NEED MORE? Reaction videos from the game +++

NEED MORE? Reaction videos from the game +++

Submitted by buddhafrog on March 30th, 2013 at 3:49 PM

Good early morning from Korea.  We have yet to be bombed and Michigan beat Kansas.  That's how I like to start my mornings.  Breakfast?  Pancakes from chef Prince.

What an amazing game.  I woke up needing to satisfy my euphoria with more content and found some fan videos taken from the stadium that you might enjoy:

This is from a Michigan fan courtside, sitting with a bunch of Kansas fans.  Low quality, a little slow, finger on the lens... but the payoff is worth it!  Also, it's cool to see how the huge video screen shows highlights from different angles.

This is a short video from high up in the rafters.  This place is huge!  The screen, again, changes the way people watch the game, I'm sure.  Spoiler: Trey hits a 3 pointer.

This last video is just for the joy of it.  Short, terrible quality, vertical video of a Kansas fan's pain.  It's like seeing the evil twin in the mirror, and he is not us. (NSFW language)


Lastly, there are tons of articles which I will be enjoying all day.  I loved this one up at An oral history of Michigan's comback win over Kansas.  Read it!


Josh Bartelstein: “There was a timeout, I think we were down like 14. We brought everyone together and said ‘let’s do something special’. That’s what the message had to be: let’s do something special and let’s have people talk about this game forever. They’re going to talk about it forever now.”
Robinson: “The biggest thing (Burke) said that I took in was, ‘Believe.’ Just that. ‘We’re not losing this game. We’re going to come back and win this. We can’t go home without a victory.’ I believed him.”


I'm looking for Michigan locker room celebration type of videos (or vs. VCU for that matter). Anybody see anything?  Share your post game videos, stories, favorite articles here. 

(Jalen, you so crazy)

The Karma that Killed Kansas

The Karma that Killed Kansas

Submitted by Dailysportseditor on March 30th, 2013 at 3:11 AM

When a guy named Johnson punches our guy in the johnson, and virtually gets away with it, it becomes the Karma that Killed Kansas.

In the last 2:22 of regulation, Johnson committed 2 turnovers which led to 4 Michigan points, plus missed the front end of a 1 and 1 which led to Burke's tying 3-pointer.

In the OT, Johnson was 1 of 3 with an additional turnover.  At the end he drives for the tying basket, then (probably thinking about his missed free throw) passes up a sure chance at a lay-up or a two shot foul.

Its Karma baby, Karma!  Think not?  Just check out this Kansas Sports piece:

Way too early Kansas preview

Way too early Kansas preview

Submitted by ClearEyesFullHart on March 27th, 2013 at 12:44 AM

Friday 7:37 Cowboy Stadium TBS 


      I dont remember a lot about Bill Self's Illinois teams.  I remember that his last team(he coached there from 01-03) put an end to Michigan's 13 game winning streak.  Illinois was playing with a chip on their shoulder, having taken a tough loss to Kansas in the Sweet 16 the previous year(small world).  That would have been Daniel Horton's freshman year, as well as the first time I was really excited about Michigan basketball(since the fab 5 anyway).

      Michigan ended up finishing 3'rd in the big ten, but everyone else in the Amaker era, those players would suffer for something they had nothing to do with; they were post-season inelegible.

     I vaguely remember going to the rematch in Crisler.  Mostly I remember Illinois power forward Brian Cook hitting everything from everywhere.  Shots contested by Graham Brown and Chris Hunter.  I swore that Cook had made a deal with the devil. 

At the time I thought he was the best player that I'd ever seen.  He was named Big Ten Player of the Year and First-Team All-Big Ten by both the coaches and the media. 

     Michigan made a game of it, but in the end it was just too much Cook.  Illinois won 82-79, on the back of Cook's 26 points and 7 boards.  Illinois would go on to finish second in the league, and win the big ten tournament. 

     At the end of that year, Roy Williams left Kansas for North Carolina, and Bill Self swore up and down that he was happy at Illinois.  He boarded a plane bound for Lawrence a few days later.

     At Kansas, Bill Self has won nine Big 12 titles and one national championship(2008).  Last year they fell to Kentucky in the NCAA Championship, 67-59.  Kansas stands second to only Kentucky with 2,101 wins, the last one coming against Roy Williams's North Carolina team.  Small world indeed. 

