada OL 6'5", 315 lbs. 3 Star
Chris Rock DE/DT 6'5", 250 lbs. 3 Star
Kevin Sousa QB 6'2", 220 lbs. 3 Star

For those counting at home, that's six commitments out of thirteen that are on the defensive side of the ball. There are around 9 spots left, give or take, for Michigan to fill up this class with. These are the current defensive recruits that Michigan has a shot with. 


2011 Defensive End Prospects
Photo Name Vitals Hometown Stars Film
Anthony Zettel

6'4", 255 lbs.

West Branch, MI

4 Stars  Junior Highlights
Zettel is waiting until after the season is over to make his announcement. He has already taken his official to Iowa (Nov. 20th), he's visiting Penn State this weekend, and will be at Michigan on December 10th for the Big Chill.
Deion Barnes Deion Barnes

6'5", 230 lbs.

Philadelphia, PA 4 star Deion Runs Fast
Barnes has Michigan in his top five along with Georgia, Penn State, Pitt, and South Carolina. He has mentioned several times he plans on visiting after the season. He may visit for December 10th as well.


2011 Defensive Tackle Prospects

Photo Name Vitals Hometown Stars Film
Timmy Jernigan Timmy Jernigan

6'2", 275 lbs.

Lake City, FL

4 Star Junior Highlights
Jernigan has Michigan in his top group with LSU, Alabama, and Florida State. He has made some recent trips to Florida, so I wouldn't count them out. I've been hearing a lot lately about Timmy, and a recruit actually told me that Jernigan really likes Michigan. He's concerned with our defensive scheme, however, so we'll see what happens.
Darian Cooper Darian Cooper

6'3", 275 lbs.

Hyattsville, MD 4 Star Junior Highlights
Cooper is planning a winter visit to Michigan, and outside of Jernigan, is probably Michigan's best option at defensive tackle. His season ended in the WCAC championship game this weekend, so he's now focusing on recruiting.
Mickey Johnson Mickey Johnson

6'1", 310 lbs.

Covington, LA

4 Star Junior Highlights
While Johnson continues to list Michigan in his top group, I don't think he'll end up choosing the Wolverines. His name is still on the radar, but not likely.


2011 Linebacker Prospects
Photo Name Vitals Hometown Stars Film
Kris Frost Kris Frost

6'3", 210 lbs.

Matthews, NC

4 Star  Junior Highlights
As everyone knows, Frost just got back from his official visit to Michigan. This visit came at the perfect time for Frost, and for Michigan. He will take officials to LSU and Cal, and is going to try to make it back up to Michigan again before deciding at the US Army game. Frost will be an early enrollee. I included him here for argument sake, since he is also being recruited for receiver.
Desmond Morgan Desmond Morgan

6'1", 225 lbs.

Holland, MI 3 Star Senior Highlights
Morgan is a lifelong Michigan fan, and was beyond excited to receive his offer. He took an unofficial visit with his dad to the Illinois game, and will be back for an official visit on December 10th. He's taking his time, but I expect him to be in this class. If Michigan grabs Morgan and Frost, that will be a nice linebacker haul for the 2011 class with Kellen Jones already on board.


2011 Cornerback Prospects 
Photo Name Vitals Hometown Stars Film
Blake Countess Blake Countess

5'10", 170 lbs.

Owings Mills, MD

4 Star Senior Highlights
Countess has a top four of Georgia Tech, Maryland, NC State and Michigan. It's been rumored that Michigan is in the lead, but Georgia Tech might be right there with them. Countess plans on visiting December 3rd, and will also be playing in the US Army game.
Daren Kitchen Daren Kitchen

6'1", 170 lbs.

Houma, LA 3 Star N/A
If Michigan missed on Countess, they may finally offer Kitchen. Kitchen has said he's a big fan of Michigan, and would most likely commit if offered. 


2011 Safety Prospects
Photo Name Vitals Hometown Stars Film
Avery Walls Avery Walls

5'11", 185 lbs.

McDonough, GA

4 Star Junior Highlights
Walls has already been to Michigan several times, including an official visit for the U Conn game. He has since taken visits to Oregon and Cal. I still think Michigan is in a good position, but I think Oregon has made a good impression on him. Due to an illness in his family he had put recruiting on the back burner. He still plans on taking a few more visits before he announces.
Wayne Lyons Wayne Lyons

6'0", 190 lbs.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 4 Star Senior Highlights
Lyons recently announced that Michigan will get one of his official visits. That was huge news for the Wolverines, as they seem to be climbing up his list. Wayne plans on being up at Michigan on December 3rd, and then out to Nebraska on December 10th. He has already taken visits to Notre Dame, Stanford, and UCLA. Michigan is making a move with the talented safety.
Karlos Williams Karlos Williams

6'2", 210 lbs.

Davenport, FL

5 Star 2010 Spring Game
I'm including Karlos on this list because he still maintains that he will visit Michigan. The visit will probably take place in January. I've heard that it's not likely he will switch from FSU, but there's at least a small chance. He has been recruiting hard for FSU, so don't get your hopes up, but who knows what could happen with a visit.
Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix

6'2", 190 lbs.

Orlando, FL

5 Star Junior Highlights

I'm including Ha'Sean for the same reason that I'm including Karlos, he still plans on visiting Michigan. I have heard that there's a small chance that he changes his mind from Alabama. Don't get your hopes up here either, but with his teammates selling Michigan and his visit you never know.

Michigan obviously doesn't have enough room to take everyone, and they're still looking for a few more offensive positions like tight end and offensive line. Most of the decision time tables for these recruits are after the season, or during the Army All American game. That should give Michigan plenty of time for visits, and a little extra push with coaching visits too.