OT: [WSJ] All-22 Video Not Available Because Fans Might Reach Conclusions

OT: [WSJ] All-22 Video Not Available Because Fans Might Reach Conclusions

Submitted by SchrodingersCat on November 5th, 2011 at 11:07 PM

There is an excellent article by the Wall Street Journal investigating why the NFL won't release video showing all 22 players. Some interesting quotes:

If you ask the league to see the footage that was taken from on high to show the entire field and what all 22 players did on every play, the response will be emphatic. "NO ONE gets that," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email. This footage, added fellow league spokesman Greg Aiello, "is regarded at this point as proprietary NFL coaching information."

Proprietary NFL coaching information? I guess being a student of the game isn't a valid passtime anymore. You have to be an NFL coach before you get to study how the game is played by the professionals. Alas there isn't a lot that a humble student of the game can do, as the NFL gets to do what it wants with its proprietary film.

However this is a statement that made me mad as a fan as well as a student of the game:

Charley Casserly, a former general manager who was a member of the NFL's competition committee, says he voted against releasing All-22 footage because he worried that if fans had access, it would open players and teams up to a level of criticism far beyond the current hum of talk radio. Casserly believed fans would jump to conclusions after watching one or two games in the All 22, without knowing the full story.

Why is avoiding well-researched and evidence-based criticism a valid reason to avoid releasing the tape? Might as well forget the scoreboard as well if the NFL wants to avoid angry fans. That way every coach is a genius! The NFL might as well tell fans to go care about something else. This game you are watching on TV is just a gimmicky made-for-tv special where the strategies don't matter. A former player had this to say:

Lonnie Marts, a former linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars, says there are thousands of former NFL players who could easily pick apart play-calling and player performance if they had access to this film. "If you knew the game, you'd know that sometimes there's a lot of bonehead plays and bonehead coaching going on out there," he says.

Sounds like information I would pay dearly for! It is too bad that the NFL won't release it, even for $100 per game:

Earlier this month, the league quietly asked fans, through a survey site, whether they would pay up to $100 to watch an online feed of the All 22....

The NFL says the league wasn't actually serious about releasing the footage. The survey was meant only to gauge fan interest, Aiello says. "There's not a product in development," he says. "This is a long way from becoming a reality, if ever."

The whole article is extremely interesting, I suggest you read it immediately.


Jump! [comic relief] & Gut Check Time

Jump! [comic relief] & Gut Check Time

Submitted by BleedingBlue on November 12th, 2009 at 3:08 PM

OK - everyone jump!

Where did you land?
---------- Warning - Motivational Speech Follows - I wrote it to pump myself more than anything. Laugh if you want, but I'm serious. I posted it here in the hopes that some others would enjoy it:

In all seriousness...There is a ton of pressure on these kids and coaches right now. Enormous amounts that I can't even fathom. They need our support this week and next more than ever.  

I'm sure everyone reading this has come to a point in their life where there is a crisis moment. Some point in time where you just can deal with anything. you're tired, beaten up mentally and/or physically. It's frustrating beyond belief. You just want to get the hell out or cry or punch something or scream or all of it. But it passes. We get through it. We move on. Time moves on with or without us. It's at these times that friends and teammates get together. Band together and get through. I have faith that this team has winners and character individuals that will get through this rough spot. Fight through it. Don't let it consume you. Keep your head up, Tate, Denard, Obi, Jonas, Mike, Jordan - everyone - Do the best you can. That is all we are asking and we know that is what you are doing.  

Remember this from the summer: ALL IN! It seemed silly at first, then awesome and now trite. But, I don't think it has ever been more relevant than for these last two games of the regular season.
Let's hope the team (the team the team) is ON this weekend and next weekend and that the metaphorical second-season roller coaster was just cranking up that final hill for a really fun home-stretch... I think it is mandatory that we all re-watch this at some point this week (if you watch it now it helps):

MGoBlog: Michigan Football 2009

As we all know, Brian is a genius. The prescient nature of that video is ridiculous. The song, the juxtaposition of Purdue and Wisconsin highlights, not to mention the transition point of the TD to Hemingway against Wisconsin - it's uncanny. Let's all take a step back, put our pacifiers and binky's down (read whiskey and whiny internet message boards), suck it up and cheer our asses off for these kids the rest of the way. Are we going to be returning to glory for 20 years? Are we going to be at the bottom of the big ten standings next year? NO We are fucking Michigan and we are getting better every play, every practice, every weight-lighting session, every training table meal, every study session, every day, every week, every year. There is championship mentality and leadership in this program, in this locker room, in Schembechler Hall, in the fieldhouse, out on that practice field and in the stadium.  

We have the best facilities in the country. We have the biggest stadium. We have the biggest alumni base. We have the best uniforms. We have the best rivalry.   We have the highest winning percentage. We have the most wins.

Our coaches know how to win championships at all levels and beat the snot out of high-profile programs in BCS games. Barwis is still eating nails for breakfast and forming these freshman and sophomores into men that are going to wreck people - every day. Everyone is working their ass off. Everyone is learning. Everyone is doing their best. The recruits are coming. We have a TON of awesome kids coming in next year that will add another layer to an amazing foundation. We are going to win championships. IN ROD WE TRUST - LETS DO THIS!