     Michigan has something like 1,458 wins by my math, although some would argue for 1,571.  We wont catch them in our children's lifetimes.  Maybe never.

     When last we met: Video 

     Kansas rolled into Ann Arbor in January of 2011 expecting to crush Michigan under their Goliath boot.  Stu and Zack had other plans, pulling down 21 rebounds between them and taking Kansas to overtime.

  In the end Kansas's Marcus Morris went all Brian Cook on us, scoring 22 and grabbing 10 rebounds. Michigan would lose in overtime 67-60, but Kansas limped away knowing they'd been in a fistfight.

     Kansas is a tough, tough defensive team.  They dont press as much as Self has in the past, but they man you up in the half court like few teams in America.  They will turn you over in a heartbeat, and 7 foot senior center Jeff Withey is averaging 4 blocks/game.  Michigan is going to have to execute at a very high level to score on these guys.

     Kansas's offense has been hot and cold.  Self runs a hi-lo motion offense designed to get post players one on one deep in the paint.  This results in a lot of defenses "packing it in" in the paint, making it very difficult for Kansas's guards to get to the rim.  This is somewhat exacerbated by the Jayhawk's lack of a truly elite slasher.  Their point guard tandem of Elijah Johnson and Naadir Tharpe, as well as swingman Travis Releford can put the ball on the floor and even beat their man, but in the games I've watched they seem more comfortabe using the advantage to kick the ball out to the perimeter rather than finding a cutting big or finishing near the basket.  Some have pointed to McGary's tendence to "over-help" as the achille's heel of his defense, and Kansas's ability to take advantage of post players off the drive(which frankly they haven't shown much) may tell the tale of the ballgame. 

     Kansas gets a lot of post touches and a lot of shots from the perimeter.  That means few Kobe assists and lots of long rebounds.  Those are fast break opportunities that Michigan will have to capitalize on if they want to reach the Elite Eight.  Kansas likes to score in transition too, so a lot is going to be dependent on A. Can Burke get into the lane?  and B. Which team is going to hit their jumpers? 

     I suppose before I get too far ahead of myself we should do a little "meet the Jayhawks".

     6-5 freshman guard Ben Mclemore is the leading scorer at 16per.  

He shoots 50% from the floor and 42% from downtown.  You dont want to leave that guy open.  Fortunately he hasn't been shooting too well as of late.  he chipped in just 2 points against North Carolina.  Hopefully that trend continues. 

     7ft senior center Jeff Withey has been carrying the Jayhawks through the tourney at 17 pts/g(14/g for the year) shooting 58%. 

He also grabs 9 boards and blocks 4 shots, altering countless others.  He can be outworked and outpositioned, but this is going to be a tough matchup for McGary, Morgan or Horford.  His man has got to keep a body on him whether a teammate is getting beat or not.  Help is going to have to come from somewhere else.

     6-6 senior guard Travis Releford chips in 12 points and 3 assists shooting 57% from the floor and 42% from downtown. 

You dont need Kobe assists when you're shooting like that. 

     Those are Kansas's elite players.  Their supporting cast is competent as well, starting with 6-4 senoir point guard Elijah Johnson.  He averages 10 points and 5 dimes, shooting 38% from the floor and 33% from downtown.  He takes a lot of jumpers(second only to Mclemore).  Kansas fans would like to see him drive and distribute more.  He shares the point with 5-11 sophomore Naadir Thorpe.  Thorpe averages 6 points and 3 assists shooting 35% from the field and 34% from downtown.  The other bigs are 6-8 senior forward Kevin Young and 6-8 freshman forward Perry Ellis.  They combine for 14 points and 11 boards between them. 

     So alright, its going to be tough to score on these guys.  But make no mistake, this is no David vs Goliath matchup like the one a couple years ago.  The first time Beilein went down to Chesterton, he came back with a bulldog in a pug's body.  This time he went down there and brought back the bulldog. 

This is going to be a Goliath vs Goliath matchup, maybe the best one we see in the tourney.  Transition buckets and post defense are going to be key factors.  Looking back on this year, on all the battle scars this team has weathered...I have to believe that that act of God Wisconsin shot happened for a reason.  That maybe that last shot against Indiana was meant to hang on the rim for an eternity before falling off.  Maybe I've just seen "Signs" one too many times, but I think maybe we'll see the results on Friday.

