Awful Announcing?: 2017 Michigan @ Penn State - Fowler, Herbstreit, Rinaldi & Taylor

Awful Announcing?: 2017 Michigan @ Penn State - Fowler, Herbstreit, Rinaldi & Taylor

Submitted by markusr2007 on October 18th, 2017 at 12:08 PM

Looks like Michigan @ Penn State announcers are as follows:

7:30 p.m.: [19] Michigan @ [2] Penn State (ABC)
Announcers: Chris Fowler (play-by-play), Kirk Herbstreit (analyst), Maria Taylor (reporter), Tom Rinaldi (reporter)

Grateful that PSU alum and homer Matt Millen isn't doing color.

Stay Classy Buckeye Fans

Stay Classy Buckeye Fans

Submitted by TNWolverine on November 30th, 2013 at 5:33 PM

Buckeye fans are showing their class by criticizing Herbstreit for shaking a wounded warrior/Michigan fans hand. 

@yoderman86: "@YNWAbuckeye: @Torg963" #fakebuckeye” my bad for thanking some wounded warriors bud. How dare I?

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2:15 PM - 30 Nov 13 · Details
  1. @yoderman86: "Great call to go for 2" you're a retard #fakebuckeye” seriously? Is your life that miserable? Picked Ohio St to win. Beat it

Question About College Gameday

Question About College Gameday

Submitted by rob6reid on September 6th, 2013 at 8:49 PM

I have two quick questions about College Gameday. I'm a sophomore, and therefore was not here when College Gameday was in town for the 1st UTL game. Can anyone that went tell me how early you showed up, and how good your spot in the crowd was? Is it worth being there if you show up at, say, 8AM and you're behind a massive amount of people? 

Also, would my cowbell be confiscated if I were to bring it? Anyone with past college gameday expirience is welcome to share their expiriences.

semi-OT: Columbus sports radio makes offensive tweet about Desmond Howard, joins Luke Fickell's pizza boy in the penalty box

semi-OT: Columbus sports radio makes offensive tweet about Desmond Howard, joins Luke Fickell's pizza boy in the penalty box

Submitted by kehnonymous on October 16th, 2012 at 12:02 PM

Never a dull moment in America's number one evolutionary anthopology lab.  To recap (other information is on 11w and other sources if you're actually interested in following up on this kerfuffle):

Torg (of Columbus 97.1 FM sports radio fame 'Common Man and the Torg' tweets that he wishes Desmond Howard would get fired or die so he could watch GameDay again.

Herbstreit comes to Desmond Howard's defense on Columbus station 97.1 Monday with a long and indignant rant calling out the Torg without actually mentioning Torg by name.

Common Man mentions on Monday's show later that afternoon that co-host Torg is "resting" and will return later.  He also has some choice words for Fake Buckeyes that did not explicitly mention any well-coiffed former OSU quarterbacks who happened to wear no. 4 and got knocked out in the 1991 Heisman game.

Pass the popcorn and/or Iacono's pizza.



OT: Herbstreit Article - Would Consider Coaching QBs for Meyer

OT: Herbstreit Article - Would Consider Coaching QBs for Meyer

Submitted by Two Hearted Ale on November 22nd, 2011 at 1:32 PM

Found an interesting article link while lurking at 11W.  It's not new but I thought it was an interesting take on Herbstreit.  It's a long read. 

Part 1

Part 2


On his number (4) in college.

"My favorite player was Jim Harbaugh," Herbstreit says, "I loved his style. His style of play and my style of play were very similar."

On moving from Columbus.

"Five times a day, there would be a car parked at a stop sign, people knocked on the door, they'd ask for autographs at the front door, they'd drive by real slow, 12:30 at night, I was getting up in the middle of the night to see cars outside in the street. I had no idea what they were doing there. The thought, that in this crazy world we live in, somebody's driving by your house five times a day or more, that starts to work on you emotionally. But we dealt with that for four or five years." 

On coaching.

"If I left (the show) I would want to go coach," Herbstreit says, "I'd want to be a high school coach at a program where it really mattered or I've talked with Urban (Meyer) about if he gets back into coaching being a quarterbacks coach and eventually an offensive coordinator for him." 

