Development: Leader attempting to prevent showing of American Sniper calls out Harbaugh,

Development: Leader attempting to prevent showing of American Sniper calls out Harbaugh,

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as part of "violent rape culture infested football" and associated with "racist militarism".

Soon thereafter the same leader was revealed to have vandalized Omar Mahmood's off-campus apartment door, according to the former Michigan Daily columnist who was fired from the Daily for his satirical article Do the Left Thing that appeared in the Michigan Review.


 A Hostile Place for Arab/Muslim Students


What's that?

"campus is already a hostile place for Arab/Muslim students"


Apparently so, at least for Omar Mahmood as described by Jonathan Chait


Around 2 a.m. on December 12, four students approached the apartment of Omar Mahmood, a Muslim student at the University of Michigan, who had recently published a column in a school newspaper about his perspective as a minority on campus. The students, who were recorded on a building surveillance camera wearing baggy hooded sweatshirts to hide their identity, littered Mahmood’s doorway with copies of his column, scrawled with messages like “You scum embarrass us,” “Shut the fuck up,” and “DO YOU EVEN GO HERE?! LEAVE!!” They posted a picture of a demon and splattered eggs.


Mahmood reported that he has known the identity of the vandals all along, but had hoped to reconcile, but said he couldn't hold back any longer in the wake of Khalil’s statements about campus hostility toward Muslims.

Zeinab Khalil, a recent UM graduate, Muslim, and progressive activist who won numerous distinctions during her time on campus, including an award named for Martin Luther King, Jr., thinks it’s the former. A UM group’s decision to screen the film American Sniper offended the sensibilities of some Muslims, including Khalil, who claimed on Twitter that the campus “is already a hostile place for Arab/Muslim students. In one tweet posted on April 9th, she despaired

“Spent 4 yrs at @umich doing anti-oppressive work; admins used me to educate campus. this is what i get in return as exhausted/exploited alum.”

In a sense, she’s right. UM has indeed proven to be a hostile place for at least one Muslim student: Omar Mahmood, whose off-campus apartment was vandalized last December by a trio of women who pelted his door with eggs and left him hateful messages because they didn’t appreciate a satirical column he'd written mocking trigger warnings and microaggressions.

Who perpetrated this act of intimidation against a Muslim student? It was Khalil herself, according to Mahmood, whose account is supported by the testimony of other students, video footage, and emails obtained by Reason.

Khalil was assisted by two others, according to Mahmood, who are also recent graduates and progressive activists in the UM Muslim community.

Mahmood has known this all along—the amateur criminals were caught in the act on the apartment complex’s surveillance video and are identifiable to those who know them—but he says he didn’t report their names to the media in hopes that they would reconcile with him privately. They never did.

In the wake of the controversy over American Sniper and Khalil’s statements about campus hostility toward Muslims, Mahmood says he couldn’t hold back any longer.…


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Chait on today's game

Chait on today's game

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Chait's take on today's game:

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I found his remark on the "now-customary Blue devil officiating edge" interesting.  Does it explain a huge chunk of their wins?  Not likely, but if Beilein is complaining, it probably at least exists.

For reference, check out the "Duke flops" section here:

Yes, that's a Tar Heel complaining (a disclosure made early in the post).