  65-59 Michigan.

Go Blue!        


OT: Kansas Jayhawks basketball and Conference Realignment

OT: Kansas Jayhawks basketball and Conference Realignment

Submitted by BeileinBuddy on June 12th, 2010 at 12:26 PM

As I read a newly released article on ESPN claiming the Mountain West has Kansas and Missouri and their radar, I wonder: can Kansas set up a split conference deal for their football and basketball programs (sort of) how ND is?

I can't see Kansas joining the MWC for all athletics as it would completely bring down their basketball legacy by being in a two-bit conference (for basketball that is).

If they can split conferences, where do you see them going? Personally I can see them joining the SEC before the Big Ten, ACC, or Big East. Imagine Kansas vs. Kentucky every year.

Missouri vs. Kansas

Missouri vs. Kansas

Submitted by Kilgore Trout on June 9th, 2010 at 11:15 PM

After trying to keep up with all of the expansion talk, it seems that Kansas being left out of the whole multiple death star thing is kind of a forgone conclusion.  I've always enjoyed their basketball program.  So my question is, why not do Kansas instead of Missouri?

Academically, Kansas seems to have the slight advantage.  Whichever one of them got the CIC bump would seem to end up being the higher rated school.  It's been assumed that Missouri is the key to the St. Louis / KC market, but this analysis seems to indicate that the financial incentive to the BTN is equal between the two.

So, if academics, TV and football are equal, wouldn't the KU basketball program be an obvious push over the top for Kansas?  I guess I just don't get Missouri over Kansas.  When it comes to national brand, it has to be Kansas.  

I think there's a great opportunity to get an amazing football AND basketball conference here.  Land Nebraska, Notre Dame, Kansas, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh and you just owned every other conference.  

Football - Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska, Notre Dame in tier one and a solid tier two of Iowa, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, and maybe eventually Syracuse again.

Basketball - Kansas, Syracuse, MSU, Purdue, Pitt, Indiana, OSU (as long as Matta stays) in tier one and a nice tier two of Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Michigan (I can hope), and Illinois.

This is the blockbuster I think we need if Texas can't happen.

Jimmy Wonka and the Big Ten Expansion Factory

Jimmy Wonka and the Big Ten Expansion Factory

Submitted by Seth on May 1st, 2010 at 8:42 AM

It's everybody's favorite non-pollutionary, anti-institutionary, pro-confectionary conference conundrum...



Doopadee doo,

I've got a real good question for you:

If money is the driving force behind Big Ten expansion, and academics are the official sticking point, and the Big Ten Network makes this conference so attractive that almost any team would be in for joining, who is really a potential expansion candidate now?

This Has All Been Chewed Before

Gum chewing's fine when it's once in a while
It stops you from smoking and brightens your smile
But it's repulsive, revolting, and wrong
Chewing and chewing all day long

I realize I'm not exactly the first person to start talking about Big Ten Expansion. But this isn't just any old stick of gum: this gum has an entire meal in it. You probably won't learn anything new here, but you'll get some information to back up what we already know.

This diary is a look at current FBS (formerly Division I-A) teams that might be considered for Big Ten Expansion, and others that might fit the academic profile, even if there's no way they would join the Big Ten.

When expansion to 12 or 14 teams was the modus operandi, this blog reviewed the leading candidates. However, with even 24 teams having been mentioned by NCAA people (by which I mean "Just Tom Osborne"), the field has grown.

The question: are there that many schools out there that fit the conference's academic profile, or at least close enough the Big Ten can continue to claim itself the most academic FBS conference?

In reality, there is a clear cutoff: does the school match the criteria to join the American Association of Universities?* and the Big Ten's own little version of that, the CIC. There are currently 63 members, but I would imagine a Big Ten addition not already part of the AAU would be able to join, if it matches the academic criteria. Therefore, the lower bound of AAU membership is the functional lower bound of Big Ten expansion consideration.

To find out who has a golden ticket, follow me, overjoyed, enraptured, entranced. Are we ready? Yes, good. In we go.


* If not, MaizeAndBlueWahoo is going to neg me.