Asked if he's serious, Herbstreit responds, "Oh, yeah, for sure. At this point, at my age, it's tougher probably to imagine doing that just because I've elevated myself to a point in my career where it's hard to imagine starting over, but I'm not closing that door. I'll keep doing this (ESPN College Gameday) as long as they'll have me, but if a big time college coach asked me to be his quarterbacks coach and eventually be his offensive coordinator, it would be an interesting situation to deal with."

COMMENTARY: OSU could face trouble against Hoke, Michigan

COMMENTARY: OSU could face trouble against Hoke, Michigan

Submitted by The Barwis Effect on September 15th, 2011 at 1:54 AM

One more article before I turn in for the night.  This one comes from Doug Harris of the Dayton Daily News:

I was talking before the football season to University of Dayton defensive coordinator Landon Fox, who once was a graduate assistant under Brady Hoke, about whether he felt the new Michigan head coach could flip the Ohio State rivalry in the Wolverines’ favor.

Fox had no doubts.

“He’s a great recruiter. And once you get players, the rest is easy,” he said.

I was skeptical then, but I’m not anymore after watching the Wolverines’ implausible win against Notre Dame last Saturday when they scored two touchdowns in the final 72 seconds.

Yes, they still have issues on defense, but that’s not likely to last. Hoke has assembled the nation’s No. 3 recruiting class for 2012, and I imagine the Wolverines have gotten a significant jump with juniors for 2013.

ESPN basically gave them a one-hour commercial after that prime-time game, frequently going back during “SportsCenter” for live look-ins. And announcers Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit  marveled at how the 114,000 fans wouldn’t leave.

Click HERE for the rest of the article.

Obscure NCAA rules broken by Terrelle Pryor

Obscure NCAA rules broken by Terrelle Pryor

Submitted by Newk on June 11th, 2011 at 6:53 PM

Wow – it just keeps getting worse for TP and Ohio State. Rumors have surfaced concerning further infractions. To be fair, however, these rules are buried deep in the books. No word yet on possible penalties.


  • Drove a Nissan 350z with dealer plates at 90 miles per hour through a “Do Not Violate The Integrity Of NCAA Amateurism Rules” zone.
  • Petted at least 30 puppies and 40 kittens in a scheme to exchange frowns for smiles.
  • When holding for field goal attempts in practice, always pulled the ball away from the back-up kicker at the last second, even after promising that he'd finally let the poor kid kick it.
  • Wore unsanctioned throwback jersey to Jim Delany's Halloween party.
  • Killed Michigan fans’ hopes and dreams just to watch them die.
  • Since enrolling at OSU, signed three birthday cards for his grandmother, Mrs. Janice Wilson ... Did I mention that the cards were made of marijuana?
  • Received six wheels of gouda as an improper benefit for beating Bret Bielema in a cheese-eating contest.
  • Had the word “okay” tattooed under the “Do Not Write Beneath This Line” notice on his left bicep.
  • Exceeded permissible contact hours with Kirk Herbstreit (if you catch my drift).


DRob wins Capital One Performance of the week; Herbstreit: Top performer of CFB so far

DRob wins Capital One Performance of the week; Herbstreit: Top performer of CFB so far

Submitted by dr eng1ish on September 15th, 2010 at 6:32 PM


Just now on Sportscenter, Kirk Herbstreit shared a few thoughts on our QB.

Kirk:  In terms of actual performance against quality opponents, he is on top.  Most impressive over 2 weeks, long way to go though.  

Denard also won the Capital One Cup Performance of the Week with 65% of the vote, Landry Jones of Oklahoma was second with 15%.


When I made this topic, I was hoping for something more interesting, but there it is.  I guess that's why you wait til after these segments to make it =p

Someone slipped Herbstreit some blue Kool-Aid

Someone slipped Herbstreit some blue Kool-Aid

Submitted by mgobleu on September 8th, 2010 at 6:25 PM

I don't really know how to take this, because although he's a buckeye, I typically think Herbstreit's take is meh, fairly objective. But it seems like he's on the kool-aid for us pretty hard against ND, while Desmond's enthusiasm is quite tempered.

I'm definitely in the camp with Howard, I was just a little surprised to see Herbie so high on Michigan after 1 game. Setting up his rivals for a fall maybe?