Joe Lunardi thinks we beat Sparty this evening

Joe Lunardi thinks we beat Sparty this evening

Submitted by Bluestreak on March 5th, 2011 at 7:11 AM

I don't think much of Joe Luniardi, but he thinks Michigan upsets Sparty tomorrow at the Crisler Arena and books a spot in the tourney.

Link below.

I hope he is right on this one.

Looks like everyone hates Sparty! Muhaha

Go Blue!

Is Joe Lunardi the Drew Sharp of NCAA Basketball Coverage?

Is Joe Lunardi the Drew Sharp of NCAA Basketball Coverage?

Submitted by namaste on February 22nd, 2011 at 9:37 PM

I did not compile these myself, but these are transcripts from ESPN chats with "Bracketologist" Joe Lunardi. He has gone on record saying that he believes Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota and possibly Penn State are going to make the tournament; however, for some reason Lunardi thinks Michigan isn't even on the bubble. After reading these chats, it's apparent that he is unprofessionally rude to Michigan fans and Michigan basketball sympathizers. Of course no MSM guy is as bad as Drew Sharp, and there's no credible evidence that Lunardi wants to see Michigan basketball program destroyed, but the way Lunardi downplays and disrespects our basketball program reminds me of the way Sharp downplays and disrespects our football program.


Mgoboard, is Joe Lunardi the Drew Sharp of NCAA Basketball coverage?


Brian (Raleigh, NC) I understand that the Wisconsin game will determine a lot on Wednesday, but not having in Michigan even in consideration right now given the teams you currently have on the bubble makes me question if you can see beyond your Big East blinders. If they beat the Badgers, would Michigan have a shot at least cracking your second four out?

Joe Lunardi (4:15 PM) Michigan's best win is....Harvard, right?


Bob (Ann Arbor) How many wins does Michigan State need to make the NCAA tourney? 17-18? Or More?

Joe Lunardi (4:25 PM) We're going to be talking an awful lot about Michigan State, I suspect, Bob. Their ultimate fate will depend more on the "quality" of their wins than their "quantity," which is why I still like their chances.


One week ago:

Mike (Louisiana) Where is Michigan Joe??...16-10 overall and #20 SOS with key road wins..what do they have to do Joe 9-9 in conference and a win in the BTT or 10-8 in conference and a win in the BTT what do they need to do please help me understand??


Joe Lunardi (4:39 PM) Does everyone lobbying for Michigan realize they are 6-7 in the Big Ten and 0-6 against the RPI Top 25? Not happening, people.


Two weeks ago:


Mike (Louisiana) You guys need to put Michigan on the bubble watch right now because they just got a huge victory at Penn St. and they just swept they have a chance of getting in or is it just NIT bound let me know please


Joe Lunardi (4:20 PM) The same Michigan team that sits at 4-7 in the Big Ten and lost to UTEP? That's an N.I.T. resume if I ever saw one.


Josh (Midwest) How many teams do you have in front of Michigan?

Joe Lunardi (4:31 PM) What's with the Michigan obsession today? UofM isn't even on the board, to be honest. Methinks some are getting a little carried away with a sweep of wounded Penn State.


A quick google reveals that the Freep is now publishing stories about Lunardi's predictioins


For those who are interested or bored, Lunardi will be holding another chat at 4 PM next Monday on